Mike McQueary Coaching Penn State Saturday, Meanwhile Sandusky Allegedly Pimped His Victims

November 10th, 2011 // 147 Comments
Mike McQueary
Nice Legacy
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Uh, you guys, I think I found where they hid the boy rape. (Psst. The jacket.)

So welcome to the moment where this whole Penn State debacle gets even worse. First, let’s start with Mike McQueary who witnessed Jerry Sandusky sodomizing a 10-year-old boy in the shower and decided calling his dad for advice would be a better idea then say, I dunno, stopping a 10-year-old boy from sodomized in the shower. In his defense, however, McQueary’s dad is a doctor and maybe he just wanted to find out if having forced anal sex with children was really that bad or just another liberal lie to distract from real issues like zone coverage or nickel defense. Turns out the answer was, “Do the most politically advantageous thing possible and ride that puppy to success.” So long story short, McQueary reports Sandusky to Paterno who kicks it up the line and everyone goes about their business resulting in McQueary having a sweet assistant coaching job which he’ll still have this Saturday when Penn State plays Nebraska, according to TMZ. Meanwhile, Joe Paterno and president Graham Spanier are, deservedly, out of a job while the person who could’ve physically stopped all this gets to keep his. Of course, he’ll be happy to know that it’s now coming out that Jerry Sandusky was not only raping these kids himself, but pimping them to wealthy donors for some more rape. Via Business Insider:

I hear a rumor that there will be a shocking development from the Second Miles Foundation … That Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors.”
Madden claims it’s being investigated by “two prominent columnists.”
We’d say this is ridiculous, and that you should take it with a grain of salt. But Madden actually wrote about Sandusky for the Beaver County Times six months ago — long before the scandal blindsided everyone else this week.
Madden also claimed Sandusky was forced out of Penn State in 1999.
“I think you’ll find out that Jerry Sandusky was told he had to retire in exchange for a cover up.”

Normally this is the part where I’d partake in some form of hyperbole and say something outrageous like, “At this point, we’ll probably find out Jerry Sandusky was not only raping these kids, but renting them out to wealthy clients like some sort of fucked up Netflix for pedophiles,” so I really don’t know where to go from here. Of course, I say that and next we’ll find out he also made them watch Glee. Then may God have mercy on us all.

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  1. Richard McBeef

    Love ya, Fish, but enough’s enough.

  2. Hey Hick Fuck You!

    A Ginge…….figures.

    • Cock Dr

      Yes, this fact dismays me. It will just give more ammo to the “gingers have no souls” camp.
      Some of us do though.

      • Oogidyboogidy

        FUCK South Park for creating this whole stupid meme to begin with. Before the “me too” trend created by South Park we called them what they are: REDHEADS, not “gingers” or whatever you facebook trendy losers call it.

      • No, the term ginger predates South Park by a wide margin. Though I don’t doubt it helped spread the term more widely.

      • kimmykimkim

        Cock Dr is a redhead? Pretty! I’m kind of auburn-y myself.

      • kimmykimkim

        Oh and “day walkers.” Heard that on South Park too. I kinda like it though.

    • Saying someone has “ginger” hair is from Britain; the Victorians used it to describe orangey-red cats. Yeah, ginger pussy, ha ha, except the slang was, and is, “moggies”. Anyway, it sure as shit predates South Park.

      • guest

        Ginger Spice, everybody. Figures the one “Englishism” that made its way to the US is an insult. Or was adopted because it is perceived as one.

  3. Did I just get Rick Rolled?

  4. guesto

    McQueary won’t be the head coach this weekend, but he’s still be on the sidelines as a Receivers coach which is completely inexcusable.

  5. Any Guy

    this is a HUGE national scandal now. do you people not know what site you’re on? like Fish wouldn’t be covering this if it was any other state or college? you GO Fish. you GO!

  6. The Brown Streak

    Does this make Paterno the godfather of college football now? Cuz pimpin’ ain’t easy.

