Megan Fox in the New Eminem Video

August 6th, 2010 // 108 Comments

Eminem and Rihanna debuted their new video for “Love the Way You Lie” (after the jump) which apparently stars Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan as Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva unless I’m interpreting this thing all wrong. As noted before, I’m not at all an Eminem fan, but the song’s actually pretty decent considering Rihanna does all the heavy lifting and he’s the most superfluous part of it. Although, it’s a little weird seeing her seductively sing a chorus about domestic violence that includes the words “That’s alright, I like the way it hurts.” Chris Brown‘s already off the hook just for moonwalking, I don’t need to see him strutting around going “See? I told y’all,” or I might be forced to commit a hate crime I’m too white to dance my way out of.

OFFICER #1: What’s that guy doing next to the body?
OFFICER #2: It looks like.. the “Tequila” dance from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure? Oh, God!
OFFICER #1: *opens fire*


  1. Edwin

    the writer of the Superficial is “not at all an Eminem fan”?
    What, are the words TOO big?
    I guess you fit the Superficial definition,
    only the outside, the surface.
    Thanks for shedding some light on us, followers.

  2. name

    eminem is the opposite of sexy

  3. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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  4. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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    I don’t get it, she looks like the ‘normal’ people I associate with. I would get a tan and get the tattoo removed if I were you. Mrs Fox green? She kept her name?

  5. tusstown

    How did this mutant gremlin Monaghan hit the jackpizzle with Foxy and prior to that Evangeline Lilly. Hate him.

  6. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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  7. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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    wait, is that the hobbit dude? Or no?

  8. Pete

    Eminem is a fucking doucher…, and now i think alot less of Fox.. and yes, Rihanna is just a FUCKING STREET WHORE.

  9. em

    no idea what this video is even supposed to be about.

  10. Gaunt

    Funniest post you’ve made in quite some time. I feared you were losing your touch. A hate crime you’re too white to dance your way out of? Bahaha. Good one!

    Oh, and… I guess… Rihanna’s the shits and Megan Fox, though hotter than sin, fucked her lips up right before this shoot.

  11. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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    Ooohh, MANdo associates with models apparently (but not really)

  12. she should get the tattoo removed, I’m just saying…

  13. Nameless

    DAMN! Megan Fox has gone from A-List Summer Blockbusters to being some rapper’s average video ho. LOL!

    Can’t wait until she’s plays a murdered victim on CSI or Law and Order.

  14. Literacy is dead

    “guess that’s why they call it window pane”…. really?????

    • idontusuallypost

      hahahahhahahahahhahahahhaha thank you.

    • vegas lurker

      really??? if its such an “easy rhyme”, why has it never been said before? its almost funny that his simplest rhyme on the whole track is torn apart, yet you fail to point out where it has ever been used before.

      • Bree

        Dude, it’s not that it’s an “easy rhyme”, it’s just a fucking terrible line. Just because it has never been used before doesn’t mean that it’s good. Especially in this case.

    • literacy is alive

      guess that’s why they call it window “PAIN” it’s a play on words, albeit a silly one.
      also, Rihanna doing “all the heavy lifting”? it’s the same fucking chorus three times, yes she has a great voice but seriously? give Eminem a bit of credit.

  15. andris

    i’d like to see any of you people hating on shady write even one verse with a rhyme and beat scheme, and be something that someone would actually wanna listen to and have it make half as much sense as one of eminem’s worst songs. Shakespeare he’s not but if it’s so easy why don’t you idiots do it better?

    • EmFan

      I agree.. why all this Eminem hatred? He’s the greatest rapper of all time; even if you don’t like rap you’ve got to respect the fact that he writes amazing rhymes utilizing metaphors, play on words, double entendres, etc.. this isn’t nearly one of his best songs, actually listen to his stuff before passing judgment.

      • Xarias

        “Greatest rapper of all time” is equivalent to maybe “Most literate illiterate” .
        These guys get WAY to big a pass.
        Not musicians.

    • lolly

      We don’t have to be literary geniuses to know what is talent and what isn’t. Those who think Eminem is “the best rapper evar” are either very young, haven’t seen real talent, or both

      • PieEater

        You don’t have to be a literary genius to know that black rappers make up words and lingo so that they can figure out simply rhymes, and they waste their time telling us how rich they are/how many women they fuck as if anybody outside of their project culture is impressed in the least. Shady actually makes sense when he raps; he’s one of the few artists that write lyrics that are worth listening to. I have no desire to hear about “dubs,” “clubs,” “bubs,” goddamn sneakers, houses, or cars. When you spill drink on your clothes, it does matter if you by you some mo’s, because mo’s isn’t a fucking word, rejects! Black rappers suck. No vocabulary.

      • cio

        yeah‚ let’s all totally disregard and de-value an incredibly difficult and PROVEN art form because hip-hop isn’t to your taste. I expect to see you topping the charts next week. You clearly have your ego’s in check. Let us not forget to brush aside the achievments of an entire generation and more because they simply do differently. You all clearly enjoy thinking rationally. Well done to you.

    • tom

      I agree to the most part with pieeater. this song might not be the bst example, but unlike the most other rappers em is able to produce self-reflecting lyrics about his own struggles.
      I wouldn’t agree on the “black rappers suck” statement. talib kweli and mos def are also really great.

