Mel Gibson’s Ex Wants 10x More Child Support

September 3rd, 2010 // 75 Comments
Mel Gibson

“Or perhaps ten times the blow me? Eh? Sleep on it.”

Now that she’s run out of hilarious phone calls to sell, Oksana Grigorieva has requested the judge increase Mel Gibson‘s child support payments from $5,000 to more than $40,000, according to TMZ:

Mel currently pays Oksana the tidy sum of $5,000 a month in child support for baby Lucia, and also pays for the Sherman Oaks house where they live. But we’re told Oksana now wants nearly 10 times what she currently gets.
Here’s what’s interesting. Our sources say Oksana gets $2,500 a month in child support from Timothy Dalton — the father of her 13-year-old son Alexander.

So let me get this straight, a 13-year-old boy can survive on $30 grand a year, yet an infant needs basically half a mil? Jesus Christ. Is it on a strict albino tiger diet? I understand the irony in Jewing Mel Gibson into the poor house, but– oh, wait, I see what you’re doing.

As you were.


  1. Who gets custody of the hot tub?

  2. Ray Sist

    I support Mel and his treatment of that woman. You gals need to shut your mouths sometimes (many times). You say shit to us that if another man said we probably have it out with fists (then be friends afterwords cuz guys can do that).

    • Patricia Mahoney

      Ha your right, I find it HIGHlarious you don’t hear one thing she said to provoke him to such rage! You know she wasn’t just a babe in the woods the whole time the evil calculating runtrag she is!

  3. Johnny Cage

    Why doesn’t she just cut off this poor guy’s dick and shove it up his ass? Damn Russian cunt. I hope by now we all realize he was being extorted. Mail order brides mean trouble.

    • Aussie Mama

      The guy got sucked in, simple as that, won’t be the first or last.
      They should outlaw trap pregnancies. If you both do not agree up front to bring a child into this world, the trickster should lose their rights to any support at all. I bet it’d stop very quickly, because it has become a disgraceful epidemic of shameless women. Anyone that goes through life pumping out children to different fathers is a disgrace.
      I bet she worked him like a pole, the way only a Russian Immigrant knows how.

  4. elly mctait

    all Russian women care about is $$$$$.
    She has found herself a good business – trick the American men into getting you pregnant – collect child support i.e. more botox and lip filler money for herself. Sounds like a good gig!

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      HA HA HA right. She tied him up and raped him into coming inside of her hah?

    • Aussie Mama

      For the old non believers, it’s realisation time, because it’s pretty obvious, she planned it all along. Most 40 year old women know better, than to accidentally fall pregnant.
      He was naive thinking she was taking birth control and too cunt struck at the time, plain and simple. This was his only crime.
      Not only did she do well out of Dalton and still receives 2.5k a week from him, she was also living with millonaire and “Big Mogul Music Producer David Foster” for a year, at the same time as she was laying Mel. Nice gal.
      “On her own, independant, I have my own money, career”, my ass!
      Without the cash that comes in regularly from the exes, she’d be on the streets.
      David gave her a house after a very short time together.
      But….even though she had him by the nads, she had already set her sights on billionaire Mel. Who wants a millionaire, when you can have a billionaire!
      Let’s face it her career, was non-existent, her singing crap, her piano crap….she’s only been good at opening her legs and venus fly trap vagina, then opening her big fucking mouth even wider to the media…..
      I said from day 1, she is a liar and an opportunist. It had nothing to do with her origin or her nationality, it was always about her past. I also always said, she will be proven wrong and get nothing. That’s all been happening for a while and unravelling nicely, against her. Mel has gotten the custody he wanted and will get more. And watch this space….she will get jack shit!
      Her karma will make her worse off than ever and she will realise, if she already hasn’t, that she should have stayed with David and been grateful and happy with what she had already.
      Now….thanks to all the attention she created in the media, men will not touch her with a ten foot pole, let alone their wilburs!
      And Mel…..this will not affect his career, or anything in a negative way at all. He will just be careful and wary in future, as he should have been in this instance. Don’t forget it’s been a loooooong time since he was on the dating circuit. He’s learned the hard way, that not all women are like Robyn, tthe world has changed and there are opportunists and money grubbing whores under every rock.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        You need to stop counting somebody else’s money. What is it in you, cunt?
        Jealous much!

  5. Ray Sist

    Never ever ever ever ever hit a woman. That said. Before we crucify Mel completely, how many times in our life have we totally lost it like he did, but the only thing is is that we aren’t a celebrity and it wasn’t caught on tape. Women can push buttons in men no one else can. Yeah, he has shown to be a bit tempermental at times, but then again, how many times have we totally flipped out and it doesn’t make national or even local news.

  6. captain america

    yep, KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. lethal weapon babyyyy

  8. Doc Schweinstrudel

    HA HA HA. All Russian women care about is $$$$ – yeah right losers!
    You know that whoever says this is an aged ugly fat fuck who writes daily to Russian women offering $$$$ for whatever they can get!