  7. Heather

    Just so you know..McQueary will not be the interim Head Coach, that would be Tom Bradley. Check out this link if you like a good conspiracy theory. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/09/sports/ncaafootball/questions-on-sandusky-wrapped-in-2005-gricar-mystery.html?_r=1

  8. Cock Dr

    This is almost as bad as the Catholic church.

    • edie

      Except actual penalties are being handed out this time, instead of these creeps just being shuttled from place to place within the organization. That’s probably the only upside.

      • BE

        What? They side shuffled Sandusky off to his charity (working with children) under the guise of retirement.

        I’d say it’s worse than the Roman Catholic Church scandal because little boys were being supplied to be raped by contributors.

        And same as the Roman Catholic Church – the consequences are pretty late in the game…

  9. Good roughing speaks for itself

    Beaver County Times?

    whew! were finally exiting serious shit.

  10. Aja

    Even MORE Interesting. The DA at the time has been missing since 2005, body never recovered. Laptop in lake with no hard drive. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Crabby Old Guy

      This whole thing is getting worse and worse by the day. Gonna make the whole “JFK Conspiracy” thing look like “Where’s Waldo” by the time the dust settles.

  11. Steve

    They’ll fire Mcqueary soon. Maybe not by Saturday, but his days are numbered. He’s an enabler to the child-abuser, just like everyone else that knew about it and didn’t call the cops.

  12. What I can’t figure out is why the fuck ol’ Pop McQueary isn’t looking at charges for violating the PA Child Protective Services Law – as a physician, he’s legally bound to report even *suspected* child abuse, let alone an eyewitness report of anal rape by his 28 year old son – to the CPS, law enforcement or “person in charge” (supervisor). His going with son Mike to report it to Paterno doesn’t cover HIS ass, since Paterno wasn’t HIS “supervisor” or boss.

    On the other hand, since he raised a “man” who, at age 28, has to run to dad when he sees a kid getting raped in a shower to find out what to do, I shouldn’t be too surprised he’s NINE YEARS late with that report, right?

  13. Dramatic Puddle

    If I’m not bombarded with gay agenda obsession on Perez Hilton’s sucky site I’m getting the Penn State situation in my face here. Where has the good celebrity gossip gone? Christ, Fish, lighten up here and get back on track. Your sports pulpit is starting to bore me.

    • child anal rape isn’t gossipy enough for you?

      I’m no wilting flower, but you my man are one jaded mother.

    • Gee, I’m wretchedly sorry that a decade-old child molestation scandal imploding all over several fronts that involves SPORTS CELEBRITIES is distracting you from the tragedy of Kim Kardashian’s romantic dreams going up in smoke for the second time, or Lindsay Lohan’s busy not-going-to-jail career. My condolences. Maybe you could camp at TMZ until the fake news blows over and we can resume our regular broadcast day.

      In the meantime, perhaps Fish could post bikini shots of Paterno and McQueary so you won’t go through withdrawal all on your own. God forbid you should be “bored”.

      You fucking child, you.

    • Johnny P!

      So the links provided in “… and other news” (i.e. TooFab,
      Popoholoc, Drunken Stepfather, TMZ, DLISTED, The Huff Po, Amy Grindhouse, StarPulse, etc, etc etc…) don’t fill your daily need for gossip and tits?
      Just type in the celeb’s names who’s tits you want to see or who you want to read gossip about in your browser, and enjoy!
      Instant results!
      Or, ask the nice man who’s holding a gun to your temple and only letting you read The Superficial to please give you a break and let you check other sites.
      These are your options.

      • Dramatic Puddle

        All of you can fuck off. If I want serious news I’ll go to a news site. Sorry you three are too fucking stupid to figure that out on your own, but there it is, losers. I’m as outraged as everyone else over what those fucking pigs did, but this is a gossip site, not msnbc or cnn or any one of a host of journalism sites. I’m guessing you three don’t know where the fuck you are then, yes? SPORTS CELEBRITIES be damned. They’re all fucked up and so are the rest of you who want to wallow in it.

      • Johnny P!

