Mel Gibson is an ‘Out of Control Racist’

July 1st, 2010 // 115 Comments
Mel Gibson is an ‘Out of Control Racist

It’s been only a few hours since recordings of Mel Gibson telling Oksana Grigorieva she’d be “raped by a pack of n-ggers” have been reported, but already the NAACP and Anti-Defamation League have issued statements to TMZ that pretty much no one can argue with at this point:

“Most people who hate one group hate another. Not only has Mel Gibson shown himself to be an anti-Semite, he’s a racist.” – Abe Foxman, Anti-Defamation League.

“An apology is insufficent given his history of racism, sexism and anti-semitism. No amount of words will change his image as an out of date and out of control racist.” – Leon Jenkins, LA NAACP.

While this has to be a virtually non-recoverable shit-storm for Mel’s publicist, I’m pretty sure the more pressing issue right now is making sure he never makes another movie involving puppets. Seriously, someone could claim Mel Gibson uses baby chicks for golf balls and I’d believe it based solely on this picture. “Just-hatched little chickens, you say? Hmm. The man does have a beaver on his hand…”

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  1. Durrrrrr

    Mel Gibson is going to get raped by a pack of niggers.

  2. Michelle

    Maybe he hates beavers too. Maybe they cause the holocaust – oh wait didn’t Mel say the holocaust didn’t happen. But that comment was wedged somewhere between dropping the n word and getting tanked. Nice work Mel….nice work.

    • Christopher

      Didn’t you read your bible? Beaver was the reason Adam got kicked from that sweet-ass garden, and lead to the downfall of all men. (sarcasm)

  3. Chris

    i think MAD MAX has lost it

  4. Danny Glover

    Damn, Mel.

  5. Cardinal Fang

    He should have said African Americans. Man, doesn’t the guy keep up with things?

  6. I am happy he is finally gonna get what he deserves….

    • MR. T

      what is he finally going to get??? If he never works another day in his life, he will still have 100′s of millions of dollars. He will still get to fuck 20 something year old models…..People will still love him and want to take pictures with him and get his autograph? So what is he FINALLY gonna get?????

      • his money, his models, and his autographs…all that bs will fade. He is will be remembered as a piece of shit hate monger.

        and if that doesn’t work for you…Go F urself.

      • shankyouverymuch

        MR. T you sir are 100% correct & obviously see things realistically. Mel’s reported wealth hovers around a Billion dollars & with that kind of cake he can say or do what ever he wants in this world & a huge number, if not most, people will do whatever he wants!

        I COMPLETELY respect Mel for not being a big Hollywood PC PUSSY & just letting it rip- saying what’s on his mind the way he chooses to say it/ NO holds bard! Hurry for SCHMELLY MEL!

        He’s an original & HE RULES!!!

      • shankyouverymuch

        Pop Cock I think you need to pop your boyfriends cock back up your ass or in you mouth & settle down.

        No Mel’s money “fade” away neither will the millions of people around the world who really seem to like him as an actor or director. Mel’s here to stay & NOTHING the NAACP or ACLU or YOU little-cocky pal have say about will make one bit of difference!

      • Michelle

        SYVM – Wow and wow…you realize that it isn’t the fact that Mel is all out spoken and a mentor for the moronic right that he is saying this shit, right?!?! You do get that he has some SERIOUS issues, right?! He isn’t saying this shit because he is is intelligent, right?!? You realize this guy has lost his fucking mind and in 4 years has managed to insult every jew and black person on the planet by degrading them, right?!! That is cool to you? That is some how a hero in your mind because this guy isn’t PC? I agree that political correctness sucks but Mel Gibson is a fucking idiot who should go into hiding with any one of his many model bimbo lays and not ever be allowed to speak or raise his kids. He is an racist pig who does nothing but put hate into the air with his ridiculous rants. Hey perhaps you should join him in his hovel in hell.

      • LMFAO

        He’ll be humping his home healthcare nurse soon enough. Look at how old and sickly he is.

      • Freedom loving human

        Hey Cock,

        The only “piece of shit” I’ve noticed has been the notion that human beings should not be allowed to speak their minds. The NAACP proclaims that Mel is “out of CONTROL”. Out of THEIR control, obviously, …and they’re shitting their pants over it, while we all just laugh!

        ALSO: What a retard you are, Michelle, saying our illustrious and revered Mel Gibson “should not be allowed to speak.” You’re obviously one of those desperate control freaks who can’t find fulfillment in life without “disallowing this” and “disallowing that”, …someone who’s SO concerned about what other people do or don’t do. You’re a throw back to the 1950′s (Leave it to Beaver, would be my guess) BEFORE freedom of thought and speech was ever allowed, if it didn’t sound acceptable at the dinner table.

    • SYVM – unless he can film a movie all on his own, he is done. It’s not like he is a doctor or some sort of provider of some good only he can produce or in some limited market. He’s an actor, people have to spend money to see his crap so he can have all that money. No one is gonna see his movies, no one is going to take money from him to get a film going, once news hits that he is a part of the project, industry will lose interest because the public will find out.

