Melania Trump Is Crying For Help on Twitter Again

Until yesterday, Melania Trump’s verified Twitter account (@MELANIATRUMP not @FLOTUS) has had just TWO favorited tweets since 2010. The first was her first tweet- “Hello Twitter!” which was typed by her ventriloquist. The second was this one:

What are you trying to tell us Melania? We want to help you! Touch your left ear if this is real!?


You’d have to be a moron to not be convinced by now that this relationship between Melania and The Don is completely full of shit. Their body language, their tone when talking about each other, and the fact that she is literally refusing to move in with the 70-year-old man who loves to play with fireworks should tell you something about the smokescreen that is this marriage.

It took Twitter’s hive-mind about an hour to explode the revelation. Shortly after that, she “unliked” the only genuine-feeling sentiment I’ve ever seen her take. Now her only favorited tweet on her personal Twitter account remains “Hello Twitter!” which she may or may not have written all by herself. Either way, liking your own tweet is sassy and such fashion-chic, model stuff.