Megan Fox And Lindsay Lohan Are Competing For That Elizabeth Taylor Role Now

Last week, we learned that Lindsay Lohan is up for the role of Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie and as of this morning, her mom was trying to convince people it’s because Lindsay is so mature now. Turns out the producers are basically looking for free press because not only are they confirming she’s up for the role, but so is Megan Fox who’s suddenly in the made-for-TV industry now. E! News reports:

“I’ve been talking to Lindsay Lohan directly, and with her reps, and have been in conversations with other actresses, including Megan Fox,” Larry Thompson, the executive producer of Lifetime’s Liz and Dick, told E! News exclusively.
Thompson declined to elaborate further on specifics of the negotiations, but added that being in talks with more than one actress is not meant as an affront to the talent involved, but rather is simply de rigueur for projects of this nature.
“It’s a very serious selection,” Thompson continued. “It’s like casting for Hollywood royalty.”

Granted, Megan Fox almost talked herself out of a career by shitting into Michael Bay’s good Lamborghini driving hand, she’s managed to claw her way back by landing roles in respectable comedies like Judd Apatow’s This Is Forty and Jon Hamm’s girlfriend’s Friends With Kids, so there’s no way she’s doing Lifetime movies. So what’s essentially happening here is the producers are naming media lightning rods before eventually settling on Jennifer Love Hewitt. Seriously, this dude might as well have said, “Well, we think Casey Anthony would be perfect for the part, but you know, it could go to Meryl Streep. Hollywood’s so mysterious!”

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