Megan Fox: ‘It was all MY idea.’

May 20th, 2010 // 37 Comments

Of course it was:

“Megan Fox will not be starring in Transformers 3,” reps for the actress, 24, tell PEOPLE. “It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”

You know what? I’m actually willing to believe Megan Fox is high enough on her own bullshit to pull the last plug keeping her career afloat. That being said, someone has already thrown her hat in the ring as a replacement, and I really think we should hear this one out:

“Michael Bay I love your work! I know what a artistic brilliant genius you are! Cast me in the next Transformers.” – Heidi Montag

If there’s a bigger slap in the face than replacing Megan Fox with I Think I Can Act Barbie, I don’t want to hear it. Mostly because it’s stuck in France and I don’t want to get my hopes up. I’m delicate that way.

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  1. Posh

    1st! Lies/10

  2. jus sayin

    With the phony previous header, I thought she died…

  3. gabe

    She’s so damn hot.
    Too bad she’s so damn stupid.

  4. PostmortemG

    Oh please, please, please cast Heidi Montag in the next Transformers movie Michael Bay, you cock-sucking faggot, you! =D I just might go see it then!

  5. Its very easy to say “it was my idea” after you’ve been fired… however, if she hadn’t been bitching less than a week ago that she had to do all of the tanning for the part. If she gave enough of a damn about whether or not she got skin cancer then she would have quit before ever going into the sun.

  6. And to think, I recently cast both Megan and Heidi in volume 1 of Movie Queens in Anal Scenes. Either I’m psychic or Transformers is just another word for anal sex with women who think they can act.

  7. Nate

    ALL THE SHIT SHE’S SAID ABOUT THE DIRECTOR IS CLEAR THAT SHE’S BEEN WANTING OUT FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW. SO WHY NOT BELIEVE HER!?! She has like 5 other big budget films in the works, plus she’s already made a ton of money so she’s all good. ASS!

  8. Sport

    Nate, wow dude. Are you that fag from 90210 that is dating her?
    She has NO TALENT, and unless she starts taking hr clothes off for a paycheck her ‘career’ in film is done.

  9. bobbytomorow

    ever see megan fox’s thumbs? YES it is a big deal to me, thats a harsh turn off, she has a genetic disorder that gives her “clubbed thumbs” look that shit up man

  10. Parker

    If I hired her for Movie Queens in Anal Scenes I wouldn’t want her to take all her clothes off, I’d just want her to pull her panties down on her ass. I’d make her keep her hands out of sight, like in her pockets or in the sink pretending to wash them so people watching the movie don’t get skeeved by her toe-shaped thumbs.

  11. Tek

    Yeah right. Enjoy making more flops until people just stop calling. You know you suck when you were supposed to be the focal point of Jennifer’s Body yet Amanda Seyfried is the one getting all the roles and props.

    As for Heidi, I know that would be a dream come true for you, Fish. But I don’t think that even Michael My Movies Don’t Make Sense But I’ll Blow Shit Up Bay wont fall for that.

  12. applecrate

    You’re common, boring and can’t act. Career advice: Go to the nearest strip club and beg for the 8 to 2 am shift. That’s the prime shift and where you would shine.

  13. fap

    lmao —> “toe thumbs”. Things I read here. Dirty/embarrassing secrets + risking irrational hatred/malicious gossip = price of fame. Gogo the rabble.

  14. Robot

    @7 She’s not a good actress and only got the part for looking hot and cleaning his car, BUT for the love of god don’t put Heidi in that movie, I mean she can’t even run anymore and there is a lot of running.

  15. See Alice

    Oh her career is ruined ………………. No Way

  16. Cash

    “Well fuck, least I can go get that life sized Elvis tattoo now, and they can’t say shit about it!”

  17. me

    her neck looks pretty bad for her age, esp in pic 3

  18. wow

    Wow, this girl should stop talking. She is learning a hard lesson in Hollywood. Starlets are a dime a dozen. She will be fighting for softporn parts with Lindsey Lohan.

  19. Either I’m psychic or Transformers is just another word for anal sex with women who think they can act.

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  21. Yes, she is very beautiful ! I hope see more here !

  22. Yes, you are right ! she is beautiful !


  24. my mistake, it was taken a year ago…

  25. Anonymous

    Her idea to fire herself. LOL

    Yeah right. She would have gotten paid more for doing Transformers 3 than she will for her next 10 future roles. Stupid b*tch is a stupid b*tch.

    Learn to STFU or GTFO cause in Hollywood–nice looking unemployed actresses are a dime a dozen.

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  27. captain america


  28. Darth

    Did she really voluntary leave Transformers??

  29. Rhialto

    *Strokes impressive chin* Well if she says that it’s all her plan.Why wouldn’t we believe her?!

  30. your momma

    its hilarious that a lot of you guys who talk about anal also call each other gay. lol i wonder why. parker, the only anal film you’ll be making is the one where mickey rourke bends you over the table!

  31. ariasage

    I, for one, am glad she was fired. She was horrible in that role. All she did was run around in skimpy clothing.

  32. He is not a good actress and only hot and your car, for the love of God, but do not put cleaning Heidi looking for the film ran, I mean she no longer went there a lot of running could do.

  33. She looks like a “COME FUCK ME” 12 year old.
    i think

  34. Come on now...

    The woman is hot and, btw, at least in the Transformers role, she’s not a bad actress. So quit carping. She’ll do fine. Mr Bay is not the only one who makes stupid action movies, and she’ll fit great in any of them. And then who knows, maybe she can do more than that.

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  36. Monique

    You all say shes such a bad actor but shes hardly had any movie roles to show any true acting skills . If you do your research shes only dated 2 guys in her life and after dating for 6 years shes now married to the second one, I hardly think that makes her a slut in fact thats a whole lot better then 80% of celebs who date someone new every few months . Plus she is very smart and sweet and obviously quite mature to be dating someone 12 years older then her.

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