Mike Tyson’s daughter dies

May 26th, 2009 // 130 Comments

Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter Exodus died this morning after a freak accident that left her on life support early yesterday. TMZ reports:

A rep for the Phoenix Police Department has just released the following statement regarding Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter:
I was just advised by investigators that Exodus Tyson was pronounced deceased at 11:45 AM today at the hospital. Our sympathies go out to the family.

Sincere condolences to Mike Tyson and his family,

-The Superficial

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  1. Dreadful. Poor little kid, four years old, Christ. As for those using this to have a go at her dad, you can all suck my dick you callous scumbags.

  2. bint

    oh…and btw #42…I’ve lived in the West Bank, and been to Gaza, where U.S. tax dollars bankroll the regular killing and terrorizing of children, and I know first-hand how people living in situations where they are suffering every day still can feel sympathy for anyone who has lost a child. It’s us in America that have lost our humanity.

  3. Julian

    News Flash #52: Not everyone on the superficial are americans…

    And for the rest, stop being so dramatic about the death of some random kid that happened to be someone famous daughter. If america has lost something is the sense of reality, face it: famous people like Tyson don’t give a shit about you, they don’t give a shit if your dumbass kid dies and they don’t give a shit if you “pray for them”, you know why? Because they don’t know you.

  4. Venom

    R.I>P little baby girl…..so so sad.

  5. anonymous

    This is why exercise equipment should be illegal.

  6. orod

    i’m so sorry for ANYONE who loses a child, but mostly so sorry for the little girl who undoubtedly died a terrifying death. to you low-intellect people using this as a forum to put down tyson, or promote any other cause, shame and disgust should be your predominate feelings about yourselves right now. think of the baby and nothing else; ANYTIME a child suffers, whether mike tyson’s child or a child in gaza, it’s a sad day.

  7. orod

    i’m so sorry for ANYONE who loses a child, but mostly so sorry for the little girl who undoubtedly died a terrifying death. to you low-intellect people using this as a forum to put down tyson, or promote any other cause, shame and disgust should be your predominate feelings about yourselves right now. think of the baby and nothing else; ANYTIME a child suffers, whether mike tyson’s child or a child in gaza, it’s a sad day.

  8. Truth Doctor

    That really fucking sucks. I heard the story on the local Phx news in the morning and at noon, it didn’t sound good from what they knew then. But to hear that the worst happened is horrible.

    As an aside, I’m sure the looney left will now want to ban exercise equipment…

  9. Monie

    So sad, especially when it involves kids that young.

  10. Valerie

    I feel badly for the mother… she isn’t a criminal and didn’t deserve to lose her child. I feel badly for the brother who found his little sister hanging and nearly dead. This is gonna fuck him up good. I feel for the family that loved her, but I don’t feel bad for Mike Tyson. He’s a reprobate and doesn’t deserve sympathy from anyone.

  11. Jake

    Of course you feel bad for the mother and any other siblings.

    But it’s hard to work up any sympathy for Mike Tyson. Isn’t this the guy who told an opponent he was going to eat their children? Serious. And Tyson was serious too. Said he wanted to kill his opponents kids.

    Karma is a motherfucker.

  12. I don’t know what is the most sad here; that Mike Tyson lost his daughter (which is really über horrible – noone should outlive their children!) or that some people have no sympathy/empathy towards other people at all…
    I bet those are the kind of people that thinks trenchcoats and Doc Martin’s are always in style…

    Rest in Peace, Exodus – even though your dad fucked up numerous times, noone deserves this kinda punishment/karma/whatever…

  13. Emma

    This is terrible to hear, I’m truely saddened that such a young life was lost senselessly. My condolances for the Tyson family, and RIP Exodus.

    Thank you FISH for trimming the pathetic excuses for humanity that think that posting malicious comments is acceptable. May Karma take note.

  14. Fuzzy Tingle Times

    Thats really shitty. Just as things are sorta starting to look up for Mike Tyson. He might have done some messed up stuff in the past. But people, Mike Tyson is not OJ here. He didn’t kill anyone. He had the issues with Robin Givens when he was young a stupid. Then he did yet another stupid thing with the Evander fight. But the fact some of you people are basically saying he deserves this is pretty messed up. Were any of you people adversely affected by any of the things he did or did you just make jokes about it? I mean really, quit acting like the man popped a squat on your face.
    I wasn’t going to even comment on this because either way its really none of my business and I have no personal relationship with these people. But it never ceases to surprise me at how absolutely low some of you people can go. I’m sure this post will get some shit talked to me. But the beauty part is, you don’t know who I really am, just like I do not know who you people really are. The only difference between us is, when under anonymity I still try to avoid acting like an absolute cunt.

