Michelle Williams may be a tad pissed at Heath Ledger’s family

June 24th, 2008 // 57 Comments

Remember when Heath Ledger died and his family said, “Oh yeah, don’t worry. We’ll take care of his kid.”? Bullish shit. Turns out Michelle Williams hasn’t seen a dime for daughter Matilda and is well aware that Heath’s dad Kim botched the handling of his own father’s estate. As an act of protest, she will not attend the premiere of The Dark Knight, according to Page Six:

An insider said, “Michelle is furious with Heath’s family and threatening to boycott the premiere. Matilda is supposed to be the beneficiary of the will, but Michelle has seen nothing from them. Heath didn’t have much in cash, but there was a big house in LA and a back-end deal for ‘Dark Knight’ [that] could reap millions.”

Great. Only movie I’m looking forward to all summer and these Jokers (Jesus of comedy, people. That’s me.) have to use it to publicize their money problems. Unless this is some sort of crazy viral marketing. Of course! I bet if I click on Michelle Williams eye I’ll see a sweet clip of Batman punching someone. Excuse me – Taxi! New York City! But first let’s stop at Staples. I need a wireless mouse that says “Jam me in the cornea of one of those Dawson kids” but also “smooth ergonomic design.”




  2. Manda

    I think its crap that his family is hording cash from his own daughter, but boycotting Batman is just wrong. Batman would fight to make sure a kid in her position was well taken care of. That is what history and comic books has taught us.

  3. Skeith

    how did a gay cowboy father a child in the first place? Effing homo…glad he died. Who wants to see a movie about a bunch of gay cowboys eating pudding in the first place? Ledger actually died of gay cowboy aids.

  4. She’s not hot, so I agree with refusing to give her a “back-end deal.” I’ll wait for Matilda. But not for long.

  5. Que

    Que normal.

  6. havoc

    Show me the money.

    How touching……


  7. snarkymalarky

    She looks miserable in these pics. I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought she was really beautiful (not so much in these pics though). But I hope none of this is true, because that would make her a major bitch. And it would be completly disrespectful to Heath Ledger, who obviously can’t control what his family does at this point (but how the heck did Heath not have millions???!) Well, hopefully this is all a bs media thing. If not, I did hear that Michelle is from a wealthy family, and obviously has plenty of Dawson’s cash herself. So I can’t feel that sorry for her, at least not money wise.

  8. Jessie Spano

    Skeith, you’re a skank! How could you say something like that? At least he was a pretty well-known actor…what’s your talent besides being a douchebag??

  9. hellcat1983

    never thought she was beautiful, always thought she looked like a duck. And now a mean duck at that!

  10. p0nk

    if the boycott doesn’t work, she should send a ‘strongly worded letter of condemnation’. that always works well for the U.N.

  11. Lola

    what is the big deal about all this????? she’s an actress herself so why does she need any money right now to take care of their daughter????? she should receive something monthly as support and the family should just set up a trust fund in matilda’s name so that a percentage should go in on anything made…. why boycott a movie???? i’m sure that’s not true at all…. i don’t see her as the kind of person to do something like that

  12. fashionshmashion

    Who cares about Michelle Williams? Where can I get one of those HAWT checkered suit dresses??? She looks awesome, and so appropriate.

  13. You're idiots

    Dude, if she hadn’t threatened to boycott the movie no one would know Heath Ledger’s family was populated by assholes. Any reasonable person would be pissed if his/her KID was getting ripped off out of millions of dollars by her own family. It’s the principle of the thing. And I’m not sure Michelle Williams has an obligation to go to the premier anyway, since they weren’t together at the time of his death. What the hell does Heath Ledger care if she goes to the premier? The man is dead. I’m sure watching him from beyond the grave for a few hours would make Michelle Williams’ day.

  14. Harry Ballzack

    What a freaking surprise

  15. If your making a few thousand dollars every time you film a movie, which would be at least one a year, then your cheated out of a few thousand dollars, but are still living comfortably off your few thousand, what the fuk is the big deal? This is the same thing but with millions yet! It’s the principle, big f-ing deal. His family are tite wads. This isn’t a world full of perfect people. She should quit her bitchen (if she is) and realize she has the upper hand, she has the fucking daughter for crying out loud! Use her as a pawn if she’s so broke or never let that fam see the baby again! Case closed. SEE THAT WAS SO EASY! Y R PEOPLE SO DUMB?!!!

  16. She should threaten to sell the daughter to a 3rd world homeless familiy

  17. Kate2

    I think this movie is going to piss me off that Heath Ledger is dead.

  18. veggi

    #3 You’re a complete moron..

    He was a great actor. Seeing this movie is gonna be sad, really..

  19. Nexera

    She is so beautiful. Heath was the best looking man EVER. The whole situation sucks.

  20. Nexera

    She is so beautiful. Heath was the best looking man EVER. The whole situation sucks.

