How Michaele Salahi Didn’t Stop Believin’ (I Went Right For It)

September 20th, 2011 // 92 Comments

Last week, Michaele Salahi ditched her husband Tareq Salahi for Journey guitarist Neal Schon prompting Tareq to go on a massive smear campaign via TMZ who for some reason has actually been paying money for shit as mundane as burying his goddamn dog. No joke. Anyway, Michaele and Neal have granted an interview with The Daily Beast to set the record straight on their reunion – They had dated in the past shortly before she chose to marry Tareq. – and how she escaped despite being under constant surveillance:

On their past lovelife:
The 46-year-old Michaele first revealed she has suffered from multiple sclerosis for nearly 20 years and the disease was the deciding factor when choosing her husband. She had been dating both Neal and Tareq in the late ’90s (for the record, she dated Neal first) and there came a time she had to make a life decision. … “I chose Tareq over Neal because I thought life would be less stressful living on a vineyard in Virginia. Life on the road with a rock band … well, I thought I might not have been able to keep up.”

On how they reunited:
The couple now admits they had been communicating via text “for a while” over a device a friend had sneaked to Michaele so the controlling Tareq wouldn’t find out she had a pipeline to the outside world. (Repeated e-mails and calls to Tareq Salahi for comment for this story have gone unanswered.) … “Neal was like, ‘Are we going to do this forever?’ And I said, ‘No, we’re not,’” Michaele said of the moment she realized it was time to make another life decision. “I began to see he really loved me. I had to begin to feel it completely–in my soul.” That was when she knew she would leave her husband.

On fucking in a dressing room with Tareq outside which is how I read this:
“What happened was … she takes off her wedding ring, OK, right in front of Tareq—takes it off,” Neal told The Daily Beast, sounding astonished. “And then she proceeds to come into my dressing room where I’m sitting down. I have tennis shoes on and she’s, like, nine feet tall over me.” … Neal’s voice took on a joyful tone as he told the story, and I could hear Michaele giggling in the background. He continued: “And she looks down at me like she’s standing on stilts and says, “I love YOU. And, that’s never gonna change. And when that happened I said, ‘Get over here! This has taken 15 years!’”

On that constant surveillance I mentioned:
“Tareq was too controlling.” Neal jumped in to elaborate. “He says, ‘Don’t go out of the house, you can’t have any money, I took all the money, you don’t have a telephone, you can’t drive’—plus, there are cameras in every room!” (After spending considerable research time in the Salahi house in mid-2010, I can confirm it contains a sophisticated surveillance system.)

On bailing on Tareq:
“I was going crazy. Because when you want to be with someone that bad, you start to go crazy. He sent someone to come get me. I got on a plane by myself and I just went. I just walked away from everything.” … Having known Michaele Salahi for two years now, after having had intimate talks with her about the state of her marriage, the very fact that she was able to get on a plane by herself–taking no luggage with her–must have been a monumental achievement. Tareq had convinced her over the years that they must always be together in case her MS symptoms flared and made her weak. According to Michaele, he also dwelled on death threats they had received after the White House scandal and warned she must never be without him. Michaele says she was cowed into believing she couldn’t do anything alone.

Full Disclosure: I honestly couldn’t care less about any of these people and only posted this because after John Mayer, Chaz Bono and Charlie Sheen, I just wanted to get some bikini pics up. Except I only looked at the thumbnails and now see I’ve wronged you for the fourth time this morning because apparently Michaele Salahi’s body looks like Heidi Montag if you took her breasts out and left her in the tub without food for 20 years. But, hey, go balls deep, Journey!

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Rough? Not for sale!

    You know who came out a loser in this? The secret service. They had no idea the woman that bypassed their security was actually in captivity. And this is after interviewing the couple. Shame! im kinda worried for Obama.

  2. degenerate

    Wow, a busted up roadwhore who just finished a stint on lockdown with a terrorist? Sign me up!

  3. Pippy Longcockings

    Not that bad. I’d hit it.

  4. Donald Trump

    What a skank. I can smell her nasty vag thorough the internet.

  5. Michaele Salahi Bikini Neal Schon Journey
    Commented on this photo:

    Someone must have been paid a lot of money to even take these pictures….she is not attractive…..and is a ho to boot! Feel sorry for Schon’s wife of 2 months…poor lady…..

  6. INMATE 12236969


  7. barbosa

    hugh hefner wants you to stop wearing that bikini; it’s bad for business

  8. nic

    This is what Heidi Montag will look like in 15 years.

  9. Brad Brown

    Not bad for a 50 year old, but she should hit the gym a little more.

  10. Michaele Salahi Bikini Neal Schon Journey
    Commented on this photo:

    heidi montag in eight years

  11. Lydia

    For a woman her age she doesn’t look that bad, but it’s her “claim to fame” that’s pissing me off. HOW are these two still getting proess? Why does the media still care?! They’re both nuts, I honestly thought the husband was gay, Journey was awesome like 20 years ago..this whole thing comes off like another huge stunt!

  12. Michaele Salahi Bikini Neal Schon Journey
    chris breezy boxing academy
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    for a guy in a rock band he really pulls some mediocre trim

  13. Chinto

    This skank has me jonesing for some Octomom bikini action.

  14. Melissa

    Ok, I thought this was Heidi Montag post breast reduction surgery when I clicked on it. Oh well.

  15. Rocky

    So this was the chick that crashed Obama’s first state dinner the one with the turban dude from India

    I think this chick went down on Biden that night too

  16. skank. the omission of an ass shot tells me her dumper’s probly saggin like a sacka taters

  17. CranAppleSnapple

    Your comments thing is stuffed up-ed.

  18. Michaele Salahi Bikini Neal Schon Journey
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    20 pics and no ass shots… really? Anyway not bad for a 46 yr old

  19. Mr.Troll

    20 pics and no ass shots… really? Anyway not bad for a 46 yr old or however old she is

  20. Color of Right

    if you ever wondered what Ann Coulter would look like as a woman……well, now you know.

  21. Tinklepants Astronaut

    All over the country, guys in garage bands are thinking “That is my future? Oh, shit! I’m gonna go get my GED after all.”

  22. forrest gump

    ……….ANOREXIA is the only excuse for this body, folks!!

  23. anonym

    so this is what heidi montag will look like in 5 years….

  24. Burt

    It’s a publicity stunt and TMZ’s probably getting a percentage of the sales of Journey tickets. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve run with a story long after it was obvious it was a publicity stunt. Remember that Heidi and Spencer Pratt tape that Vivid was supposedly going to buy after their fake breakup?

  25. Michaele Salahi Bikini Neal Schon Journey
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    this is what they call “skinny fat”

  26. Separated at Birth: Michaele Salahi and Ann Coulter.

  27. Poppy


  28. Michaele Salahi Bikini Neal Schon Journey
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    These pictures have got to be the scariest window into mental illness I have ever seen. Denial, narcissism, eccentricities, hysterical blindness, etc. The football coming at her and her hands up as if “No don’t come towards me — how do I catch such a thing.?!” looking like a dopey animal.

  29. Michaele Salahi Bikini Neal Schon Journey
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  30. IWONKY

    Cheap Whorey Lying Blonde (the reality show) is still in the idea stage but this cunt really makes me wanna stab a bitch for lying and being a slut and a whore right now. Tell me I have anger issues, bitch so I can kick your puny ass today, Michaele.

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