Mel Gibson is Killing Witnesses Now

August 16th, 2010 // 19 Comments
Mel Gibson

I’m sorry. “Allegedly” killing witness now. Suck it, Libel Police.

The “wetback” nanny who reportedly saw Mel Gibson assault Oksana Grigorieva passed away from “cancer” this weekend, effectively throwing a monkey wrench in legal proceedings against Fellatio Johnson above. RadarOnline reports:

As was first to reveal, the unnamed babysitter was an eyewitness to actor Mel’s rage before the alleged rampage at his Malibu mansion on January 6.
While Mel’s former love Oksana Grigorieva attended a basketball game for her 12-year-old son Sascha, in the hours before the brutal blow-out, the Braveheart star became enraged that his lover had left their infant daughter Lucia at home with the nanny.
As reported, she witnessed Mel storming around the house, slamming doors and growing furious.
The nanny was so frightened that she took Lucia and hid in a bedroom, according to Oksana’s statements to law enforcement authorities.

In fairness, I probably shouldn’t rule out Oksana doing the deed because this woman didn’t see any abuse, but instead saw Oksana shoving silverware in her purse and selling it to Stalin’s Ghost. Or, no, wait, maybe it was Pope Faggot. Of course, no one ever suspects Pope Faggot! My God, when does the intrigue end with this thing?


  1. Is that a snot rocket up Mel’s nose?

  2. Polk

    Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

  3. That’s pretty damn badass that he can kill someone with his mind.

  4. that faggot vatican whacked pope john paul I. they fear no one, earthly or “infallible”

  5. Puke

    How convenient………

  6. cooperanimation This guy is screwed! but this made me laugh. Someone shot a video of a hooker and the Mel rants. pretty funny!

  7. Cock Dr

    Mad Mel needs to quit being slippery & sit down for his deposition.
    You can handle this…….you’re an actor.
    Bring in a gross of doughnuts, and lie your ass off.
    It would be best not to complain too bitterly about how long it’s been since you’ve had a blow job….you might not find the sympathy you’re looking for.

  8. Me

    That will teach these bitches not to fuck with Mel. He puts mother fuckers six feet under.

  9. Sobrietyisacrutch

    Anyone who has ever had any kind of working relationship with Mel should be fearing for their life right about now.
    Run, Opie, RUN!!!

  10. Like Mel Says...

    HAHA….check this motivational poster of him out.

  11. Holy shit….there’s another albino priest running around out there killing people!!


  12. jenna

    EEEEW! If he fell in mud he would need a fucking trowel to dig the dirt out of those creases on his face.

  13. captain america

    ……….he ever met “The Black Widow”?

  14. Aussie Mama

    Mel Gibson’s nanny and according to Oksana, witness in the assault against Oksana has passed away. She was fighting stage four cancer for a long while and lost the battle this weekend.
    The nanny did not provide a statement to law enforcement or write a declaration of support for Oksana, even though she had many months up her sleeve, to do so, if she wished.
    Why, wasn’t this so called witness, nanny, mentioned by Oksana, before the poor woman passed away?
    How convenient Oksana, to mention her now, when she is not here to deny the claims, as she would have!
    Just another predictable lie, by a money grubbing, desperate and compulsive liar.

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