Megan Fox does London

June 16th, 2009 // 127 Comments

Megan Fox continues to invade foreign countries with her hotness, and apparently there’s been some ridiculous talk about her having a clubbed thumb. Let me ask you something: Will this thumb magically sprout wings and bat my penis away from her vagina? No? Then I don’t care if it’s secretly possessed by Hitler’s ghost. Case closed.

Photos: Flynet, Getty, Splash News

  1. nbabomb


  2. Those tits are starting to shift.

  3. third


  4. gotmilk?

    bfd, i have a clubbed thumb. nothing you can do about it!

  5. Valerie

    That dress is gorgeous, and her hair finally looks good.

  6. MissPants

    She looks like sex. i have a huge lesbian crush on her.

  7. I dont care for neither, not to be taking away from fox’s beauty but Angelina is a juggernaut when it comes to this subject…

    Since fish is E-stalking fox, he should feature a tits off of the two….

  8. gferr

    ^^that picture is just wrong, eww. i used to think megan was pretty hot, but lately she just seems so plastic and fake.

  9. Salsa

    Jesus Christ, she get’s hotter and hotter each and every TheSuperficial post!

  10. Gray

    Pics 10 & 16 are pretty strong evidence against the clubbed thumb.

  11. Automated Response

    Pic #8


  12. Hohrlaum

    Wow, are those shoulder pads in her bra?!

  13. megan rox

    I am really enjoy these daily updates of hotness and will be sad when the press junket for Transformers 2 is over.

    And by the way, Angelina is just plain funny looking.

  14. Beth

    Funny. I’m the same age as her, but my forehead MOVES.

  15. lmn

    whats up with her chest?

    second to last pic, its all bony and her boobs look like they are separating from her body…but they look huge in every other photo. looks like she is wearing a bra cause of the wing things on her tits in some photos, but if she is, what happened in that second to last photo???

  16. Natasha

    Its true. She DOES have Beavis and Butthead Nostrils!

  17. ApacheRose

    Second to the last pic— What the fuck is wrong with her tits?! That shit ain’t right.

  18. Dread not

    … and 9 months later, there was an explosion in child births in Germany. Why? The same reason why women get the beer breath love mugging by their men after the strip club. Megan, she’s the ALMOST all natural solution to Viagara. Achtung, baby!

  19. jumpin_j

    And also WTF with the tats on her left arm? Does she expect studio to just digitally wipe it off everytime she makes a movie?

  20. #18 – Don’t you go being a show off Apache… (reverse psychology please work this time!!!)

  21. Toby Weymiller

    When I am whipping my Korean wife I think of Ms. Fox.

  22. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Angela who? Megan is the official hotbassador of the world.

  23. Mike Nait

    Yes, we know, shes wonderful, shes bisexual, yes, we know. I’m not a fan. I think her head is too big for any building to house and i really don’t like hearing for the 656th time that shes bisexual. Who gives a rats ass. This is a new breed of female that all men should avoid. Nothing but a pain in the ass. Let the woman have her. Good Riddance.

  24. phoring

    she seems like the perfect specimen for plastic surgery once something goes old.

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

  25. dirk

    Uh, who’s she tryin to kid with that padded bra? She should have the operation where they transplant the skull 180 degrees.

  26. Parker

    I would give up my obsession with anal sex for this woman. I’d still want to bury my dick in her ass though, I mean, who wouldn’t? Instead I’d plant her on my pole like a sexy hood ornament and we’d drive around Hollywood letting other people admire her while they seethed with envy over my good fortune.

  27. alex

    Can anyone remember a day when she wasn’t on the superficial. Don’t get me wrong I’m gonna beat off to these pictures like I have to all the others, but a fella needs some variety now and then. I’m sure there are more pretty ladies than just her.

  28. e-rock

    Whatever surgeon that did her boobs needs to have his/her lisence taken away. What a gorgeous girl (minus the tattoo’s), with a seriously bad boob job. Not all boob jobs have to be this bad… and what a shame on such a beautiful body. Examples of great boob jobs: Bar Rafeali, Salma Hayek, Adriana Lima, Alexandra Ambrosio, Gisele Bundchen.
    Examples of bad boob jobs, poor Megan, Demi Moore, and of course we can’t forget (WTF) Tori Spelling (YIKES). Moral of this little rant, some surgeons need to get a clue. Putting two half oranges in these beautiful girls chests don’t constitute the price they pay for them, and not just in money, in reputation. Done right, it can really make a difference.
    Sorry Megan, you need to see a different doctor, cuz those boobs are TERRIBLE. And while you are there, look into getting that arm tattoo removed (coming from one female with tattoo’s and a great boob job myself). Just a little advice. Carry on.

  29. Parker

    Is she the luckiest woman in the world or what? She can touch her ass any time she feels like it and nobody can stop her. I wish I could touch her ass any time I felt like it.

  30. lizzy

    her chest looks terrible in that last picture, my goodness.

    but god, does this woman ever take a bad picture? there are no bad angles for her either. she’s so perfect.

  31. Val

    @29 – Salma Hayek has real boobs. She was at the SXSW film festival in my hometown a few years back and I totally crashed into her at a bar. Those boobs were soft and real when they smashed into my back. She’s also incredibly nice.

  32. WAT

    theres no way id let her toe thumb anywhere near my butt

  33. Val

    Also, Shia LeBeouf is freaking sex on toast. I heart that kid.

  34. birdman

    she is so awesome, I just know it. I bet she’s really cool to talk to

  35. #35 – I dunno… I don’t like my bitches to talk with their mouths full…

  36. Mike

    Whoever started that rumor about her thumb sounds fat.

  37. czar

    Megan!!!!! Please let my face be your Toilet Paper!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  38. She’s looking incredibly busty in that first pic…the chick is flavorful, no doubt. And to boot, she can “almost” act her way out of a paper bag. Tsk, tsk.
    The Rake

  39. Ananana

    TheSuperficial Writer, unless she stepped on dog poo or told Letterman she hates jews/blacks/gays, I don’t care.

  40. atleast her hair is getting better.

  41. Angelina Jolie wins

    Jolie is a much more natural beauty. This mindless cunt is talentless and has gross fake tits. ALL women with fake tits are freaks.
    Speaking of freaks, this slut is after all from hillbilly land which would mean her club thumb is a sign of her inbred ancestry.

  42. Justin

    Sooooooo Beautiful!
    The curls in her hair remind me of the ladies from the 70s and 80s.

  43. observation

    She looks like Wonder Woman in these photos. She has the same steel blue eyes.

  44. isitin

    If she would get rid of those skanky tattoos she would be much more beautiful. These idiots with tattoos don’t realize that most people on this planet think tattoos are disgusting.

  45. Robbie

    She is a piece of shit. Not hot. Very annoying.

  46. Robocop

    She looks like that girl who got clubbed in they olympics years ago….Nancy something.

    This chick is white trash.

  47. Lazarus

    She looks like that girl who got clubbed in they olympics years ago….Nancy something.

    This chick is white trash.

  48. Fuck no

    Nice gunt.

    who is this girl again?

  49. Snow J. Frost

    So what’s this movie about again?

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