  21. T-bag

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  22. Deacon Jones

    I thought he was hot. Up here in Philly (yea,I know, its a dumpy ass ghetto), theres a FINE ASS Mick that looks like him that I follow around. He comes into the gas station where I pump gas and always gives me the eye. Maybe its my Conan Obrienish hairdo…or maybe its just the “enter here” tramp stamp I have, I dunno.

  23. give matilda what is hers

    the child should get it all. The grandfather should want it that way, but he is prob still in debt.

  24. Trover

    The Dark Knight is pretty much the only movie I want to see this summer. I hope it rakes in buckets of cash, and would be great for little Matilda get gets loads of cash in a trust fund, too, for when she is older. I hope they do it right, and they don;t all cannibalize his estate. But my guess is that the money will all be gone before she hits 21. Greedy bitches.

  25. Matilda, sweetie, sorry, but your dad was a weak man who did lots and lots of drugs instead of acting like a grownup with a backbone and conscience. That’s why he bailed out on you instead of being your dad. That’s also why you won’t be getting any money. It’s never too early to learn this lesson: place the blame where it belongs.

  26. Dee

    It’s a sad situation for the little girl.

  27. ……………………………SWEET CHILD O’ MINE!!!!

  28. erica

    While I doubt Matilda is STARVING in poverty exactly, I guess it’s pretty shady with his family hogging the money from a little girl. And I like Michelle, she’s a cute little pixie!

  29. I Spel and Gramer Good

    i donnot feeel sory for this kidd at all she is beter off withot the monney monney ruins people liek druggs seks and rok and rol four exampll, looc at paires hinton

  30. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    This girl is a MILF!

  31. I Spel and Gramer Good

    this gril lookks like miaw farrowh on a downder.

  32. BunnyButt

    Holy cow, when did Samantha Morton’s breasts get so HUGE?!??!

    (She’s the busty wench on the left.)

  33. I Spel and Gramer Good

    i’ll bett woodie allan wood likke to stikk his woody allen en herr

  34. I Spel and Gramer Good

    ~33 prorbobly whent shee got pregnerant

  35. How touching…..

  36. Kim Lardassian

    Wll I like her n’all shes an understated non publicity hogging gal, and you gotta give her props for that, but this IS the Superficial and what the fuck is up with that eye liner?? It’s sort of a bit Winehouseish – not a good look.

  37. eva

    I can’t stand homophobes. And what the hell is up with all these fucking people making cruel judgements about people they’ve never even met? How pathetic! How disgusting! Don’t you have anything better to do?

  38. Mike

    u guys are sick

  39. Mike

    u guys are sick

  40. Mike

    u guys are sick

  41. Brokeback

    Wow…what a shock. Greedy fuck parents fighting a greedy fuck mother. Hope the kid does well in school ’cause between these two, the kid ain’t getting squat. Hey, Michelle, why don’t you bitch to E! News about how the family had the balls to bury Heath instead of auctioning off his bones on Ebay and letting you hold onto the money. For your daughter, of course.

  42. Lindabell

    I’m sure his daughter will be well provided for by Michelle. She doesn’t need Heath’s money to survive and live a good life. People don’t need that much money. In fact sometimes LESS money is better and makes better more responsible people….the root of all evil and so on and so on.

  43. britney's weave

    i think she has a very beautiful face. i guess i’m the only one. oh well.

  44. Netsurfer

    Actresses aren’t especially known for their great intelligence and Michelle is no exception.

    Her first stupid mistake was getting knocked up by a man who refused to make her child legitimate. After he died, she was obviously stupid enough to think his family would just start sending her checks or something. I mean, how does the family know for certain that the kid is his anyway? I’m not clairvoyant, but I see a DNA test in that kid’s future.

    Now, she still lacks enough smarts to figure it out that she needs a lawyer and an immediate court action or she’ll never see a cent of Heath Ledger’s money.

  45. Bark

    Actually, Michelle Williams seems pretty intelligent. Check out her imdb bio, graduated at 15, won a futures trading contest at 16, is a big reader…

  46. waiter

    I’ve been waiting almost a year for a relative’s estate to be settled. No one sees a dime until that happens. So the fact that Matilda hasn’t gotten her inheritance yet isn’t surprising. It would be nice of Heath’s family to go ahead and give her some of it, as a nice gesture, but it’s not like Michelle doesn’t have any money and they’re living hand-to-mouth.

  47. my comment

    I can’t believe how beastly those three broads look.

  48. VISA?

    shes very pretty! i dont understand why people like her dont show up in the press more, no no we have to look at leelo and paris and kim

  49. Bizzy

    I’ve got a feeling Heath’s family is not going to be seeing his daughter much, if at all. I thought it strange that Michelle Williams didn’t take Matilda to Australia to say goodbye to her dad (that weirdish thing on the beach).

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