Melissa Etheridge Doesn’t Think Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy Was Brave

June 18th, 2013 // 115 Comments
R.I.P. Angelina's Boobs
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While most of the world fawned over Angelina Jolie‘s bravery for cutting off her breasts then getting nice new ones just in case she might get cancer, Melissa Etheridge has a different opinion. Although, she is a lesbian and therefore predisposed to protecting awesome titties, and so together on this hill we shall stand and fight to our last breath. *raises sword* COME. TO. OUR. WINDOW! The Washington Blade reports:

I have to say I feel a little differently. I have that gene mutation too and it’s not something I would believe in for myself. I wouldn’t call it the brave choice. I actually think it’s the most fearful choice you can make when confronting anything with cancer. My belief is that cancer comes from inside you and so much of it has to do with the environment of your body. It’s the stress that will turn that gene on or not. Plenty of people have the gene mutation and everything but it never comes to cancer so I would say to anybody faced with that, that choice is way down the line on the spectrum of what you can do and to really consider the advancements we’ve made in things like nutrition and stress levels. I’ve been cancer free for nine years now and looking back, I completely understand why I got cancer. There was so much acidity in everything. I really encourage people to go a lot longer and further before coming to that conclusion.

And because he has a questionable movie with his own money riding on it to promote, Brad Pitt actually responded during a junket interview where he should’ve been getting softball questions about what he’d do in a real zombie invasion. Here’s his reaction:

Jennifer Lopez Melissa Etheridge

Just kidding. It was this boring shit. Via Us Magazine:

Pitt hadn’t heard about Etheridge’s interview until just before the red carpet event. “I don’t know,” he told Us. “Somebody just said that.”
“Melissa’s an old friend of mine,” continued Pitt, who invited Etheridge to perform at his 2000 wedding to Jennifer Aniston. “I’m sure we’ll talk on the phone. I don’t know what it is.”

Apparently when Melissa Etheridge performs at your wedding, you stay the fuck together or she’ll call your new girlfriend a titless coward. Her vengeance is legendary.

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  1. What does it say about your career when you start screaming “I had cancer too! I’m brave too! SOMEBODY LOOK AT ME!”

  2. Matt Lauer

    Uh yeah, it was the acidity, Melissa. You know as much about treating cancer as Tom Cruise knows about treating depression.

  3. Smapdi

    Maybe Etheridge should ask Steve Jobs about how his alternative and nutrition-based cancer treatments worked out. Oh, right, she can’t . . .

  4. Jenny McCarthy

    Awesome, Melissa! I’m a scientician, too! Let’s get together and fight acidity and vaccines!

    • Oh my GOD, win.

    • Seriously, these malignant assholes who insist that anyone who gets cancer is just really responsible for their own disease, and that if they’d just chilled out a little bit more and done their yoga they’d have been perfectly fine and tumor-free can go Fuck. Themselves. Endlessly.

      AFTER they go visit the pediatric cancer ward and inform all the little bald pre-school kids there how they brought it on themselves by not eating right and refusing to de-stress.

      • lisamarie

        you dumb shit, that is EACTLY how cancer is turned on in the body, by acidic, crap and animal products. Angelina and the kids eat shit, crap, processed foods. She would have died from cancer in ten years with that lifestyle. and with your attitude, you will die of it too! Population control is well underway because in ten years well be out of water. The powerful people that run the world know that and are excavating dum dums like you through food!

      • Oh, how nice – Amanda Bynes is posting.

        Cupcake, you know as much about science and genetics as you do about grammar and spelling.

      • LisaMarie Presly , is that you ?
        So that whole marriage thing with Michael Jackson – what went wrong ? He really seemed like the marrying kind!
        After all of that you went on to become a dietitian and scientist ! I am so proud. Please educate all of us on how to avoid cancer

      • Offhand, I think the message is to stay away from shit, powerful people and excavations.

  5. The only brave thing this bitch did was try to suck a cock and she failed at that.

  6. Jade

    It is sad to see the lengths a has-been will go to to get attention.

  7. Mr. Sensitive

    Too bad. In Etheridge’s case I was really rooting for the cancer.