    Lets keep the hate on people who really deserve it like Heidi and Spencer. Absolute pieces of shit who have done no sort of thing thats even entertaining much less useful. If an asteroid or something hits them. The lower the better.

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  16. cip

    dont you think her death sounds a little….odd?

    i dunno but whatever karma is a bitch and those were some bad genes that are now out of the gene pool- sorry but its really really hard to feel much sympathy-its not like he was just an unpleasant man or irritating man or a man who made some big mistakes in his life, he is a truly evil repulsive human being who id imagine was only capable of spawning humans of the same ilk.

  17. C

    A tragedy, heart is out to Mike.

    One thing to clear up: He bit Holyfield’s ear, because Holyfield has a tendency to headbutt during fights, which is illegal in the sport.

    #66, I hope you get hit by a dump truck tomorrow. Nasty punk.

  18. 42 again

    I guess what I try to say is that it is funny how the rich and famous now are a cult to the masses. All of this was planned out and I won’t get into it here. Waste of time. I feel horribly for the child. I try to make a point that there are unknown children all over the world that are victims of molestors, military agression (Iraq, Vietnam – how many there died at our hands?).
    I am a bleeding heart liberal. I truly love trees, animals, foreign cultures. I am the terrible enemy of the right wing simpletons who under Bush brought all these Mexicans in to replace the white race. And this is of course all planned out. The white race will be controlled by being eliminated. Does this make me a racist?
    Lousy specie we are truly. Our entire history has only changed by technology. We are more savage than ever now. Dirty ascendant apes.

  19. “Accident kills mike tyson’s child”

    -Mike Tyson immediately goes after accident…

  20. Kelsey

    This is sad.

    Tribal face tattoos=still hilariously stupid.

  21. This is very sad, i dont wish this on my worst enemy…

    But can you imagine this girl grows up and accepting some type of award at the united nation, between dignitaries, scholars and statesman, and she had to be introduced to the podium as Exodus?

  22. Hannah

    This is awful…so sad! My prayers go out to her family!

  23. Karen

    Too bad. An ideal karmic outcome for daddy Mike would have been for Exodus to grow up into a beautiful teenage girl – who gets raped. Then Mike could listen to the rapist quoting him: “bitch was begging for it.”

  24. CakeSnifferer

    This is awful. That said, it sounds like supervision was somewhat lax. I mean cripes, I have a 7 y.o. and I wouldn’t put her in charge of the cat.

  25. Andie

    Awful. Heartbreaking. And that’s just how I feel. I can’t imagine how bad something like this is for the child’s family and those close to her. I hope she’s in a better place. The poor brother, OMG. Just terrible.

  26. Jaffo

    Some of you people are Grade A pieces of shit. Some day you too will lose someone you love. When you do, I hope someone tells you that your grief doesn’t matter, that you have no right to mourn your loss because of some past transgression of yours. A little girl choked to death you fucking losers…

  27. Jaffo

    @42…you know what sucks? Your mother sucks my cock. Eat shit, fuckstick…

  28. clareargent

    Life is unfair and the world is unjust. People make up and tell themselves stories about karma, heaven and hell, and divine retribution to make themselves feel better about this. This wasn’t any kind of divine payback for anything Mike Tyson did in the past, because there won’t be any. It was a stupid, tragic accident that could happen to anyone.

  29. Little Mac

    On behalf of King Hippo, Glass Joe, Soda Popinski, and Piston Honda I would like to convey condolences.
    You were a bastard to beat in the ’80s and oyu may have done some terrible shit otherwise, but your life had gotten back on track and no one deserves to half to deal with this.
    -Little Mac

  30. Don

    really sad. thoughts and prayers to the family. very sorry for your loss.