    Dear -
    I loved your profile and would very much like to get to know you better. Like you I am on this site for one reason, to find deep meaningful and everlasting love.
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    I wait impatiently for your mail.

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    Race White/European
    Marital status Never married
    Children no kids
    City Gold Coast, queensland, Australia
    Education University
    Language English: Fluent;

    Profession investor
    Religion N/a
    Smoking Sometimes
    Drinking Sometimes

    Personality kind, generous, honest and fun
    Interests sailing, friends, eating out, swimming, surfing.
    Criminal record I do NOT have any criminal record

    Looking for a partner

    Age to 99
    Race Not important

    Personal message

    I am currently travelling around the world in my yacht. I yearn to have a partner to enjoy the beauty of life with me. I live on the Gold Coast in Australia. I manage my own investments now which allows me the opportunity to travel extensively. I am insightful, very intelligent, loving, caring, generous and a lot of fun to be with. I am flexible as to where to settle down next but see no real hurry to do so until I find the woman I am looking for

    • Aussie Mama

      Still sad.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        you are fucking sad

      • Aussie Mama

        No, very happy actually.
        I don’t see the world through one sidedness like you do, that’s the difference, I see it for what it is.
        I despise opportunists, liars and women that shamelessly go through life, from one man to the next, breeding like fucking pigs, for cash.
        Men who constantly upgrade their wives for the latest hybrid, never taking the kids into consideration, also fall into the same category for me.
        Mel was seperated from Robyn for 3 years, they simply grew apart. If you crucify him for that, then all of hollywood, if not the U.S, Aust, the U.K etc, etc, need to line up as well. He’s not the 1st nor last.
        I say it how it is, fuck political correctness, it’s a soft cock way of life. That’s why everybody is so fucking depressed and touchy, they have been built up, lied to , told that good enough is close enough, they are fantastic, positive, positive and mamby pambied from day one.
        The real world isn’t like that, your first boss will be a much bigger cunt, than your nasty teacher lovey, so don’t expect everybody out there, to drag a feather across your ass your whole life.
        If you haven’t earnt it, you don’t deserve it.
        Your cunt should not be your tool for income.
        And a man should never be your pay packet either.
        Oksana could be Polish, Asian, Aussie, Yank, Leb, Pom, African, whatever, she would still be the same lying, ungrateful opportunist in my eyes.
        You my dear, for defending her, ONLY because you are both Russian….most certainly taint the way I see women of your origin.
        That’s fucked.

  9. Z008

    And thats why everybody thinks all russian women are gold diggers…!

    • Aussie Mama

      My sentiments exactly!

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      What makes you so confident speaking on behald of “everybody” and more importantly that those “everybody” can actually master a thought process.

      • Aussie Mama

        Your the only one still sticking up for her, when she has been proven and finally shown for what she is. You are now the minority. When you stick up for her, purely based on being the same nationality, when she is clearly now seen for what she has always been, it makes you everybody.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        I will defend her till the end. You know why? Because Russians don’t leave their own folk in trouble and because she was abused and I stand for women solidarity.
        I know it’s a too complicated concept for you to grab on. Jealous little heart is blinded for any compassion.
        Also I might be a minority here, defending her, simply because the majority here are the FAT UGLY OLD American men who can well relate to Mel and some offer money because well, they have nothing else to offer. Look at them posting daily degrading stuff about women they know they have no chance with (except Snookie). They bring women down cause that’s the way they can feel themselves empovered. NOT a single positive gentleman – like compliment that shows at least small fraction of intellect. Mostly about ass boobs and poos.
        This site is just a treasure to someone exploring the dark side of nature.

      • Johnny Cage


        How is Aussie Mama or any other self respecting woman jealous of a Gold Digging Ruskie whore like Oksana? That commy got her ass abused because she herself was a destroyer of lives. Who wouldn’t smack her up after what she did?

        The problem with you Doc is that your only gathering of the personalities of American men is from the Superficial. That’s like someone trying to decipher the majesty of Tiger by only examining the shit it leaves behind. You can’t see Rome while sitting in Gaul. And the way you use the disrespectful comments of men from just one website as ammunition for your case in favor of Oksana is silly. It seems like your just finding excuses to brace the fall of gold-diggers like her. Maybe if women like Oksana start acting like women, they wouldn’t get so many people calling them whore. And from seeing all the posts made on the Superficial, you would realize that it’s MEL GIBSON, not Oksana, who’s usually the butt of ridicule jokes on the Fish!

        Another thing about you Doc is that you basically turn to absurd generalizations and anyone offering a counter is ripe for a estrogen enriched flame from you. If someone is not on your same page they must be stupid. If someone isn’t Russian, they must be an ignorant ugly American. If someone doesn’t like filthy mail-order brides, they must be ugly without a date. If someone doesn’t doesn’t think blood-sucking women are exactly that, then they must be Fat Ugly Old American men who only offer money. So in short you believe; Fuck anyone having an opinion remotely different from you. I suppose you might be Russian yourself, if not, then I apologize for the mistake. But from my talking with Russians they basically sound off the same as you do. They speak their peace by sounding like a Down Syndrome patient who is imitating dialog from the Big Lebowski.