  8. I’ve read that eating a more alkaline diet might play a big role in keeping away cancer. I guess that’s what she meant by “there was so much acidity in everything”??

    • You do realize the body doesn’t have one ideal pH level right? It can’t be overall “too acidic” or “too alkaline.” The body maintains the necessary pH level in each organ system – it’s called homeostasis.

      • Not sure your point.. the ideal ph is slightly over 7… most diseases occur from a homeostasis imbalance, which is generally caused from environmental issues- such as a diet that is far too acidic. Drink a lot of soda, eat a lot of processed foods, etc, and your body will have a lower than ideal ph level, right?

      • wtf my comments never go through… ok so not sure your point.. the body’s ideal ph level is slightly over 7. A lower ph level will result in homeostasis imbalance- which is the reason most diseases occur. If you eat a lot of processed foods, drink a lot of soda, etc then you will have an acidic, rather than alkaline, ph level.

      • Not a Doctor

        What wonderful ignorance you display. Research Ayurveda (and NO that doesn’t mean wikipedia) Thousands and thousands of years old, older than your country, it will tell you everything you need to know about the bodies acid levels.

        Whilst your at it you may as well look into traditional Chinese medicine (three roads) as well.

        Both systems, thousands of years old, evolving culturally and physically separate from each other. Western medicine started off the same before it became about making money, then the people who espoused the original knowledge were all persecuted.

    • wtf? second comment that didn’t post

      • ok that went through, so for the third time… I’m not sure of your point “holykemp”… the body’s ideal ph level is slightly over 7, with a lower ph level, homeostasis imbalance will likely occur, which can lead to many diseases. If you eat a lot of junk food, drink a lot of soda, you will have an acidic, rather than alkaline, ph level.. right?

  9. Isn’t this the woman that chose David Crosby to father her child? Yeah, gonna go out on a limb and just say, “Dumb cunt.”

  10. Where’s welldoneson? This post is going to make him come in his pants.

  11. Angelina Jolie New Boobs Brad Pitt World War Z Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, she looks old. Just not the same sparkle at ALL.

  12. Rico Jones

    I suddenly like Melissa Etheridge. I don’t think she knows what causes cancer so on that I think she is way off but good for her for calling preventative mastectomies what they really are. Fear based knee jerk reactions.

    • Oh, yeah, totally fear based. Because how incredibly foolish of her is it to have that ridiculous fear of not wanting to die early and horribly?

      Jolie has absolutely no longevity whatsoever on her mother’s side, but it’s just silly of her to have reacted that way rather than wondering every morning if today was the day when she was going to start growing the cancer in either a breast or an ovary that would eventually kill her early and leave her 6 kids without a mother. Totally knee-jerky of her to not want to go through all the surgery and chemo and radiation that still failed to save her mother and her other female relatives from dying of cancer. Thank God people like you (with an MD from the Walt Disney Gift Shop) and Etheridge (no MD, but “I completely understand why I got cancer” so she doesn’t need one) know the truth of it.

      • Melissa probably also wants to blame her cancer on her ex. Those bitches are going HARD at each other.

      • Rico Jones

        Simple question to prove my point. Are you gonna chop your tits off if you find out you have the gene?

      • PtC

        If I was told I had an 87% chance of breast cancer, hell to the fucking yes I’d chop them off. I happen to enjoy living.

      • If I found out I had a gene that gave me close to 90% chance of developing the same cancer that killed my mom at a young age, as well as other members of my family, had young children that I would like to see grow up, and had an option to cut those chances down by a huge percentage by chopping of my tits? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY!!! No question.

      • It’s more to it than that, Rico. If all of her female relatives on her mother’s side are dead because they got breast or ovarian cancer – and there is currently no effective screening for the latter, btw – in their forties, then most women would vote yes.

        Jolie’s mother actually had both breast and ovarian cancer. I suggest you actually talk with someone who either has it or has seen a parent die from it way too soon from it before you start judging her decision. Because as much as you might value someone else’s tits, when it comes down to a woman keeping her boobs or living to seeing her kids graduate, most women would kiss their funbags goodbye and not give a second thought as to how you personally feel about it.

