Megan Fox wants to have sex 24/7… heh

Megan Fox apparently has an insatiable hunger for doin’ it. She recently told FHM that she’s obsessed with sex and doesn’t really see a point in doing anything else. Here’s the exact quote via

“I have the libido of a teenage boy. I’d rather have sex all the time than leave the house.”

Excuse me, my penis seems to have rocketed off my body and blasted into orbit. *picks up phone* Hello? NASA? Uh huh, the wiener again. I’ll take my usual shuttle. Listen, while we’re up there can you can get me some numbers on possibly, I dunno, firing a bazooka at Brian Austin Green’s face. I’m actually not particular as to where it lands but I’d prefer his last words be “Megan, do the guy who writes The Superficial.” I’d crunch the numbers myself but my algebra’s a bit rusty. You’ll do it? Fantastic. You guys truly are “the right stuff.” Oh, man, get it? Like the movie? Hello? Shit…

Special thanks to Andrew for alerting me to the greatest news in the history of, uh, news-alism.

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