One Day I Will Kill You, Ashton Kutcher

August 28th, 2012 // 43 Comments

Kill you dead…



  1. Mila Kunis Butt Yoga Pants
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  2. Hank

    She looks incredibly average without makeup. She doesn’t even have that post-fucking glow.

    • taint necessarily so

      In regard to the glow, maybe she doesn’t enjoy fucking Ashton Kutcher as much as you do.

    • Inner Retard

      I’m surprised you’re surprised. 90% of Hollywood looks like shit without makeup, lighting and photoshop. Like everyone else.

  3. Hannah

    I’m a female college student and I see girls with asses at least as good as this all the time. Most of them don’t have Mila’s face though to be fair.

  4. Mila Kunis Butt Yoga Pants
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    Watch out we have a badass over here!

  5. Bubble

    You know what I noticed about this picture? The backpack. She makes millions of dollars and can’t find a decent bag to carry her workout gear in?

  6. Simple explanation for Kutcher. After all the Culkin in her, she needed a serious douche.

  7. Mila Kunis Butt Yoga Pants
    Inner Retard
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    Is she getting in that huge car or her huge ass is sucking the car under her?

  8. Prof.Widow

    One day? Today is as good a day as any for murder.

  9. alex

    The minute I found out MIla and Ashton were an item, she went from hot to gross. For real.

  10. Cock Dr

    Perhaps the blogger should harness that seething rage and baffled sexual frustration, rise up, climb the stairs, and go make himself a sandwich.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      Damn Doc, this midol week or something?

    • Confusus

      If you defuse the barely repressed psycho-sexual rage that drives this blog, what would its readers, including me, have to do all day? Look for a job while waiting for our Moms to bring us our grilled cheese sandwiches?

  11. Emma Watson's Vagina

    to be honest i would still do her and most of the people here would also. At worst she is average to cute.

  12. Mila Kunis Butt Yoga Pants
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    Amazing!….when did Mila get an ass like that?!…exceptional!!

  13. Mila Kunis Butt Yoga Pants
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    At least she held it in until she got inside her tinted windows; maybe she thought they didn’t see her. Would that she had held onto the face she made in the previous picture similarly.

  14. Mila Kunis Butt Yoga Pants
    Stewie Griffin
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    Actually, that is an improvement over the flat ass should always had.

  15. Mila Kunis Butt Yoga Pants
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    More like “Blazing Saddlebags”, amirite? (I kid, Mila, I kid. You’re adorable. And it would probably take two of you to make a me.)

  16. Archie Leach

    It’s not good when a Demi Moore is considered too good for a certified class one asshole scumbag asston doucher.

  17. Mila Kunis Butt Yoga Pants
    Buddy The Elf
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    You know the PAP is 6 feet away yelling “MILA! MILA over here!”

    I dont feel sorry for celebs as the fame is part of the salary.
    But I am a bit understanding when said celebrity is gorgeous.

  18. Mila Kunis Butt Yoga Pants
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    Why do you look so upset. You’re the one fucking Ashton Kutcher. We’re the ones who are pissed.

  19. NE1

    Now see if I said that the FBI would be at my door.

  20. Mila Kunis Butt Yoga Pants
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    Eh, Ashton can have her. There are 156 hotter chicks in Hollywood.

  21. she had nearly faded away when the 70′s show ended until black swan came out and the average maxim reader started fapping to her again for the lezbo thing she did with portman.
    i won’t say she is ugly but, i have never seen what the fuss is about this one. people used to freak out over skin and bones jolie and then megan and i guess this one is still holding the over-rated crown.
    i don’t know where maxim will rate her next time around but less than a top 5 would be surprising. they basically operate like this: throw in some common names associated with hotness and throw in some bony foreign supermodels few have ever heard of outside the industry and you have maxim’s hot list.

  22. Burt

    Ashton is like meth for hot women. Once they’ve sucked his pipe, they either lose their looks or their minds.

  23. Ben

    I lost all respect for her when she started banging that douchebag Kutcher.

  24. The Royal Penis

    At least we know if anyone else ends up banging Mila that her vag will still be tight.

    Needledick bug fucker ain’t wrecking anything.

  25. Blech

    Whoa. I think she’s given me… hope in having an ass someday.

  26. Mila Kunis Butt Yoga Pants
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    In an ocean of ” hollywood magic ” beauties.. She may be the most over rated of all time.

  27. jedi bro

    she’s fugly.

  28. PaddedNalgas

    She grew an ass since May?

    Someone got some padded ass pants since pics on her surfboard body made rounds online

  29. Duke Steele

    Usually a good looking chick looks better if she hangs with ugly ones. In this case, her being with that goofball makes her look worse.

  30. Mila Kunis Butt Yoga Pants
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    i woul love to bury my fac deep in her ass crack and go to town, i bet it would smell amazing

  31. Auth

    NAWT!!!! while the green really is a good color for her, the dress’s skirt isn’t good at all!!!! next time Mira, just go for the loengr, flowy skirt, or the short, flowy/in. NEVER go for a skirt that rests right in the middle of your kneecaps. it always makes your legs look super short and a little chubby. go for 1/2 2 1/2 inches above your knee to show off your legs or a flowy floor (i repeat: FLOOR) length gown to make it look like your walking on air.

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