      • Yes, I would chop mine off, as a preventative measure. I’ve got a bunch of fun out of them over the years, but if they turn on me they’re histreh. They’re just squishy lumps with no actual job to do.

  13. I don’t see it as a brave decision either, but I also don’t think it has anything to do with cowardice. Many women who are nearing 40, had 3 children and lost weight would without any health issues and completely voluntarily go under a knife to get their youthful breasts back. The problem is that some may see them as superficial and insecure, and nobody wants that. Now, if you were to say that you are doing it for completely health related reasons and it’s a matter of life and death than you could not only get great knockers but also be applauded for bravery and unbelievable personal sacrifice in order to “be there for your children”. If there wasn’t a possibility (or she didn’t have financial means) to check herself regularly or she actually gave up young, plumb and “upwards” breasts then I wouldn’t be having these suspicions but considering that there is and she didn’t, chopping of her breasts seams like a drastic and unnecessary option. I was a bit reluctant to share this opinion because I now that many women suffer because of this disease on a deep emotional level which I can’t even imagine and I didn’t wanna offend or hurt anyone, but I also don’t want to exclude this possibility however cynical it may be.

    • A few points for your “suspicions” to consider: if Angelina wanted new tits, she could have gotten them and no one would have been the wiser – and since no one did notice anything until she revealed she’d had the surgery, obviously she didn’t have to cop to the real reason, either. But getting “newer” tits through an implant and a lift is not the same thing as having them removed and getting reconstructive surgery to replace them – complete loss of sensation in the “youthful” breasts you think she was chasing is just one aspect of radical surgery like that. And since she never hid the fact that her tits are not her own, that she got implants the first time to play Lara Croft, a fear of appearing “superficial and insecure” is obviously not something that worries her a helluva lot. The fact is, no one will ever look at her “upwards” breasts in the same way they did before – so tell me where the publicity stunt payoff is in that, if you can.

      • I didn’t know she had a boob job for Tomb Rider and I would stand corrected if I didn’t google it first and saw that in her interview for she mentions using padded bra and not wanting girls to think they should get implants to look good. So that was a misinformation on your side. After I read about her mastectomy I googled images of women who have had boob jobs after it and it looks nothing different then regular implants. It of course depends on the surgeon but Angelina can afford the best of the best so I don’t believe hers look like wreck. As for her choosing to go public, I don’t know how much of that is a preemptive strike, these kind of things can find their way to the public. For other celebs it maybe wouldn’t matter as much but with her being such an advocate for all the great problems in the world and taking a role of an intellectual, serious and confidant woman, it would seem vain and “silly” thing to worry yourself about. I disagree that Angelina doesn’t care about preserving the image she build for herself, no matter how much we wish it to be different we all care what others think of us, non of us is immune to it, not even her.
        With that being said, I want to emphasize that don’t firmly state that she did it for the reasons that I gave, I merely don’t exclude it.

    • PtC

      She was told she had an 87% chance of developing breast cancer. I wouldn’t take those odds either. Buh Bye tits, hello rest of my life.

  14. Angelina Jolie New Boobs Brad Pitt World War Z Premiere
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  15. alex

    I’m not sure how everyone came to their conclusions….shes not saying look at me or “I’m brave too” or “Follow a holistic lifestlye and you wont get sick.” IMO, she’s saying, don’t fucking cut off your tits until you reach that stage in the process, “…that choice is way down the line on the spectrum of what you can do…”

    Just one fat guy’s opinion.

    • Read it again, because that’s just what she IS saying: that you’re responsible for your own disease. So while it’s unfortunate if you get cancer, you’re also to blame for it cuz that silly gene thingy that everyone’s afraid of “never comes to cancer” unless you, yourself, choose to activate it through your foolish environmental choices. (Wow! Women can actually turn on cancer genes – the same way they can zap viable sperm if they’re legitimately raped so they don’t get pregnant! Who knew?). See, she actually had cancer and survived without removing her tits in a pre-emptive strike, so you can, too!

