Megan Fox: ‘Michael Bay is Hitler’

September 2nd, 2009 // 100 Comments

Megan Fox is the center of Wonderland’s 4th Anniversary Issue where she opens up her questionable mental state and the similarities between Michael Bay and the Fuhrer:

On what the fuck’s wrong with her:
“I definitely have some kind of mental problem and I haven’t pinpointed what it is.”

On her new movie Jennifer’s Body:
“I think it’s really about how fucked up and scary girls are. Girls are fucking nightmares.”

On being a product:
“Part of my product is being outrageous and outspoken so even when I’m not being that way I’m going to be sold that way.”

On Michael Bay:
“[Michael Bay] wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he’s a nightmare to work for.”

And I think I’ve finally reached my threshold of Megan Fox shenanigans. Unless her new shtick is fornicating with a blogger who refers to his penis as the “Bat-pole,” I don’t want to hear another word that isn’t “Yes, Batman, it’s my fault the Riddler stole your sandwich.”

Photos: Wonderland

  1. arealcad

    She needs one in the pink and one in the stink

  2. Que

    Que stuff into oven?

  3. Sithlord

    She’s stupid…. she doesn’t even look that hot anymore

  4. farles chew

    Until we find out which CGI group is doing her animation, we’re never going to get to the bottom of what this AI is thinking.

  5. n

    So this chick wants to be as far as she can from Angelina Jolie comparisons but yet she is so young and keeps opening her stupid mouth like Miss Jolie before she started adopting babies like a mad woman.

    Fox only puts forth an “outrageous” persona because the media will buy what she’s peddling as long as she keeps saying stupid shit and cluing people into how very edgy she is…acting and self promotion at its worst.

    Besides, daily trips to get coffee, screwing BAG and Transformers isn’t all that outrageous.

  6. I’m bored. Can’t starlets come up with anything new besides faking lesbianism and calling people Hitler?

  7. susy

    way to shit on the man that made you famous!

  8. Roger

    What a worthless whore. Its sad to see talentless (but albeit attractive) whores thinking they have something to offer the world more than their tits and ass for a few years until gravity gets the best of them. Such a shame.

  9. The Gorgeous One

    @ Fish, thank GOD. Stop posting about this vapid broad.

  10. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck!

  11. Max Planck

    Vapid is good.

    It doesn’t push the audience’s attention span.

  12. Peter Pumpkin Eater

    Self absorbed bitch.

  13. Kamakazi Kunt

    The sort of twat that belongs in Vegas with feathers sticking out of her ass.

  14. Janette

    I’m pretty sure that if we just ignore her she’ll go away.

  15. She talks too much and is probably a dead lay cause she spending that time trying to think of other hideous tattoos she can put in inappropriate places.

  16. lizzy

    ugh, she looks gorgeous and she has the potential to be very cool, laid back, etc, but she keeps spewing this ‘outspoken’ garbage, it is certainly coming to a breaking point. she has to work on her fucking PR skills. she’s making herself sound really stupid.

  17. CN

    Roger, it doesn’t sound like you have problems with women at all. At all.

    If you don’t like what she’s saying, look at the pretty pictures and ignore it. It’s not like you’re ever going to talk to her anyway!

  18. Valerie

    Typical. Talking shit about one’s sex to make oneself look better, only making one look like a douche. Yeah, she’s a douche–it’s not limited to men I don’t think.

  19. Pilatunes

    She was obviously worried about falling behind in the ‘Biggest Idiot in Hollywood’ contest.

    No, Megan, schizophrenia is not a synonym for ‘fucking stupid’.

  20. Valerie

    Great photo shoot though! She could change her expression, for variety, though.

  21. ARIANA

    she’s just a stupid bitch, she doesn’t deserve more covers or movies

  22. ARIANA

    she’s just a stupid bitch, she doesn’t deserve more covers or movies

  23. Mama Pinkus

    Megan honey, stop talking – you sound like a fucking idiot

  24. Casual grammar Nazi (though not really)

    @8 Redundant – But and albeit more or less mean the same thing. You only need one.

  25. norton

    What a class act.

    And to think she catapulted to stardom on the merits of such a triumphant and groundbreaking film like “Transformers”.


  26. teera

    these pics are terrible

  27. Megan Wolf

    I hope Jennifer’s Body just completely kills her career. Enough of her, already. She annoys me more than those douschebags from the Hills.

  28. John

    I’m glad they fixed her thumbs for this shoot.

  29. Dr Truth

    Tick tock, Megan. I can hear your 15 minutes slipping away.

  30. Angie

    She “screen tested” for the Transformers by washing Michael Bay’s car. Casting couch/ Car wash attendent? You be the judge. She is the best actress of our time.

  31. Ego

    I’d hit it everyday and twice on Sundays. Everyone who says they wouldn’t must be either too retarded to live or prefer “relations” with farm animals instead of hot babes.

