Mike Tyson’s daughter dies

May 26th, 2009 // 130 Comments

Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter Exodus died this morning after a freak accident that left her on life support early yesterday. TMZ reports:

A rep for the Phoenix Police Department has just released the following statement regarding Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter:
I was just advised by investigators that Exodus Tyson was pronounced deceased at 11:45 AM today at the hospital. Our sympathies go out to the family.

Sincere condolences to Mike Tyson and his family,

-The Superficial

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  1. anon

    Very sad news for all involved. Condolences to all.

  2. K8

    How tragic. Condolences to the Tyson family.

  3. anon


    - The Superficial

  4. Sylent1

    not cool!

  5. Axel

    At #5…

    Lets wrap something around your childs neck at the age of 4. And have you read a comment like that.

    Dumb Shit

  6. Delish

    Sad news indeed. I hope the Tyson family can get through this .

  7. CINDY


  8. syn

    Poor baby. What a horrible thing. Hopefully people will keep the posts appropriate and respectful.

  9. devilsrain

    Anybody else find reporting on these kinds of events inappropriate? Mike tyson’s daughter dies, Shauna sands in a bikini. Seems a bit out of place, but what do I know.

  10. Que

    Que dang. :(

  11. HG

    @9 – While your comment holds true, the way you typed it is, in a nutshell, fucking retarded. Turn caps off when trying to make a point next time.

    Best wishes to the Tyson family. I hope little Exodus is happy wherever she is now.

  12. Mister Bored

    This site has finally sickened me to a new level I thought never possible.

    I hope that Mike and the mother of the child seek out the proper help; losing a child is a horrific experience regardless.

  13. jnjoblon

    I’m shocked… this is very sad news, condolences to Mike and his family.

  14. John Johnson

    Where was OJ? OH yea, never mind.

    This is so sad

  15. Yoda

    Who in the fuck names their daughter Exodus? Kinda ironic, eh? I feel bad that a four year old girl die, but I could fucking care less about a rapist who beats his woman. So, feel free to post your wishes of goodwill, but we all know Mikey can’t read.

  16. This is a heart breaker. Sorry to hear.

  17. Dolla

    totally weak sauce.

  18. Julian

    Well she had a hooker’s name, a bible friendly hooker… Anyway shit happens lets not get too emotional about a kid we don’t even know, kids die everyday in worst ways, and Mike is very much a awfull guy, so no grieve about that either.

  19. The Dude

    You can’t fight sadness with your angry fists Mike. Life just punched you in the face.
    Some people call it karma.

  20. Funeral Guy

    You gotta be a real creep to make fun of a 4 year olds death. Sit down with a family that is making funeral arrangements for their dead child and see how funny it is. Save the smart assery for the skanks on this site. Nobody says you have to be a douchbag ALL of the time.

  21. Sonbi_2

    Thats so sad….They must be heartbroken…..My condolences to Mike and his family….and the strength to get through this…

  22. Tucker Jay

    :( Very Sad.

  23. Mama Pinkus


  24. chris wallace

    stay strong mike. I’m sorry for your loss

  25. Kat

    If Karma was really a bitch, MT would have died, not his daughter. It’s certainly not HER fault that her dad is a misogynistic asshat. I feel horrible for the family though, especially the brother who had to find her. That’s going to leave some psychological scars. Best wishes to the family in their time of grief.

  26. Classy

    Shocking! I have a four year old daughter, my heart aches for them. Who would have thought of such a scenario…no one I hope, it was indeed an accident. I think we forget that our little one’s are still very mischievious, and they need a lot of supervision. This is a teaching moment, and I’m giving my babies (8, and 4) and extra hug and kiss, and sending a special prayer for their family. No matter how evil he has behaved in the past, I would never wish this unfortunate tradgedy upon him or his family. I only had 28 years with my mother, and I know how devastating losing a loved one can be, I pray they find solace in the time they shared with the precious daughter, now an angel. :(

  27. CritterCratter

    We should all remember how fragile life is, and embrace it. You really never know. Freak accidents happen all the time, and this was unfortunate. Rest in Peace sweet baby girl (Exodus). So sorry to hear this upsetting news. It doesn’t matter if you are rich, or poor….this can happen to anyone, at anytime.
    If anyone is leaving inappropriate comments, then you must not be a parent…or have a heart for that matter.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Tyson family.

