Mel Gibson Walks Among Us

July 29th, 2010 // 39 Comments

“And with each step I do taketh, a Jew baby loses its taste for the blood of its fellow Jew baby and foresaketh all love of copper coins. Knowing this truth, should thou calleth My satchel a purse, thou shall bloweth Me in a lake of fire of My own device for such are your glum cunt ways. Forever and ever, amen.”

- The Book of Mel Gibson: Chapter 2, Verse 19.

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  1. omg ur right lmao nice purse homo! hahahahahahahaha :DDD

  2. Tweede

    I’m on to this other language thing now. lol

  3. sean

    Why can’t you leave Mel Gibson alone? He’s doing nothing to publicize himself during this ordeal. It’s that demon-seductress-gold-digger Oksana who’s behind all this, trying to bring a good man down. Yeah, Mel has his temptations and weaknesses, like we all do, and the Devil zeroed in on Mel’s weaknesses with Oksana. Just leave Mel alone. He’s trying to get his life back in order. How shameful of you to poke fun at a man who’s had to endure more spiritual attacks than you will probably ever know is possible.

  4. M

    OMG best fucking caption EVER. I am still laughing.

    • anon

      Agreed! LMAO!!

    • missywissy

      I’m Christian, and guess I should have found this offensive (this site is so good at attacking Christians) but it was really funny. I’d like to read the book of Mel and see what else it says.

    • mar

      i just shit my pants laughing at that verse from the book of mel. ohhhh fuck that was funny!!! rofl rofl rofl

  5. Drew

    ROFL FISH. Best article, ever.

  6. Fish…best post in WEEKS!

  7. Mel Gibson
    Commented on this photo:

    Mel, why dont you record what that fake filler monster of an ex has yelled at you…all this shit is so one sided, time for your chance.

  8. Sizzle

    “thou shall bloweth Me in a lake of fire”

    hahahaha perfect. Bloweth. That’s the greatest thing I’ve heard all week.

  9. kid ROUGH

    Don’t make fun of his bag. I like riding my bike with those messenger bags in the city. I think it looks kool.

  10. kid ROUGH

    And he’s suppose to wear it across his chest.

  11. Cock Dr

    Oh jeeze, Mad Mel is loose.
    What’s his fellatio status? We need to know exactly how dangerous he is right now to the general public.
    Oh and “Sean”? No one will ever let Mel forget this shit. When he is dead and planted in a fancy marble crypt with elaborately carved angels & Jesus smiling down people will still come to piss on his grave.
    Of course most of them will be Jewish.

  12. Doc Schweinstrudel

    soo funny

  13. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Sulky girl
    I’m sure you look a picture when you cry
    Threatening the silent treatment doesn’t qualify
    It’s like money in the bank
    Your expression is blank
    And when a chance appears
    You’ll be nearer to tears
    Sulky girl (x2)

    He said “Hello my pretty flower”
    Just trying out his tycoon power
    Avoiding the mirror, her pitying stare
    She said “Your’re mistaken
    Your money’s no good in here”
    Just some stupid little know-it-all
    You thought she looked easy
    He’s not that astute
    You’ll pay for the distance
    Between cruelty and beauty


    I won’t tell you again
    What do you gain by blackening her name
    She’s smarter than you
    Oh isn’t it a shame
    You’re going to lose that sulky girl

  14. Mel Gibson
    dan in MN
    Commented on this photo:

    Thank you for coining my favorite new term: SugarTits.

    You are a creative powerhouse.

  15. homosapiens

    The real winners here are the sperm donors. Women across the US read the Mel news bites, and the charming user generated commentary that usually accompanies them, and say f**ck that, I’m gettin’ my baby the safe way, turkey baster charged with a kind donation from the college kid with bills to pay.

  16. captain america

    I wonder: HE CAN STILL SLEEP, folks?

  17. Will

    Oksana is a bitch. I feel like punching her everytime I hear about her.
    She can probably tick a box off her To Do List: Ruin a man.
    I have full confidence in Mel and hope he can make it through this with his chin up.

    He should lay off the booze though…

  18. Mel Gibson
    Commented on this photo:


  19. Aussie Mama

    So wait a minute…..
    Now they are actually saying this was all 1 rant, over a 10 hour period?
    Not the norm, like she had indicated, not at all how he behaved on a regular basis even?
    Like the media kept reporting….and she kept saying….
    One argument, just one?
    And she taped him too.
    What did she get him so peeved for/over?
    She must have a had a plan, pissed him off, knowing she was sitting on a goldmine, if she happened, just happened to get him on tape.
    Preplanned like a murder?
    Premeditated in any way?
    The truth any clearer now?
    ‘Bout bloody time!

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