      FYI, the gene that Jolie carries is for a very aggressive kind of cancer, and by the time you “reach the stage in the process” where you’re looking at a mastectomy, it’s usually already metastasized to other organs. Mammograms aren’t very effective for younger mutation carriers – their breast tissue is very dense, and the interval cancers that they develop are usually detected through self-exam, not mammography or even MRI. In addition, that gene also means she’s at high risk for ovarian cancer – and at present there’s no effective way to screen for that. By the time you actually have to have the surgery to remove the cancer – especially ovarian – you aren’t at a stage where you just roll off the operating table and walk away with the next 40-50 years of your life.

  16. I didn’t know you could get cancer form “tuna tartare”

  17. Cock Dr

    I wish that Melissa had just come right out and said that her ex-girlfriend’s acid vagina gave her cancer.

  18. Schweddy Snatch

    Melissa: Your snail trial burning holes in the furniture does not mean there is too much acidity in the environment or food. It does, however, suggest you are an acidic cunt.

  19. richie

    she calls it the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” approach and I really think it’ll catch on (especially with Jehova’s Witnesses).

  20. Dr. Jones

    God forbid someone not kiss Angelina’s emaciated ass.

  21. Angelina Jolie New Boobs Brad Pitt World War Z Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    what other star is devious enough to undergo breast surgery and cover it up with false cancer stories and let society call her brave for her bigger boobs? Oh yes, the one that stole someone’s husband in front of billions of people and still got away with it. Genius.

  22. Not a Doctor

    At last a sane person.

    It does sound like she’s talking crap unless you’ve looked into this stuff. Stress can cause cancer as can acidity in diet, and burn me all you want but apple cider vinegar and apricots can cure cancer. There’s actually a few cures but I mention the vinegar because of the acidity thing (and Herodotus used it over 2,500 years ago). The apricots because it’s a 100% cure (just in case anyone ever reads this and needs it)

    So why doesn’t everyone drink hemp oil, eat apricots, and take vinegar (teaspoons of the stuff lol) and the millions of other all natural cures? Why do people instead bombard themselves with radiation and watch themselves die of cancer?

    The same reason this woman cut her tits out, money. Each cancer patient is worth thousands to the industry. Most medical professionals (shout out to McFeely) just don’t realise this stuff is out there. The pharma companies don’t want people to know either, even though they’re trialling tpc drugs and using vinegar to detect cervical cancer.

    The worlds a big place and there’s more out there than you’ll ever know. So do yourself a favour, if God forbid you ever have cancer remember what I wrote here! What can it hurt to try? It’s your life and it’s the only one you have.

    • Cancer can 100% be cured by apricots. Congratulations. This is the dumbest thing written on here all day.

      • angap

        laetrile and vitamin b17 (found in seeds and apricot pits) have been proven as viable treatment to cure cancer in some people..

      • SOME people. And I doubt even that is actually true. This asshat above just stated that apricots are 100% sure to cure cancer. Big difference between those 2 statements. Please tell me you don’t do anything important in real life.

    • GottaBrain

      “Stress can cause cancer as can acidity in diet, and burn me all you want but apple cider vinegar and apricots can cure cancer.”

      prove it – not anecdotes, not conspiracy theories about greedy big medicine, but actual empirical proof. But…you don’t understand what proof is, you’re more on the “I believe!” bandwagon.

      • Not a Doctor

        I posted proof. And it’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’. It’s a fact. Have you any idea how many places get grants related to cancer and how much the industry is worth? There’s no way the cure will be publicised. If you want ‘proof’ of the aids cure and others I’ll post up the doi but frankly you could find it yourself if you were halfway bothered.

      • formerlyknownasmismy

        if they don’t want to listen, screw them. There are people that will read your post & learn something, so thank you for taking the time to share that info

      • Ideal ph level is slightly over 7. A level lower than that will lead to homeostasis imbalance, which is the breeding ground for diseases.
        Easy to prove these kind of things, and not listen to assholes like “justifiable” who SERIOUSLY needs to get laid. while smoking a blunt.

