Of Course Michael Jackson Had A ‘Child Sex Alarm’

Left to right: Macualay Culkin, Giggles The Dead Clown Who Couldn’t Keep Special Secrets, Michael Jackson

Apparently it’s “Remember How Much Michael Jackson Loved Molesting Kids Week” because TMZ has new details from Wade Robson’s lawsuit against the King of Pop’s estate that alleges he had a “child sex alarm” which is exactly like it sounds:

Robson just filed an amended complaint, claiming the alarm would go off whenever someone came within 30 feet of Jackson’s room. Robson claims Jackson also hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign on his bedroom door.

That’s strange. I don’t recall anyone being around Michael who had experience with booby traps. Not off the top of my head. But whoever it was was good because a “Do Not Disturb” sign? Genius. “Hmm, it sounds like a child’s being molested in there, but this piece of paper says ‘Do Not Disturb.’ Not sure I have a move here…”