Mel Gibson Slaps Ex With a Restraining Order

June 25th, 2010 // 38 Comments

Mel Gibson has apparently filed a restraining order against Oksana Grigorieva, the Russian woman he dated for about five minutes yet somehow managed to knock up because rubbers make the baby Jesus cry. RadarOnline reports:

Grigorieva was served the documents at her home in Sherman Oaks around 5pm Wednesday, confirmed.
While the case is sealed — meaning the documents cannot be released to the public — has learned the complaint centers around three issues and Gibson’s access to daughter Lucia.
Gibson filed a temporary restraining order, a notice about a forthcoming court hearing and a notice of visitation rights and child custody.

Christ. How crazy could this woman be that the authorities actually feel a restraining order is need to protect Mel Fucking Gibson? The guy looks like he’s on the verge of starting a one-man Holocaust if you forget mayo on his sandwich.

JUDGE: Mr. Gibson, why do you feel this legal action is necessary?
MEL: She literally has knives for hand and shoots lasers out of her eyes.
JUDGE: Yeah, I dunno….

Photo: Getty


  1. WTF!! This pic actually scared the fuck outta me when I click on it. He looks like a damn lychan or something..

  2. Randy Landers

    So Mel’s going for the Colonel Harland Sanders bio pic?

  3. Taz

    he looks crazy

  4. Let’s revisit Mel Gibson……winner of People magazine’s sexiest man alive title!
    He looks batshit insane.

  5. Rough against the grain

    Has he sign up to play Salvador Dali or something…

  6. electricgirl

    is that photoshopped? or has he really had that horrible facial hair?

  7. Jack Mykokov

    It took me a minute to figure out who he reminds me of, and then I got it! He looks like General Custer!

  8. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Those hot guys who go out of their way to look ugly really annoy me (remember Jared Leto??) But THIS? This is just unforgivable! Mel Gibson was once a sizzling hot piece of ass! What the Hell HAPPENED?!

    Col. Sanders. LOLOLOLOLOLO! “I say you he dead!”

  9. eatme

    this is an old photo that gets used over and over and over to instantly discredit sir Mel.

  10. bar room hero

    He looks like a villian from a silent movie…seriously.

  11. Amy

    Ugh, getting old and crazy sucks. He is one of the ugliest men alive.

  12. You know what I don’t get? It’s a sealed case and we can’t talk about–but make sure the publicist tells everyone that he got the court order in the first place so we can leak it to the celebrity sites. They should either give us the whole story or not mention it in the first place and pique our curiosity. Yeesh!

  13. Kick her in the guts, Barry.

  14. melissa

    He is TERRIFYING. Isn’t he only 54?! Good God he looks 74!!

    • Osaka

      Yeah i know right… Looks like the devil himself on that pic lol just need to photoshop him red and there it is …

  15. sobrietyisacrutch

    Doesn’t he have like 10 kids already? And a very pissed off ex-wife? Why isn’t this guy broke yet? You don’t think he’s right and really IS God, do ya’?

  16. sasha

    I can’t believe anyone ever found this man to be attractive. Maybe his wallet, but not that face.

  17. justifiable

    This is the spam that we weren’t supposed to be seeing with the hot new format, right? Yeah, thought so.

  18. Plobes

    Mels is ugly inside and out

  19. Mel HIlter Gibson

    i hate Jews and I am Mel Gibson yeah baby

  20. captain america


  21. That’s curious, I had never been afraid of fried chicken before this pic…

  22. tc

    Why no pink star over his face ? Surely this picture is NSFW, as well as being NSF those of a nervous disposition, NSF viewing by victims of pdophilila (or victims of necrophilla, for that matter)

  23. Bimbamboing

    Please don’t post his head this big again!

  24. yayo

    El Diablo

  25. cc

    He gave up acting, he’s now Mel Mysterio the Magician.

  26. Harrybigggy

    who the fuck he thinks he is, fuckin jack sparrow?

  27. Shalimar

    He must be preparing for a biopic of Rasputin.

  28. Stalkerazzi

    For some one who claims to worship Jesus…..

    He sure looks a lot like Satan!

  29. hobocop

    Lookin good Mel.

  30. baloney


  31. Tralalala

    Wasup with those eyes? Those are opiate pupils if I ever saw ‘em!

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