      • Not a Doctor

        Thank you. I posted a bunch of links but it probably got flagged as spam. Google ‘Laetrile’, that’ll give you more than enough to go on.

      • *sigh*

        most medical professionals know the internet has really increased the availability of quackery to the masses.

        Laetrile is well known. It’s been around for like 100 years. It’s effectiveness is not proven. Writing that something works is not proof that it works. Show me a clinical trial. Provide me with a proposed mechanism. You can’t.

      • Per – ACS

        What is the evidence?
        From the 1950s through the 1970s, Laetrile grew in popularity in the United States as an alternative treatment for cancer. For this reason, and despite the lack of scientific evidence that Laetrile was effective, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) studied it in 1978 through a retrospective case review (a study that looks back at cases from the past). The NCI sent letters to more than 400,000 doctors and other practitioners, asking them to submit positive results from cases involving Laetrile. While an estimated 75,000 people in the United States had taken Laetrile, only 93 “positive” cases were submitted, and in only 6 of those was there evidence of significant tumor shrinkage.

        Despite this record of minimal response, a clinical trial in humans was conducted in 1981. It did not show any anti-cancer effect of Laetrile. This study of Laetrile on humans was performed between 1979 and 1981 at medical centers around the country. About 175 patients with different types of cancer were treated with a commonly used regimen of Laetrile plus metabolic therapy (see Metabolic Therapy). Published in 1982, it reported that one patient had major tumor shrinkage (a partial response) at first. Of the patients, 91% of their cancers had progressed (worsened) after 3 months, and median survival was less than 5 months. In all patients, their cancer grew within 8 months of starting treatment.

        A 1991 NCI review of the evidence of Laetrile’s effectiveness stated that “scientific studies were conducted for more than 20 years, starting in the mid-1950s, looking for evidence of antitumor efficacy by Laetrile. In no instance was evidence found that treatment with Laetrile results in any benefit against tumors in animals.”

        In contrast to the NCI findings, one of the leading proponents of Laetrile claims to have treated nearly 30,000 cancer patients in several studies of the drug with promising results. However, these results have not been reviewed or repeated by the scientific medical community. Available published information from credible sources does not support the reports of good results and cures from Laetrile treatment.

        As for the healthy Hunza and Karakorum people, there are many factors in these isolated mountain communities that differ markedly from Western habits, which could affect their cancer rates. For example, the Hunza people have long eaten home-grown fruits, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains and gotten plenty of exercise. Their traditional diet includes modest amounts of meat, but not refined or processed foods. Traditionally, they don’t smoke, overeat, or drink too much alcohol. These habits are very much in line with the American Cancer Society guidelines for cancer prevention. Unfortunately, the healthy traditions of these cultures may be changing as the outside world encroaches.

        The consensus of available scientific evidence does not support claims that laetrile is an effective anti-cancer treatment, either in animal studies or in human clinical trials. Cancer cells do not seem to be more susceptible to the effects of laetrile than normal cells. The successes claimed by its supporters are based on individual reports, testimonials, and publicity issued by promoters.

      • Stop it with all the providing sources and info USDA. Don’t you know you just say things on here and THAT makes them truth?!

      • I acknowledge that the American Cancer Society is part of the big not a conspiracy that doesn’t want you to know that eating apricots will destroy big pharma.

        Also, I’m waiting to hear some sort of resolution on the conflict between acidity causes cancer yet vinegar cures cancer. Ya know that shit’s full of acetic acid, correct?

      • that proves what exactly? that there are anti-cancer compounds in plants? No fuckin’ shit.

        Also are you concerned that proliferation increased after treatment with several vegetables? See Figure 1.

      • mismy

        mcbeefcake, I posted like 5 comments that didn’t show about ph levels… what’s your thoughts on that? From what I understand, the ideal ph level is slightly over 7, when you have a lower ph level, homeostasis imbalance can occur, which is the breeding ground form diseases… Causes of lower ph levels are environmental, mainly diet, such as processed food & soda. Raising your body’s ph level could (theoretically) ward off cancer to some degree.. no?

        I drink a glass of warm water with fresh lemon every morning first thing, and later a glass with raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and raw honey. Maybe it’s quackery, but there’s tons of info out there on the benefits.