        Ok, so we’re all “fucking off” now.
        BTW, how does a website (that you actually have to enter in your browser) “bombard” you with a “gay agenda”?
        How many times do you visit Perez a day until you feel you’re being “bombarded”?
        20? 30? 50?
        “Bombarded with a gay agenda” indeed.

      • BE

        Or perhaps those of us – who have bought MANY a Big Ten football ticket (not PA though) – can’t believe our eyes.

        Or how callous/jaded/egocentric/apathetic/indifferent people like you have gotten about the institutionalized rape of multiple children.

    • Sorry you’re so pissed off because you can’t dictate the site agenda, but it’s YOU who doesn’t know where the fuck you are. Because only a “loser” newbie could fail to notice that Fish’s blog casts a very wide net, from Keith Olberman losing his shit or his job, in any order, to Obama’s election, to Ke$ha’s lack of a waistline.

      Now stamp your little feet three times more and see if you can find your way back to the children’s home.

    • Can’t “go back” to what you never started, huh? ;)

      • kimmykimkim

        McFeely, justifiable, I love u guys. I’m glad you’re back McFeely, you lovable smart ass, you!

    • Love you too, kimmers.

  14. Bringbackbabalu

    And who really fucking cares? Football is socialist anyway!

    • TomFrank

      “The object of the game in football is for the quarterback, otherwise known as the field general, to be on target with his aerial assault, riddling the defense by hitting his receivers with deadly accuracy in spite of the blitz, even if he has to use the shotgun. With short bullet passes and long bombs, he marches his troops into enemy territory, balancing this aerial assault with a sustained ground attack which punches holes in the forward wall of the enemy’s defensive line.
      “In baseball, the object is to go home! ‘I’m going home! I’m going home!’ ” –George Carlin

  15. I’m enjoying watching this unfold, seeing people torn between their love of football, and their (presumed) repugnance for child rape…seems football wins out for a lot of them.

    • Mindbending, ain’t it?

    • edie

      I’m finding it pretty uncomfortable, actually. Having no love of football, it’s tough to think of how someone could defend a pedophile, or people who enabled them.
      Then I realize I actually enjoy Roman Polanski’s films, and I sort of know the dilemma. It isn’t easy to find out that people you respected and still want to respect have dark sides, and it’s easier to dismiss or outright deny those faults.

      • Oogidyboogidy

        Don’t forget Woody Allen.

      • That problem of whether or not you can, or should, or shouldn’t, disconnect an artist who’s a sonofabitch, or even a criminal, from his work is one that’s plagued people for centuries. When you see a film you don’t see Polanski or Allen in front of you, directing it, so there’s even more distance to cover.

        But I bet if you found Roman Polanski cornholing a drugged 14 year old girl in a hot tub, or discovered Woody Allen either diddling his 3 year old daughter or taking nude photos of his underage stepdaughter, I don’t think you’d think twice about how much you respected either of them as a director.

        I think you’d either pick up the nearest blunt object or a phone with a 911 direct dial.

        At some point people’s continuing to cling to the myth that someone who did this, or helped cover it up, or “did what was required legally” is really a “good guy” at heart and deserved a pass (sorry) because he could either throw a piece of pigskin around or could inspire others to win doing it has to end, and they have to wake the fuck up and grow the fuck up. For McQueary, that moment should have occured NINE YEARS AGO when he saw Sandusky with his victim.

        That fact that he even had to ASK someone else what to do in that circumstance is so beyond disgusting, it’s obscene.

      • I can honestly say I’ve never seen a Roman Polanski film (I double checked IMDB to be sure), nor WILL I ever. I’ll even go so far as to say that the long list of celebrities that stood up in defense of Polanski (and hence, in defense of drugged child anal rape) are marked for me as well.

        You gotta stand for something. I guess child anal rape is where I draw the line.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        “Easier to deny those faults”?! I’m glad I’m not you.