  31. Ananana


    - The Superficial

    oh look, i’m banned too… you people are such morons… the superficial has never censured any comments, how douche-y they might be. and yes, the site is starting to suck balls with all the bikini pictures… 90% of the posts are irrelevant (which is bad, because it’s ireelevant celeb gossip for starters..)

    i feel sorry for any parent anywhere who lost a child, and especially the brother who found her :\ poor kid…

    i’m sorry if i’m being macabre here, but how *did* it happen? was the treadmill working and wouldnt let her get up/get loose? that some freaky shit…

  32. Dave

    anobody that say negative about four old years kid , he or she is not fit to live, no matter what tyson has done or his past . Does not have anything to with the little Girl. My heart gose for Tyson Family may the little girl rest in peace.

  33. Zoey

    R.I.P little star. hope she is happy wherever she is. love and support goes out to everyone grieving. xx

  34. kate

    Rest in Peace, Exodus.

  35. Steve

    I am the father to a 13 year old young man, and a 2 year old little girl. My 2 year old meets me at the door after a long day of work with outstretched arms and an excited scream of “Daddy!!!” She runs to my arms, and I hug her so tightly. My son comes over and gives me a hug, and asks how my day was. Once upon a time ago, it was he who would meet me at the door with outstretched arms yelling “Daddy.” I involve myself in many activities, and none of them compare to my children.

    To imagine their voices silenced is a horror to me. I cannot imagine losing a child. I cannot comprehend the loss and pain that their death would cause. I pray that I never experience that pain, and that I die before them.

    Right now, a man that I do not know is suffering from a pain I fear. Lord knows that I’ve mocked him, made jokes at his expense, and generally have looked down upon him. But he has now lost a child. How can anybody not be moved by their basic humanity to feel his pain, and pray for him and the other surviving family members?

    Dear God, what have we become when we see tradgedy happen, and we mock it and those who are in pain. We are truly doomed. Do people in the “spotlight” truly deserve our scorn?

  36. HA HA

    I think its funny that someone said something from the video game.
    and all the rest of you who arent just saying some condolence shit and are talking junk about the site…go fuck your mother int eh mouth.

  37. Kiara

    This is a very upsettin incident that happened. I wish that ur daughter could still b alive today. I wish the best 4 u and ur family. Much love to u and everyone.

  38. Ralphie

    How do we know he wasn’t just trying to eat her like he threatened to do to Lennox Lewis’s children?

  39. Prince

    i wud die 4 u

  40. The Nibbler

    At least she still has both of her ears.

  41. Io

    I absolutely hate it when children pass. My condolences to the family

  42. OMG. And with the new movie coming out, it seemed that he was starting to have some fun in life. Just one tragedy after another for this guy.

  43. Jones

    This is a positive outcome. The fewer Tysons, the better – gotta eliminate the bad genes. All you sympathy-whiners and God-fearin’ delusionals need to grow a backbone and accept that THIS IS HOW EVOLUTION WORKS. The bright ones live. The dumb ones find ways to die without reproducing. It’s ridiculous to shed tears over a routine thinning of the herd.

  44. ToRiMi

    LOL @ #50. I hate those stupid “first” comments. Who really gives a shit? That person had the opportunity to post the first comment on a story of a child’s death and that’s what they wrote.

    Tragic news. I agree no one should ever have to bury their own child. Yes, children die everyday and every time I hear about it my heart goes out to their families.

  45. Olbigdogg

    @ 93

    Hope evolution works out great for you.

  46. I'll be like all of you

    I hope the guy who mugged elderly women when he was growing up and then spent time in prison for rape and then became a cannibal finds a way to survive this horrible experience of for once having something taken away from him, instead of the other way around. Poor guy.

  47. Cindy

    Sorry, I just don’t care when bad things happen to convicted rapists.

  48. F U

    You guys make me sick. Why are we posting about Mike Tyson’s daughter dying on a site like this? There are millions of children dying each year. And they are not famous. Why not create posts about all the Iraqi children born with radiation induced deformities?
    How about the Haitian children having to eat dirt cookies?
    AIDS infected Africa children.

    Because you can’t mix filthy comedy with stark reality. This site is retarded to even attempt it. And then when the inevitable nasty attempts at dark humor occur you ban the posters?

    What about the author here who mocks Jesus Christ?
    Why not mock the Jews for once? Answer that please.

  49. Valerie

    @60 Never seen anyone else comment under that name before, aside from me. Huh. Must be outta touch.

    Funny, you sound a little like me and I kinda agree with you. Hmmm

  50. Queenmab

    Is there a new moderator here or something?

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