      • I dunno why comments aren’t showing up… the fuck?

        lemons and vinegar lower your pH. They are acidic. When you talk about your body’s pH level, I’m guessing you are talking about blood, yes? Not vaginas? Your bloods pH range is around 7.4 +/- 0.05. It’s highly regulated and chemistry protects it from pH changes. If you stray very far from 7.4 bad shit starts happening, long before cancer shows up.

        Maybe there are subtle and unproven benefits from lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Who knows. But it’s likely not from pH changes.

      • that should say lemons and vinegar have a low pH. Unless you are downing gallons of lemon juice and vinegar, I doubt you can budge your blood’s pH.

      • mismy

        Thanks:) You really need a science/nutrition degree to understand how to take care of yourself; the internet is great, if people had the time to filter out the 99% of bullshit…

        Yes, blood… this whole thing confuses me though- so Americans obv. consume a great deal of acidic foods, and I’ve heard that if the ph levels drop below 7, then bad things will happen, like you said. I’ve also heard that the average American’s range is 5-6!!

        ACV & lemons are very acidic, but apparently it is the process of how it oxidizes during consumption that alkalizes the body…? But not fruit juice (and most fruits themselves), because the sugar cancels out the effect.

      • ok to clarify… There is a difference between urine pH and blood pH, blood pH varies very little, while urine pH varies greatly. When the body is chronically producing large amounts of acid, it forces the blood to buffer itself (in order to maintain a blood pH of 7.4) by removing calcium from the bone to neutralize the acid. Over time, this depletes your bones of calcium and causes diseases such as osteoporosis and conditions including kidney stones (which are just collections of calcium). Chronic Acidosis can also affect your metabolism, weight and athletic performance.

        So if that’s true, that explains how your blood stays at approx. 7, while urine/saliva tests show much lower results, the body is overcompensating to maintain homeostasis…?

      • I should have put that in quotes, I took it from

      • wildfungus

        urine is a garbage dump, that’s why it varies, is because your blood ph doesn’t, does that make sense? it should.

      • Is the “proof” you posted of how efficacious apricots are at curing cancer a picture of the rotting body of Steve McQueen? Because “the cure will never be publicized because Big Pharma etc. etc.” is about as valid a statement that you can google up a cure for AIDS.

        Also, another name for vinegar is acetic acid – it’s not a base, you fuckwitted moron.

    • why did I get a shout out, I don’t even like doctors. Except Dr Pepper.

    • Billy Rubin

      vinegar is acidic , especially on the objective ph scale

    • Thoughtful good response. Thanks.

  23. some black guy

    soo she got her medical degree from licking vagina or…where’d she get it again? I forget..

  24. Jim

    What a stupid fucking bitch. You’re right, Melissa. Cancer is caused by bad karma and cosmic vibrations rather than, ya know, scientifically vetted facts. It was cowardly of this woman to have her tits cut off so she might live a while longer with her family.

    Sounds like someone was jealous she wasn’t the cancer victim du jour that day.

  25. Jim

    So, the procedure took Jolie’s risk of developing breast cancer from 87% to 5% and lessened her risk from ovarian cancer which her mother died from a few years ago.

    You’re totally correct, Etheridge. What a chickenshit move. She could have just gotten a litter of adorable puppies and and prayed to the moon goddess to prevent cancer. Medicine is totally ridiculous.

  26. She’s not *that* full of shit. Stress definitely effects the immune system, and alkalizing your body with fresh greens is a good preventative measure.

    I don’t blame Ang for removing her breasts, but I do think it’s creepy that a corporation owns patents and testing rights on these genes.

    • Not so creepy

      Actually human genes cannot be patented…

      • Which is why The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a suit against Myriad Genetics, who claims they isolated the genes outside of the human body (which makes them patentable).

    • What stress doesn’t do, however, is magically activate mutated genes, any more than it seeks out and destroys viable sperm so that you won’t get pregnant after you’ve been raped.

      • Cancer is an autoimmune disorder.