    • I’m not quite as unbesmirched, I’ve seen a number of Polanski’s, as I have Woody Allen’s, both prior to their allegations/trials/both/whatever and after, so I don’t know if I envy you or not. “Chinatown” used to be a favorite, but I can honestly say it leaves a bad taste in my mouth now, I’m too aware that the guy who created it premeditated the rape of a child so the revelation of incest and its legacy at the end sort of gets lost in the roar of o rlly? irony.

      I’m actually glad Allen’s films in the past years have been so shitty both in writing and predictability, and I can honestly say I haven’t contributed dime one to fund his films or Polanski’s, outside of having a cable subscription.

      • Sliver

        I’m glad all this shit is out in the open…it just proves that sick fucks are hiding among us and now that their masks are being ripped off, people are shocked and want to put their heads back in the sand.
        From now on, they will ask questions before blindly putting faith in demons.

  16. Clark Kent

    As an eyewitness, McQueary was in a unique position to help get justice for the victim he witnessed being molested, and to prevent it from happening again. Reporting something to someone higher up in the food chain is insufficient if the higher-ups don’t do anything. It would’ve taken far less courage for McQueary to follow through on his telling Paterno than it would for someone in the US military to follow through on a report that is dealt with via a coverup (like the death of football pro Pat Tillman).

    Not only did the victim whose molestation McQueary witnessed need McQueary to step up so the victim could receive justice, he may have needed immediate medical attention.

    • So THAT’S why he ran home to tell his dad – he’s a doctor! Right? No, wait….

      • Cock Dr

        He went home and immediately asked dad for some medication that would make him forget witnessing a rapist sodomizing a 10yo.
        It seemed to have worked.

    • What’s ultimately disgusting, more than Dad McQueary deciding it might be “prudent” for sonny to discuss it with Paterno (and of course that “prudent” move resulted in a sweet employment contract, so Father Knows Best, right?) is that no one did consider these children as anything other than a commodity.

      Commodities don’t “need” medical attention, because then you have to start looking at them as people, not pieces of meat that need to get used to it. That’s never a good thing, it messes up a nine year run.

  17. Come on, guys. They can’t fire ALL the coaches at once, you know? I mean, they might lose some football games.

  18. Maggs, California

    Nope, not nearly enough. Ride on, Fish, keep the info coming!

  19. Ken

    McQueary grew up in State College,Pa. playing football and attending football camps at PSU. One wonders weather his failure to get involved has anything to do with him meeting up with Sandusky as a kid?

    • I kinda doubt it Molesters look for victims, they pick on kids who are isolated, alienated, timid, or who won’t go to their parents to complain. That fact that Mikey’s first instinct, at age 28, at witnessing a rape was to run to dad to ask him what to do indicates his father was involved in his life and his decision-making process to an almost abnormal degree.

      And if McQueary had ever been on the receiving end of Sandusky’s attentions,chances are he would have turned away and pretended he didn’t see it, or else tried to stop it. I don’t think he would have gone to his father.

  20. Venom

    He should be fired and he and Paterno possibly be arrested for allowing this to happen and continue. He kind of sort of did the right thing by reporting it in the first place, but he should have done something on the spot. Obviously he did nothing because he was afraid of losing his job and possibly never being able to coach which Paterno probably would have done to him but he really should have stopped it himself.

    On another note, what is wrong with those assholes at Penn State? Why the hell are they still having a game on Saturday? At bare minimum they should cancel the game and in reality they should just cancel the season.

    • Then the players, who really are blameless here, have to suffer for them. McQueary should not be anywhere NEAR the field, because the game won’t be about them as long as he’s anywhere visible. Talk about a no-win situation.

  21. cp3

    This man is a horrible human being. I only hope something equally tragic happens to him and NO ONE HELPS HIM!!!

  22. lea

    This whole situation is illogical. Why would so many with so much to lose bend over backwards to protect an assistant coach (sandusky) who they know is a pedophile unless much more powerful people are being protected. I supect a whole ring of pervs.

    • Sliver

      Of course there is a ring. However bad this thing appears…it is *always* much worse than what you have been told.

  23. blonde


    -Mike McQueary has been identified as the “graduate assistant” in the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal.