      • LMFAO

        Poetic justice would be that his home healthcare nurse is a gay Jewish black man who is just as angry as Mel is.

  7. Toocool4aname

    Whats wrong with being racist? Sometimes an entire race just sucks. When they make a bad name for themselves, how can you not hate them.

    • Well, every race has had a plethora of bad seeds mar their reputation. So if we’re to be racist in the way you put it, we’d just hate everyone.

    • There’s only one race, you might not be part of it Toocoo4aname

    • Brooke

      What’s wrong with being hateful to an entire ethnicity of people? Well, let’s see, we get race riots, terrorism, segregation, and it makes you look like you married your cousin and live in a barn deep in the South circa 1892. Thanks for trying to set everyone back a hundred years.

  8. Why couldn’t he have just become an eccentric hermit and be content with his millions like Howard Hughes?

  9. Crabby Old Guy

    “An apology is insufficent given his history of racism, sexism and anti-semitism. No amount of words will change his image as an out of date and out of control racist.” – Leon Jenkins, LA NAACP.

    Okay, Leon, then what would you like? Maybe Mel is crazy. Maybe he’s off his meds. Maybe he actually believes this shit. But, apparently Leon needs Mel’s head on a stick. Nice.

    How about a comment to the effect of, “Well, Mr. Gibson appears to have several issues that he may want to address. I hope that he seeks the help he needs.”

    $100 says that Leon bought the Chris Brown tears act the other night.

    • whatever…everyone is quick to point. Leon is correct. However, Leon is far from perfect too.

    • Matrim

      I don’t really care about this as it has absolutely no bearing on me, but just because someone won’t accept an apology doesn’t mean they want their head on a stick…all it means is they won’t forgive him his racism because it appears he really isn’t apologetic. That’s a perfectly reasonable response.

  10. Richard McBeef

    Leon Jenkins is a black guy’s name.

  11. Miles Long

    Money means never having to say you’re sorry….

  12. HuckyDucky

    Well, he is right about one thing. They do run in packs.

  13. nachopoop

    HAHA!! Mel is so awesome… shit like this makes me love him even more… raped by a pack of niggers! hilarious!

  14. Deacon Jones

    .hmmm…however the NCAAP didn’t deny the fact she may have indeed been raped…interesting….

  15. Do they come in six packs? If so how do you open one? Pop a cap?.

  16. Deacon Jones

    I can’t wait for this on South Park

    • Cock Dr

      They’ve already done a crazy MG episode a few years back.
      But with this wealth of new material who knows!

  17. HamOnRyeNomaYo

    You know what… FUCK IT if he wants to talk like that… I’ve heard so many rappers say the same thing about white people but does the media jump all in their shit? NO! It is just a word… and if you can’t handle the fact that it is just that, then fuck you and the niggers who get all uptight.

  18. ANJ

    What an ignorant ass. Everyone knows it’s a “flock” of n-ggers…

  19. Rough&Roses

    He’s an A-hole for the fact that every woman will agree its better to get rape by a gang of white stock brokers than any lowly blacks…Another Danny Glover partnership can’t save you now MelM

  20. He’ll be an outcast now but Polanski can anal slam a drugged up underage girl and the same people say that it is not right to prosecute him for it.

  21. Mel Gibson is an ‘Out of Control Racist
    Commented on this photo:


  22. I have always said Mel Gibson is an out of control racist. That’s what I have said since I the first Mad Max, he is out of control, racist, sexist. A very very bad man this Mel Gibson, worst of the worst. Womanizer, racist sociopath and the worst part of this horrible event is what it teaches the children of the world. We are so eager to reward these bad people with ludacris amounts of money and fame yet they are the worst of our society. Please look in my profile for a link to buy “We hate Mel” tshirts and gifts priced reasonably.

  23. McFeely Smackup

    it’s hard for me to get upset at a man with a beaver on his hand.

    • Deacon Jones

      That, and a man who demands a blowjob before he burns her house down. At least he’s got his priorties straight?

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      Specifically, his hand appears to be up the beaver’s ass. Which would be an oxymoron. Which would be what Mel is.
      Hmm. “Hand’s Up a Beaver’s Ass” Sounds like one of those board games from Milton-Bradley.

  24. InternetToughGuy

    So does this mean no Lethal Weapon 5? That sucks.

  25. Jigaboo

    Good thing he didnt say he’d get raped by a pack of white honkys!! That would be RACE WAR!

  26. havoc

    I didn’t know they ran in packs……


  27. jt

    but he’s an A1 catholic. how can he be a racist and an anti-semite?

  28. beaverwithabighole

    umh….Mel appears to be fisting that sexy beaver. I did not know Mel was into that.

  29. Lady Blah Blah

    “Most people who hate one group hate another. Not only has Mel Gibson shown himself to be an anti-Semite, he’s a racist.” – Abe Foxman, Anti-Defamation League.

    I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Foxman. I do wonder, however, if Mr. Foxman would say the same about Jewish Israelis and Jewish Americans who make overtly hateful and/or demonizing statements about Palestinians and/or Arabs in general.