        The majority are Fat Ugly Old American men who only offer money? Then what are Russian men like? Oh yeah that’s right….Fat Ugly Old who only offer a musty smell in lieu of money (see how it works both ways?). But whatever floats your boat. And if American men are only Fat Ugly and Old with only money, then why did Oksana get into a relationship with one? Oh that’s right, because it appears the bitch was only interested in….MONEY!

        It appears Mel Gibson’s big mistake was not staying with his original wife.

      • Aussie Mama

        Johnny Cage;
        Can you hear the applause?
        Love the Cage x
        Awesome post. This has been my prob. with Doc too. Not that she is Russian, the fact she starts the name calling as soon as we differ in opinion. What is wrong with a healthy debate?
        We don’t need to go to a 3 year old mentality just because we disagree.
        Doc. defend her until the end. As bad as you think Mel is. He has had 1 marriage, 20+ years. Being sucked in by a prostitute does not count. The man was blindsided and robbed by a pro.
        Oksana has had;

        1; Short lived marriage in Russia (as her music teacher says, she was far too
        ambitious (she could smell the dollars) to ever stay in Russia)
        2; Lived with retired dancer Derek Hough (when she was 22 and he was 53)
        3; Married Timothy Dalton and had Sasha with him.
        4; Moved in with David Foster and got a house from him.
        4; Started banging Mel Gibson, while still with David.

        It is NO COINCIDENCE each man is richer than the last.
        Oksanan = Hooker, pro, kurva, putana, comprehende?!!

      • Aussie Mama

        ussians don’t leave their own? Really? Let’s talk just your orphanages; Roughly 230,000 children are residents of the state orphanage system with over 650,000 in some form of state care.The statistics regarding Russia’s orphaned and/or abandoned children are quite disturbing with Americans making up the majority of foreign adoptive parents. Reforms have been implemented but do little to improve living conditions in Russia’s orphanages.
        So before you bag the yanks luv, they are saving your kids, the disgarceful numbers, the russians abandon!
        From 1992 through 1999, some 15,000 orphans were adopted by Americans. The total number of Russian children adopted by foreigners, in 1999, was 6,200; 4,300 of which were adopted by Americans. Children adopted by Russian families, not including those adopted by blood relatives, was around 7,000. The total number of orphans available for adoption in 1999 was ca. 80,000. It is fairly easy to count the number of Russian children living in orphanages. However, it is almost impossible to know exactly how many more children are living on the streets. Most of them pan handle or turn to prostitution to survive.
        Oksana prostitute did good considering hey!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Shut up Meg! Don’t forget nobody forced those men you ennumerated to sleep with her. THEY chose to sleep with her. Could have left any day instead of staying OVER A YEAR each of them with her. And could have worn a fucking gondom. Yeah. I repeat. HE COULD HAVE WORN A FUCKING GONDOM for fuck’s sake!
        I didn’t generalise about ALL American men, I said about those who post on this site nasty things about women. Don’t fucking misquote me.
        About orphanages – yeah, right. The children adoped by Americans are adopted not from kind heart, but because of the men and women who are infetile and they are adopted also because they are white -let’s face it, everything else is next to their whiteness. Perhaps you would google some more and find out WHAT happens to the children adopted from Russia.You get like 3 year olds and infants beaten to death in the head -by their new loving moms. Fuck such charity!
        I rejoice each time some ridiculously rich man get’s his money taken away by woman. Cause guess what men control 80% of resources on this planet and they made it a bloody mess. Time for women to revolt against their true opressors (men). The weak, war mongering, soulless, dumb fucks who control 90% of the richess and drive this planet to the doomsday!!!!

      • Aussie Mama

        Hon it’s not just the men, it’s the elite, the super rich, of the right generational blood line. many women amongst these too. anyone of any race, creed, religion, colour, background, nationality that is in it for the money, is a souless twat. it’s one thing to profit from a home you have worked hard on and renovated and entirely differnt thing to profit from another human being, whilst lying about your undying love and true intentions.
        as pist as you are, i reckon you’d be great to sit down and have a coffee with. anyone that is passionate about anything, has my attention. as far as generalisations go, you have been very general about many things, i see you don’t like it when you cop it back. eg; american men, fat, ugly, old???
        there are horrid parents out there yes, there are also billionaires out there from trafficking women and children, maybe legal adoption isn’t the worst thing after all.



  11. Rhialto

    Isn’t that child labor when you’re demanding 10 times more support from your child?!

  12. Nero

    I guess that the time of mirrors and beads are gone?!

  13. Did you just say jewing?!

    I understand that everything thesuperficial does is for entertainment purposes and I’m sure you don’t want to be taken out of context. However, I don’t like anything when it comes to prejudice because people actually repeat this kind of stuff. I’m sure if you used “niggar” that someone would have definitely said something sooner. I don’t hate many things, but I hate racism.

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