    -Mike McQueary walked in on Jerry Sandusky raping what McQueary estimated was a 10 year old boy.

    -Mike McQueary was 28 years old, 6 foot 4 inches, 200+ pounds, a former Penn State University quarterback.

    -Mike McQueary did not attempt to stop the act, nor did he call authorities.

    -Mike went to his office, called his father and told him what happened.
    They decided it was best for him to leave the building, again, not contacting authorities or confronting Sandusky.

    -Mike McQueary decided to wait until the next morning to report it to coach Joe Paterno.

    -A few months later, Mike McQueary is promoted.

    ***UPDATE** Joe Paterno relieved of his duties, effective immediately.
    Mike McQueary still part of the Penn State football staff and will be coaching this Saturday.

    Link to grand jury report (not for faint of heart): http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/uploadedFiles/Press/Sandusky-Grand-Jury-Presentment.pdf

    Feel free to email Mike McQueary your thoughts: mjm229@psu.edu

    Feel free to email the Board of Trustees your thoughts: bot@psu.edu

    Feel free to email acting director of athletics Mark Sherburne your thoughts: mqs3@psu.edu

    Feel free to email new head coach Tom Bradley your thoughts: txb2@psu.edu

    Feel free to email interim president of the University Rodney Erickson your thoughts: rae@psu.edu

    Contact Website: info@firemikemcqueary.com

    • Clark Kent

      I’m not faint of heart, and I could only read a little of the grand jury report (see the link in the comment I’m replying to) before I had to stop. Anyone still inclined to defend Paterno might want to check out the grand jury report. The students who rioted might want to check it out, if they are able to read. Scary to think that many of these students will reproduce and become parents.

  24. Sean

    Homosexuality is a perversion. How much more evidence does the world need?

    • Clark Kent

      “Perversion” refers to behavior that deviates from what is considered orthodox or normal. The term is also used to refer to sexual behaviors that someone considers abnormal, repulsive, or obsessive.

      If sex between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley is normal by virtue of the fact that one of them is female and the other male, I don’t see how sex between two men or two women is repulsive. It could be, depending on the sex acts, but that’s just as true for heterosexuals.

      Roman Polanski had sex with a 13-year old girl, who he also drugged. Is that and the countless other stories about straight men molesting underage girls evidence that heterosexuality is a perversion?

    • Venom

      So the old men that rape little girls are not perverts in your mind?
      I see what kind of mentality you have.

    • RUSerious

      Sean — come out of the closet already. Admit you like cock, stop coming to this site, cuz they don’t regularly show enough men for your tastes, and move on.

    • Sean’s a troll, guys. A fucking lame, obvious, incredibly predictable troll, so don’t waste your time.

  25. RUSerious

    Not only should they fire the fucking pussy McQueary (they would have had to pull me off of Sandusky’s corpse, cuz I would still have been beating it to hamburger when the cops showed up if I had been the one to “stumble upon” something as fucked up as that!), Penn State should forfeit Saturday’s game. They’re gonna all get together in “Happy Valley” and do what? Celebrate the sport that is a contributing reason for children to continue to be molested for 9 more years?? And the stupid fuck students at Penn are bitching because JoePa got fired? Fire the whole fucking coaching staff if they’ve been there or been associated with the team longer than 2003!

  26. Paterno didnt know about his buddy Jerry’s attraction to young boys before and after McQueerie’s dad told him what happened. Sure.

    Whats next? We find out Gotti was clueless about the Castellano hit?

    55yr old defensive coordinators just dont retire with two national championships under their belt and never coach again anywhere. Cover up for a resignation all sanctioned by Joe Pa who even up until yesterday was telling everyone when he would retire.

    Wonder why that DA who was looking in to it just disappeared with no trace?

    Paterno is the L Ron Hubbard of college football.

    He needs to die in jail.