      • No, it isn’t. While there’s a correlation between autoimmune diseases and some types of cancer, the exact relationship isn’t clear. That’s because people who are already on immunosuppressant drugs for diseases like lupus, RA, Crohn’s or celiac are naturally at increased risk, since their systems are compromised and unable to fight cancer cells and prevent tumor formation.

    • You can’t alkalinize your body. Period. Your body will reset your pH to 7.35-7.45. No amount of vegetables and fruits. We can test your pH. There’s no “magic alkalinity” that doesn’t show up on a pH test.

  27. Where the hell did the rest of the comments go?

    • Trek Girl

      I was just wondering about that. They were great… I hope they’re brought back from the ether they seemed to have disappeared into.

      • They were surgically removed for our protection, and have now been reconstructed to their former volume. The Fish does wonderful things with nipples, you must admit.

  28. Bitchery

    I’m not about to actually read any of this shit but I will say that my mom has had cancer twice. And she’s always been a giant bitch. She’s even bitchier in her older age so, yeah, she’ll probably get cancer again, somewhere. Just not in her tits cuz she doesn’t have any anymore. But it’s definitely growing somewhere in her blackened evil soul.

  29. I consider myself to be liberal, but sometimes I want to to start looking for cops from Kent State these stupid hippies anger me so much. Is she really that dumb that she think acidic food caused her cancer? Melissa? Are you really that dumb?

  30. I always love the “cancer can’t live in an alkaline body” bullshit…no nevermind to the fact that your body acts as a buffer solution and you cannot make your various fluids more or less acidic with any degree of success. Sure there are acidic and alkaline fluids in your body, but they stay in their various places and don’t affect much else aside from when they escape…in which case they cause heartburn or indigestion, not cancer.

    • Not so fast – people with GERD are at some risk for esophageal adenocarcinoma, but then again, that’s down to poor sphincter performance, not because their systems aren’t alkaline enough.

  31. Porkpie

    I had no idea Etheridge was a scientist. Oh wait, she isn’t. Maybe she should fut the shuck up.

  32. So what I’m getting out of this is that eating pussy can not only cause mouth and throat cancer, but also ovarian and/or breast cancer. But only in Lesbians.

  33. Billy Rubin

    Her face vs Angelina’s face – I would follow Angelina’s diet more closely. Maybe more acidic diet and more stress . Let’s face it – she looks like a yiddish horror story – the Golem

  34. Angelina Jolie New Boobs Brad Pitt World War Z Premiere
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    Hard to believe she’s only 38.

  35. MissPiggyJr

    THIS from a person that picks a lifelong drug addict – David Crosby – for her sperm donor.

  36. me

    I don’t think anyone has the right to judge either one of these women. Melissa Etheridge is a cancer survivor. A lot of folks usually get cancer again and somehow she’s been able to stave it off. Jolie obviously did what her doctors advised her to do. She lost her mother and is responsible for six children of her own, so how could anyone judge her for her decision. I can see where Etheridge is coming from, but she seems more like a natural gal, and Jolie obviously has no problems going under the knife. To each their own. I personally would try natural methods first. I believe there’s a mind-body connection and there’s a nutritional factor. I think women who are thinking to get their boobies cut off for preventative factors should try changing their diet and do some mind-body work. THEN go under the knife. Not go under the knife and still down the sodas and live high stress lifestyles. Just another asshole with an opinion. :)

  37. Angelina Jolie New Boobs Brad Pitt World War Z Premiere
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    “Of course I don’t eat that elitist GOOP crap Patrow pushes. Can’t you see the menu from a Chinese restaurant I have tattooed on my arm? Kung Pao chicken $5!”

  38. Angelina Jolie New Boobs Brad Pitt World War Z Premiere
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    “Hey Brad, did you hear the one about the ex-girlfriend who can’t get pregnant?”
    “Yes, every time a lame romantic comedy is released.”

  39. Angelina Jolie New Boobs Brad Pitt World War Z Premiere
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    the roots grow out of my right eye.

  40. Angelina Jolie New Boobs Brad Pitt World War Z Premiere
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    Shit…holy skin trees, Batman WTF?!

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