  30. He sounds like any other man who is being cheated on or shunned or disrespected by their lover/partner – it seems normal

  31. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Yesterday and today I received a rather weird emails to my FB account. I thought it was some jealous Asian chick or an Arab/Turkish man. But come to think of it. It sounds like Mel Gibson.

    Between You and Sam Said
    30 June at 18:02
    what up bitch , fuck you and fuck all russian ladies they all cheap meat. and make sure you look for a black man to fuck your pussy and your ass,,, fuck you whore
    Anna 01 July at 00:05
    Thank you~!

    01 July at 15:19
    what you try to be the best now. no matter what is your response you still ugly fat bitch, not you only all russian. if I’m front of you I will slam your face and you will never frgot it for the rest of your life… bitch like it??? black man will do the job…


  32. Karmen

    Oh god I love him.

    There’s NOTHING better than watching a celebrity go batshit insane. You can say he’s a legend blah blah blah, but at the end of the day he’s just a nutter jogging with a puppet beaver on his hand.

  33. Mr. Obvious

    If he doesn’t want to do Oksana, I’ll volunteer for that mission.

  34. barroom hero

    Quite possibly programming breakdown.

    I’ve never liked the twat…

  35. Good news Mel, we just found out that if you cry on BET all is forgiven.

  36. Todd Applebeet

    What the %&^ is the N Word?? Its nigger, not The N Word. Geez, quit being so damn politically correct.

    • Yeah you can get away with that because you have no assets, the people running or paying for the advertisements on this website are not interested in receiving an open and shut lawsuit concerning inflammatory language against an already legally protected group.

  37. Jen

    First he pissed of the jews, and now this. I love him even more now.

  38. Leon?

    Leeeoooooonnn JEEEnnnKiiinnnsss

  39. tizzy

    Mel Gibson is a total asshole to work with in films , according to many star gossip. He is ill-tempered, and he needs to get a vasectomy, since he always has to cum inside, (7 kids) now 8 with his mistress/girlfriend. Fuck You Mel, go back to Australia you short, thin-haired, can’t keep his mushy cock from sperming! Azz Hat!

  40. Aunt Jemima

    Maybe years of working with Danny Glover gave him a bad impression. “Do you like Popeye? You like Popeye? I’ll get Popeye, yea Popeye”

  41. Tapout

    Go get but fucked in the ass by them aborigines in Australia, short shit.

  42. mhflahtery

    go back to australia, and pregnate that beaver.

  43. WhatAJoke

    The really funny thing is most of the cowards on here will and have said far worst than Gibson has.

  44. Trollface dot jaypeg

    Black celebrity Ice Cube raps about violence against Koreans and Asian-Americans = He’ll be in countless action/comedy movies and even go on to be in XXX2.

    Amiri Baraka makes comments about how whites are a cancer and should die = He’s so counter culture and influential.

    Marilyn Manson holds a fucking concert near Columbine to boost his shock value (that eventually is non-existent today) = He’s just a poor guy fighting against those “evil” Christians.

    black comedian Steve Harvey makes fun of Mulattos = He has his own shows and White people think he’s so funny and a great comedian.

    Mexican Activists promote the Aztlan movement where they seek to rid themselves of the gringos and retake California, Texas, and Arizona = Bush warmly welcomes them across the border.

    and finally….

    Mel Gibson makes a movie about Jesus and says some lying whore is going to get gang raped by blacks = He’s an Antisemitic! and he hates Black people. We must spread the media waves on how Mel is worse than Hitler and should be burned at the stake!

  45. Phil

    Love you Mel!

  46. Get Out

    Geez, I think its pretty obvious by now everybody uses the “N” get over it. Funny but I remember that skank Sandra Bernhard said something similar about Palin and no one gave a shit.

  47. captain america

    this is most the cause of turning OLD, GRUMPY & GREY, folks!!

  48. BubbleB40

    You know it’s a shame that God has bless this man so much with a great career eight beautiful children and good health. …I mean the list goes on and on, But now you might has well stay a very low key of yourself from the public’s eye,yes us as Christian’s will have to forgive you again,but people don’t forget,I just hope and pray that you will be able to got to God and really mean in your heart and ask for forgiveness,because it doesn’s matter how we comment behind your remarks’ it God’s word that counts

    I will pray for you Mel that you will get help…..

  49. Aussie Mama

    I love Mel for crapping all over political correctness. I am sure the jew run media will ride this for what it’s worth.
    At the end of the day, i’d hate to be taped crackin the shits in the heat of the moment, which by the way is illegal.
    This will not affect him, he’s a billionaire, he’s awesome and we all knew he’d get screwed by the money grubbing whore!

  50. Darrin

    Mel Gibson’s a racist. What does that change? Here’s the thing: who cares if the Man uses the word nigger in casual, private conversation? Again, what does that change?

    Is he not permitted a point of view that *you* don’t approve of? Does it impact upon his acting abilities? He’s an actor, remember; he isn’t setting legal precedent nor is he calling for a return of segregation. It’s a word. Big deal.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less about what the Man says in private; the Man is an actor – not a role model. Don’t like it? – Don’t go to his movies. BFD.

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