  27. BeggingForFish

    I read the grand jury report. And the more I think about what McQueary did – walked in on a 10 year old being anally raped and then WALKED THE FUCK AWAY – the more I’m completely stunned. Who wants to be that his story will be that he was raped by Sandusky as a kid, and therefore suffered some kind of PTSD flashback that prevented him from stopping the ANAL RAPE of a 10 year old?? Jesus…why is he still employed at Penn? How can you fire Paterno and the president and let the fucking EYE WITNESS WHO DID NOTHING stay on staff???

  28. Darwin

    Sean…apparently you’re a complete fuckin’ moron. Pediphilia is not the same as homosexuality. Pedo’s rape children. Homo’s have sex with other homo’s. Thats as simple as it is. I only hope that by using VERY SMALL words your ‘tard brain can grasp ‘hold of, you can make an attempt to understand the vast difference between the two. If not, go immediately to your dads bedroom, find the shotgun and blow your fucking useless life away, so that the rest of the thinking human beings on the planet can be spared the annoyance of you being able to type…..oh yeah, i hope someone rapes you.

  29. mfb

    For the record…if penn state fired mcqueary they’d have a whole new can of worms to deal with…..firing a whistle blower which is not allowed in PA

    • I don’t think it’s confirmed he has that status yet, and the Whistleblower Protection Act is Federal. Penn is probably tiptoeing very carefully around the area, but it’s possible they could suspend him with pay while they figure it out. What’s mindblowing is contemplating if his employment contract has a morals clause.

      • BE

        Yes and no. The whistle blower act has a statute of limitations – 3 years I believe. Since McQueary sat on this for nine long years, it’s doubtful he’d qualify as a whistle blower unless he can claim coercion. I strongly suspect – in light of a suspiciously missing DA and the other issues coming out – that things are now moving slower to “get” as many as possible. A

        Since charity money is involved so contributors could systematically rape children, this could be taken up as a Federal case – possibly RICO. Which would make the architects of any coverup guilty of wrongdoing also.

        IMHO – the Feds should take over, enact RICO, and clean house. Football season be damned. And, from seeing their support of this administration, I’m glad I never even applied to Penn State.

    • Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease, from your mouth to whoever’s ear.

  30. Antifratdude

    Poor kids… nightmares forever about freckled ginger junk and orange pubes… Just fucking awful.
    And for the record, nobody has EVER liked gingers. They’re usually the creepy kid at school who smells bad and pisses at the urinal with their pants to their ankles… kinda just sets the tone for all of this.

  31. Randy

    Way to destroy the remaining life of an old man and ruin his legacy. You weirdos sicken me with your blood hunts. Let the past stay buried. It’s much better off that way.

    • Antifratdude

      Randy, way to be everything that’s wrong with America.
      Typical of someone who can refer to a career of coaching football a ‘legacy’
      Fuck that old man in his asshole. Anyone associated with child rape should be executed.

      • Randy

        You are what’s wrong with not only America but the world. Forgive and forget is the best way. Haters like you are just jealous because you never had a coach like JoePa leading your team.

      • Antifratdude

        No, I had wonderful coaches that never tried to rape me, or allowed anyone else to either. That is the problem here. He deserved to lose his job. It’s called ‘you call the police.’ End of story. This ‘forgive and forget’ bullshit needs to end… especially when children are involved.
        Leading a football team doesn’t excuse anything

    • Venom

      I had Bo Schembechler and Lloyd Carr, I guess they will have to do.
      This is not about football by the way, this is about the molestation and continued molestation for years of little boys.

      • BE

        Randy – are you actually able to walk AND chew bubble gum?

        How is this in the past? And for whom? Do you think it’s in the past for EIGHT children who were sodomized?

        I love how you give these creeps a pass for having buried their hideous acts for so long. Means they should get it DOUBLE for the coverup not off the hook.

        This “not in my back yard” attitude is exactly why this happened and was hidden.

        So Penn State has a bad football year or two? What about eight little boys who are having a bad LIFE? Would you want this to happen to you? Or someone you care about?

    • Guys, there’s a bridge out there that Randy’s neglecting. In other words, troll.

