Okay, Who Got Megan Fox Pregnant?

When we last left Megan Fox way back in September, her ass looked fantastic because she was doing yoga 27 times a day, and then tormenting Brian Austin Green with it as revenge for all that child support he got. But then she showed up at CinemaCon yesterday looking super fucking pregnant, so I’m guessing that plan backfired. Unless she January Jones’d Arrow, which is probably something we shouldn’t rule out. And because I know Stephen Amell is reading this, that’s what you get for guilting me into seeing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, you sonofabitch. YOU’VE FAILED THIS TITTY BLOG.

Why did I post the trailer? Because if Megan Fox isn’t going to have an abortion, I thought we should at least see one. That’s called journalism.

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