  32. Coral

    I’ve been reading the comments on this site with growing alarm. I read everyday, because I like celeb gossip. Even as a straight female, there is something enjoyable about admiring and scrutinizing women’s bodies. But I’ve been reading the comments on this site with growing alarm.

    The vitriol and venom directed at people we don’t actually know has reached a level of chauvinism that I thought our society had long passed. Wanting women to just shut up and die, or be bent over a chair, if they say the wrong thing or have a little extra fat on their thighs is funny at first, but scary when you realize how pervasive and deep-rooted these feelings are.

    Before you all tell me that I should shut up and die, or be bent over a chair, or before you all jump to conclusions about how I must be hideous, or fat, or old, or a 12 year old boy, just think about what this site says about your values, and what it actually does to reinforce the worst parts of yourselves. It’ll be hard for me to stop coming here, because it is entertaining. But I’ve had enough.

  33. Randal

    Michael Bay better watch how he comments here because Megan Fox made Michael Bay the start he is today with Transformers. Megan’s rise has continued since she helped bring Bay’s career back on track and she has a lot more power than folks give her credit for.

    A great interview by the way, Megan. Always a pleasure to read intelligent comments from celebrities in the heart of the industry.


  34. Jethro

    Ah yes, more intelligent drivel from the the beautiful people of Hollywood. Just watch their shows and don’t listen to ‘em off the set.

  35. chris

    THANK YOU Coral for voicing your very intelligent thoughts. I feel the same way and am quite often disturbed by the horrible things WOMEN say about other women. It’s so sad that we as a species feel so insecure about how we look that we have to attack. It makes one look very UGLY.

    Men are just horny pigs and they tend to find a lot of women attractive. I’m so glad I only have to attract men and not these hypercritical women.

  36. Oh Puhleez

    Coral Honey,
    This is a silly celeb site. What did you think the content would be? Gee whiz, I love Megan’s earrings? There are misogynist aholes everywhere. Everyone knows that they are dweebs that can’t get laid. Settle down sister, it is supposed to be entertaining.

  37. Coral

    PS I am a big fat ugly pig lady

  38. Name No

    Eww… Randal said something bitchy!

  39. Name No

    Eww… Randal said something bitchy!

  40. miau

    its “Führer” and not “Fuhrer”…in fact “Fuhrer” means something entirely different :D :D

    ..she looks great here in between…


  41. miau

    its “Führer” and not “Fuhrer”…in fact “Fuhrer” means something entirely different :D :D

    ..she looks great her in between…


  42. Megan

    Shut up, toe thumb!

  43. Okay, so it’s not reeeallllyyy like it’s her brain anyone is interested in is it?

  44. Veronica

    35. And there you are again. Bitching about other women AGAIN. Sorry that you feel so threatened by other women, but since we make up half the population you need to learn to deal with your insecurities and quit spewing all over this website.

  45. norton

    Coral…. lighten the fuck up. People say things on boards that they would never utter personally. It’s meant to be funny and it’s a release. Maybe you need to get laid.

    Randal…. shut the fuck up. Michael Bay, you stupid homo, plucked little miss sunshine out of nowhere and made her the “star” she is today – not the other way around.

  46. marie

    I like her a lot, but can ANY magazine come up with a good photoshoot result?! I haven’t seen ONE magazine picture that I’ve liked and let’s face it, she’s fucking hot.

    Oh, and Megan, keep dissin’ Bay. I fuckin’ hate his gots

  47. Coral

    I realize everything is supposed to be all light and entertaining, but don’t you think that sometimes what people say on these boards is more reflective of how they feel than what they would utter in person?
    I don’t need to get laid, but thanks for the offer. I would tell you what I look like, but I don’t think it should affect the substance of my comments. So keep on thinking I’m an ugly pig lady.

  48. Coral's outrage

    Chris@ 35. Show me one example that a WOMAN talked about bending MF over a chair. As usual you are delusional.

  49. norton

    Coral….. wherein my post did I say anything remotely similar to you being an “ugly pig lady”? Mr. Conclusion, meet Mr. Jump.

    The posts are meant in jest. How often can you say something, that you’d really, really like to say but had to filter yourself.

    Yes. This IS how people feel. But, just like watching “roadrunner” cartoons, it doesn’t translate for me to go out and blow the shit out of something because Wyle E. Coyote did it.

    Modern day, lame-ass pseudo-psychology. This is why we’re a nation of pussified zombies.

  50. Wow, way to compare a director to….hitler??? i mean, itd be funny if she was joking, but i kinda think she was half serious.

    as for the mental disorder, she’s stated that before in interviews, she said she feels insecure and larger compared to other ‘young starlets’
    which i guess is true, i mean, she is really curvy and these pics were photoshopped to lengthen her neck and slim her arms, she does has softer arms, but anywho, girls look better anyway when they have some meat TO MEN, but woman look better to other WOMEN when we are bone skinny. fucked up shit but super small and boney is the look, and i dont think itll go away for a while.
    sorrryyyyy :-)

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