Mel Gibson Under Investigation for Domestic Abuse

July 8th, 2010 // 26 Comments

Seen here in his 2006 mugshot, police have announced they’re investigating Mel Gibson for domestic abuse after interviewing Oksana Grigorieva and most likely hearing the tape where he basically admits to it because who doesn’t love a good open-and-shut case? People reports:

“An investigation of domestic violence was launched by [Los Angeles Sheriff's] Malibu/Lost Hills station detectives … involving actor Mel Gibson and his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva,” read a statement released Thursday. “The detective in charge of the investigation is currently gathering information regarding the allegations. Due to the investigation being preliminary in nature, no other information is available at this time.”
The statement refers to an incident between the couple occurring on Jan. 6, 2010.

During his last run-in with the police, Mel Gibson blessed the world with “What are you looking at sugar-tits?” before accusing the arresting officers of working for our secret Jewish overlords. Considering that was four years ago, and all the extra senility under his belt, you know he’s at least going to slap one of them with his dick this time before lighting a cross on fire in the squad car. I don’t see how that’s not a given at this point.

Photo: The Smoking Gun


  1. jackasz


  2. Pablo

    “Investing,” should be “investigating.”

    • Or maybe…it should be “Investing in.”

      “Mel Gibson is the most solid prospect to beat his bitch and make her blow him before he burns down her house.”

  3. WTF? Is this going to be a battle all summer to see who is more fucked up, Lilo or Gibson? Maybe the two fuck nuts can share a cell together. Lilo can set Mel’s dick on fire and Mel can bet the shit out of her.

  4. I’d exonerate Mel if be beat Heidi Montag, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and all the Jersey Shore girls (Snookie twice).

  5. Rough lil raunchy

    Uh oh Mel! Looks like you’ve taking this Man-O-pause business a little taking too far…

  6. Rough lil raunchy

    I need my own correction tool on this site

  7. Amy

    How did he keep his violent craziness (mostly) under-wraps for so long? After all, he was married 22 years and had around 8 children…none of them have come out with anything remotely indicating that he was violent. Then, all the sudden, he leaves his wife, knocks up a girl, and knocks her teeth out. I’m not saying I don’t believe her (cause it’s pretty obvious he’s insane). I just find it strange.

  8. What did he do? Stab her with those greased up hair plug daggers?.

  9. Edamame

    Mel should only hurl insults in Aramaic, then nobody would know what he’s saying!

  10. Dr. Jack

    He messed with the wrong Russian whore.

    And if he thinks that pregnancy was some kind of accident, think again.

  11. captain america

    americans must feel ashamed by this sucker.

    so hang him, folks!!

  12. yuri

    i love mel gibson even more now. mad motherfuckin max!

  13. Tim

    Mel rules!

  14. Dianne

    I’ve always loved Mel Gibson for his directorial debut with The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto and for his movies Braveheart, The Patriot and Signs. And when these rumors surfaced about his rants containing racial slurs etc., I was initially skeptical because these claims were
    unfounded in that anyone can devise a scheme against you especially if you’re as highly influential as Mel Gibson. When Oksana, Gibson’s wife, publicly released an intimate conversation that exposed a vulnerable side of her husband, I began to take heed to the story. She knew he was drunk, agitated, and sentimental and that the collection of these three emotions would make anyone appear like a monstrous individual, yet she hid a recorder in her bra or whatever available crevice that she could conceive. If her abuse was truly that insufferable why couldn’t
    she remove herself from the situation instead of creating a story and fodder for the media. I find that her kind of dishonesty discredits her to a crooked person and almost explains Mel Gibson’s frustration. I know that using racial slurs is deplorable, but who doesn’t spout all sorts of profanity while intoxicated and angered; not to mention, he was talking to his spouse. I think that Mel Gibson showed the more profound and humane side of his mentality when he directed and produced a movie about the life and death of Jesus, and that makes him more human and
    sensitive than most of these other celebrities who probably feel and stifle their emotions lest they taint their image. We can all see that pathos, conviction and sensitivity resonate through his works, all of which can counter these evil adjectives spreading against him, and his angry rants are just a bi-product of a true artist.

  15. So for those of you keeping score at home, based on these comments Republicans, like clearly Dianne above, think:

    A. Making a two-hour snuff film about Jesus is a free pass because Mel’s an “artist.” Really? By that logic, let’s let Roman Polanski off the hook. He can’t help he loves raping underage girls, that’s his art!

    B. Brainwash their wives into thinking it’s okay to take a fist to the mouth when they’re drunk or just in a bad mood. Oh, Ephesians 5:22, how you do come in handy…

    C. Think it’s perfectly fine to yell racial slurs in the privacy of your home. I mean, just because you refer to black people as “niggers” when no one’s looking doesn’t mean you’re a racist. Ha ha! Who thinks like that?

    Oksana is conniving, but there’s clearly something not right in Mel Gibson’s head. Maybe because he’s become an over-entitled asshole like every other celebrity normally decried for being too liberal. She’s a gold-digger, he’s a violent bigot with a drinking problem that thinks he’s untouchable. I know having more than one-side to a situation frightens and confuses you, but trust me, it’ll be alright.

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