  32. PeeDeeEss

    Randy, I hope you have the same attitude when one of YOUR children is raped by an adult authority figure, leaving YOUR child to grapple with the shame, confused feelings, and misplaced anger that goes hand-in-hand with childhood abuse.

  33. 445-Castel Luck

    These Penn State college football players has huge distraction around them after having his head coach being fired indefinitely and also losing there Penn State President too, big loss, and huge devastation to there fans too.

    • BE

      What the? So what?

      It’s A GAME.

      Let’s all turn a blind eye to VIOLENT and CRIMINAL activity so Penn State players can have a “good year.”

  34. forrest gump

    well, being born with red hairs can be a true curse!!

  35. Victoria

    He needs to be fired now.

    And thank you for posting these stories.

  36. Sarah

    Have really appreciated your commentary this week. A voice of reason amidst the unreasonable. Keep it up!

  37. MrMeister

    You may not like what I’m about to say, but I could give a shit. I know this isn’t a news site, so I can’t fault the author for his opinion. However, in the U.S. the statement is: innocent until proven guilty.

    If he did it, hang ‘em up to dry. But jesus fucking christ people, god forbid anyone ever accuse anyone of you of anything…because you’ll be hung before you make it to a jury.


    • @MrMeister: You’re right, of course, as far as Sandusky goes. But on this board people are mostly pissed about McQueary. He hasn’t been charged with anything, so “innocent until …” doesn’t apply. Furthermore people are angry with him not because of allegations or innuendo but because of his own testimony: he testified before a grand jury, under oath, that he witnessed the sodomy of a child. The question is, what are the moral obligations of someone who witnesses such an act? @Clark Kent (3:06 posting) makes a clear and compelling case for the proper course of action. I don’t think Clark, or others who have expressed similar sentiments, qualify as “fucktards.”

      • Nicely said. Sadly, all McQueary is at this point is a witness (as is Paterno at this point – looks as tho that might change). Stangely enough, this isn’t all about Sandusky, it’s about everyone who saw, not just heard, and made a conscious choice to turn their back and enable him further, and people’s incredulity at the morally bankrupt, broke-ass excuses they’re now offering up to explain their deliberate actions – or lack of them.

        “I did what was legally required” is actually more apropos than your “he’s innocent until proven guilty”, but they’re actually both bullshit. They’re convenient phrases to hide behind, nothing more, and that first is going to prove to be a piss-poor shield for McQueary, Paterno et al .

  38. Bonnlass

    If Athletic Director at Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne had any balls he would cancel playing at PeRV State. But it’s all about TAILGATING and no integrity. Nebraska had a problem with Spanier before he was recruited to be Penn State President. It’s all part of the record and the firing of woman’s basketball anti-lesbian coach Rene Portland was orchestrated by Spanier et al.

    Former University of Nebraska-Lincoln chancellor, Graham Spanier, is no longer president at Penn State. He was fired last night (Wednesday), along with head football coach, Joe Paterno. UN-L officials who worked with Spanier when he was here from 1991 to 1995, characterize him as a champion of gay and minority students. The Journal Star talked with Jim Griesen, professor of educational administration, Spanier’s vice chancellor for student affairs. Griesen says he’s still a big fan of Spanier’s, who used to show up unannounced on dorm floors to chat with students. While at UN-L, Spanier made faculty place pink triangle stickers on their office doors to indicate support of gay and lesbian students.

  39. BE

    Sorry McBeef – but this IS newsworthy and the bare skin to popular media events ratio hasn’t changed a bit.

    But, we get to see real reason why this went on for so long…

    Not that anyone was confused, shocked into paralysis or whatever crappy excuse used to move Sandusky into his pet charity where he could do harm full-time.

    Penn State management obviously thought they had distanced themselves enough from a potential scandal while maintaining their relationship with any of their deep pocketed supporters who were also sodomizing little boys. You know, to rape children without fear of consequence, most of these contributors would have had to travel to third world countries and buy them. But not at Penn State – they’re a full service university who loves their pervert contributors. – they’ll just provide them as a thank you…

    And somehow the degenerates in charge missed the fact that the public might view this side shuffle as enabling Sandusky.