  28. Jayla

    Devastating….Mike has spoken about the regret he had for not having been a child his mother could be proud of, before she died when he was 16. It seems like he’s started to nurture his relationships with his own children, and I know he had to have had great pride in his little girl.
    In the short time that little Exodus had with her father, he has been the most balanced and peaceful that we have known him to be, and maybe she brought that peace into his life. He stopped inflicting pain upon himself.
    It would be nice if Mike got the public and private support he has longed for, and hopefully he will accept our condolences without shutting down-
    Maybe that was God’s purpose for putting this baby in his life, that he has learned to accept and give love, and can now understand that we all accept him as a human being, one of the greatest athletes of all time, and someone that does not deserve this pain.

  29. Danklin

    Seriously some of you people are fucking retarded cunts. Right now, who gives a flying fuck what Mike Tyson did or did not do in his past? His fucking kid died! Not only was she his kid, but his wife’s kid, his other children’s sibling. STFU about him being a rapist and all that shit. It just makes you look like a fucking douche nozzle with no heart.

  30. bint

    Thanks, Superficial guy…I didn’t see what the a-hole at #5 said, but judging from the way the comments here have been going lately, I can only imagine the depravity. Thanks for finally growing a pair and jettisoning these fuckers…

  31. Danklin

    Julian, you’re a pussy

  32. mimi

    HEY ASSHOLE FISH! You NEVER delete anything! What did someone say to OFFEND the most offensive ass-wipe on the internet?

    5. anon – May 26, 2009 9:01 PM


    - The Superficial

  33. sorry


    I have 4 kids… I would just die losing 1.

    My condolences to all who were blessed to have known her.

  34. Dyslexic Cnut

    You muthafuckers.

    Imagine loosing your child at such a young age, making funeral arrangements, viewing them in a small casket, and see how the fuck you would feel. Insensitive cunts! No one, regardless of who they are, what they have done, no one, should EVER have to bury their own child!

  35. That’s no good. I was just watching some KOs the other day.


  36. energythief

    Ok, Superficial is now deleting comments? This level of censorship confirms that the edge is gone from this site. The downhill slide started when the site sold out to sponsors a while back. I won’t be returning again.

  37. Beastman AIDS

    zomg now i’m banned too guys!
    Seriously – it’s not hard to type:


    - The Superficial

    as a comment

  38. cip

    thats so tragic…and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy :(

  39. Kek

    @ 38.


  40. This site sux

    So we post repulsive filth about actors and actresses with little restraint on the vulgarity and expect to attract a serious crowd? I could honestly give a fuck less that a celebrity has suffered or it’s child. What about the 500,000,000 Indians that live in slums? I wonder how many of their children die each day without hope?
    How many children in Iraq have died from this nation’s military agression? Does it matter?

    Mike Tyson can rot in Hell. That pile of shit made $1/3 billion.

    Why are we now deleting comments here?

    Funny how the Superficial makes sacriligious comments regarding Jesus Christ though whenever the writers feel like it. Tells me they are not christians and have no sensitivity to people’s feelings there. Perhaps they are of another religion? One that loves to mock christians? (I by the way am atheist but am a bit more clever and do not resort to tampering with matters of faith. I am not that much of a low life).

    Message in a bottle: stop killing children around the world. Please?

  41. oranges

    @ 38.


  42. bint

    Wrong, energythief…the downshill slide started when all these posters talking about “niglets”, “urban street apes” and “Michelle Oboombox (wtf is that, anway?)” showed up…I used to come here, just to read, hardly ever posted. The commenters here were the best…Veggie, Frist, TexasTranny, Jimbo, Binky, etc…what happened to them? This place went downhill because the Superfish guy didn’t start deleting and banning earlier…

  43. lol

    @43, you’re not a low life but you sure are a self righteous prick.

  44. Energythief has a vagina


    Because it’s real “edgy” and cool to let people write racist shit about a 4-year-old kid dying. Go start your own site calling dead children racial epithets and get back to us, you sad fuck.

  45. Kimberly

    How high up was the treadmill that a 4-year-old girl could accidentally hang herself from its cord?

  46. BR1an

    Regardless of who Tyson is today or what he was in the past , a blameless, precious child is dead. My kids are just around that age. My world would collapse without them. RIP and condolences to the family.

  47. ethan

    even though there are many children dying all over the world, every death is still a tragedy.

  48. phuckpat

    News like this and all you can do is say, “first?” You are a stupid ass and should die in a fire so I can stand over your grave and take a shit into it while screaming, “FIIIRRSST”.

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