    Protecting little boys or funding our football team. Hmmm.

    Such a hard decision.

    Basically, Penns States rotten from the top down. So, this story won’t be going away for a LONG time – in fact – it’s just getting started.

    With McQueary getting death threats for witnessing a 10 year old being sodomized and doing zilch, it’s likely someone will actually hurt him in the near future. After all, why would anyone want to even say “HEY, what’s going on over there!!!!

    I understand McBeef, that your skin may be crawling – just like mine. But the level of support these degenerates are getting after a grand jury found cause means we, as a society, are doing a miserable job of teaching right and wrong. Not to mention the level of selfishness it takes to say – Little boys raped, what do I care? Cuz I like that coach! He gave us a great football program!

    Ever read Martin Niemöller’s – First they came for?

    Right here we have a perfect example of the dangers of apathy.

    So you go Fish!

  40. kittyhawk

    I’ve never seen the word “rape” written so many times in such a small space. :(
    I have no idea who any of these people are, but I sure do hope they burn in hell. After having footballs forced up their rectums.

  41. Melissa

    Now we have riots because a few individuals couldn’t let the past stay in the past. Shameful that they couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie.

    • BE

      Apparently, all the Roman Catholic Church needed to deal with it’s institutionalized pedophilia problems was a winning football team…

      • Oh man, that’s perfect.

        Melissa, I hope to fuck you’re a troll, because the thought that you might be serious and can, in spite of carrying what has to be a crippling load of dribbling imbecility, still find your way to a keyboard, is just too depressing for words.

  42. sitin

    I agree with Clark Kent that McQueary should have gone right over JoPa’s head & straight to the police! However if you ( as I ) have ever worked at a large institution you know that you will be terminated for doing it with some off the wall excuse that you will never win in court if you fight it! Again ! It was not the Football Team !

    • If you’re fired for reporting something like this, you can file suit under the Whistleblower Protection Act – it’s Federal, so it ramps up everything, including damages. And while you can get stuck with a troublemaker tag, there may be universities and colleges out there that might want to hire someone who actually doesn’t actively condone kiddy rape.

  43. BE

    That was quite intentional. Rape is a heinous and violent act on an adult. Because of the physical size difference – it is agonizing for a child male or female.

    Since civilization is judged by how they handle their old, their young, their disabled and their weak, I have to admit that I am shocked and horrified by the number of posts and people sloughing off how such an institution of higher education could behave in such an indefensible manner.

    We’re not talking actions from 40-50 years ago. For quite some time now, we have been educated that pedophiles gravitate to where the children are, so to speak. Hence, no one who works with children can claim ignorance of what it is or what should be done.

    Worse, yet, this is a COLLEGE that has both criminology and psychology majors. President Graham Spanier was a PhD
    sociologist and family therapist by training. And all he did was cover THEIR asses – NOT the children’s.

    So looking at the highly “educated” management in this fiasco – all that I get from the prominent credentials is that it increased their ability to rationalize brutal and violent acts done to children who “need additional support”. Add to it, they set it up so that the violence was literally institutionalized for donations from rich benefactors.

    The number of people and posts brushing all of this off as “just a bad footnote” lets keep it in the past, in particular for the sake of a Big 10 football team, literally turns my stomach.

  44. Dan

    “or just another liberal lie to”

    Come on man… raping kids is not a political side thing. Too serious to joke about.

  45. Eli

    I have an idea to deal with McQueefy. We roll him out to the field, during half-time of this upcoming game. We bend him over, shove a football up his ass, and tell him that if he wants to keep his job, he has to sew his asshole shut and carry it in him, like a lil baby until he retires. If he decides that he wants the football out and just quits his job; we can then pretend we didn’t hear him and sew his asshole shut anyway. huh?

  46. gigi

    ew never mind…. fire them all [I don't tend to to follow the news, I just like redheads]

  47. Granny AppleSeed


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