  16. Gregg Lost

    Merry making out with Megan Fox! Oh the times, they are changing!

    • LOL! Good one! Maybe he’ll steal her away from David Silver and they’ll live happily ever after in the Shire with Pippin, Sam & Frodo!

    • Soowrong

      We hates him! Hates him! Kill them now, my precious!

      • PieEater

        I’d love to see a Paris Hilton porn remake titled: “Paris does Middle Earth: Revenge of the Elves, Hobbits, and Orcs.” After a nice tri-species gangbang, the Orcs feast on her cum soaked flesh.

  17. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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    LOL this Guys is the worst kisser ever…It looks that he’s trying to eat he face..#fail

  18. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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  19. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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    Because everyone has a midget porn fetish.

  20. testington

    Rhiana does the heavy lifting? Are you deaf or retarded? While I’m not a fan either Eminem is legit a good rapper. Even with all the pro-tools and auto-tune Rhiana still sounds nasal and off pitch most of the time, bitch can’t sing worth a damn, she’s just hot and has her lable buy good beats for her, but she doesn’t dance and can’t sing, she just struts around the stage in sluttly wanna be Gaga outfits and poses

    • Jorge

      Yea… except Rihanna was before Gaga so if anything Gaga is a Rihanna wannabe…

      Good try, though.

      • Isabel

        ….Except Rihanna only started dressing like that once Lady Gaga came around. Remember “Pon de Replay??”

      • testington

        Until about a year ago Rhiana just wore the same shit every other R&B chick wore, she used to dress just like Beyonce or Keri Hillson or Kat DeLuna or whoever…

        And regardless of style and who copies who’s look nothing changes the fact that she can’t sing or dance, but Beyonce and Gaga can do both

      • Poopsicle

        I agree with Testington. A lot of female artists dressed in whatever until Gaga came around. Rhianna doesn’t even write any of her own music and she can’t sing for shit.

  21. captain america

    she will give him a BLOWJOB, folks?

  22. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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    Yep, that’s the hobbit. Kills him now, my precious!

  23. chill

    What the hell is wrong with Rhianna? Why would she make a video that alludes to an extremely disfunctional mutually abusive relationship? My respect is gone.

  24. Roman

    Good I want to titty fuck Rihanna

  25. cocoou

    You hate Eminem, you hate Rihanna, you hate Megan Fox, you hate Monaghan!!! What’s wrong with you? I’m not a fan of these 4 either, but you people are crazy!

  26. Zaq

    Nobody flip out, Em does a great job in this song; but at 1:29 dude is channeling some serious Arnie Grape out in the middle of that field.

  27. I hate most rap music.
    Megan Fox’s extraordinary beauty is being transformed(!) into something more & more plastic, & it is funny as hell to see her kissin’ & scrappin’ with a hobbit.
    The song itself ain’t that great….but combining Rhianna & the theme of domestic abuse into the video makes it more interesting than it really is.
    Nice production. Me like fire.

  28. Jshurt

    Anyone else hear the hilarious line “Gotta watch her leave out the window / Guess that’s why they call it window pane.” Who can take that pun seriously? I LOLd.

  29. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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    That is a really gay way of spooning Megan Fox, hahaha he’s only touching her hand.
    Yo le arrimaría todo el mueble.

  30. drowningtoasters

    that is the story of white trash at it’s sexiest.

  31. Roman

    This song needs more Drake.

  32. Ranger

    Aaaaargh! I just read Megan Fox and clicked the video. I didn’t expect to see that monstrosity that is Rihana. It was like eating a birthday cake only to find out the filling was dog turds and rotten anchovises. You should have a BIG warning label that your eyes might wanna jump out of their sockets upon seeing that ugly skank. Bet even her mother screamed when she popped out “EEEK! WTF is that?”

  33. feel old saying this but i cant stand rap for the most part cos it has no melody. eminem may write ok i kno people do like him but the words are too fuckin busy for me and he can only carry two “notes”. whoever that was earlier, led zep stole every melody they ever played but id still take them over this. not that there’s anything new under the sun

  34. yes

    Plastic fucking airhead Megan in a dumbass video. Fucking useless.

  35. jones

    Can someone please tell me when wife-beaters will go out of style?

  36. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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    im so sick of this twit, girls like ellen page are way cuter and hotter.

  37. Amy

    I guess whenever we stop deserving it.

  38. Oh

    I think it’s awesome.

  39. Oh

    Do you know why I like Eminem?

    1. He’s hilarious.
    2. He looks AMAZING with dark hair. The man is hot.
    3. In his songs, he actually raps. Rarely says the same thing twice unlike many rap “artists” who make songs out repetition. EX: ” I GOT MY OWN STEPS, I GOT MY OWN STYLE,I GOT MY OWN STEPS, I GOT MY OWN STYLE,I GOT MY OWN STEPS, I GOT MY OWN STYLE,I GOT MY OWN STEPS, I GOT MY OWN STYLE, I SHOULD GET THIS PARTY STARTED, WATCH A NIGGA DO IT,I SHOULD GET THIS PARTY STARTED, WATCH A NIGGA DO IT,I SHOULD GET THIS PARTY STARTED, WATCH A NIGGA DO I SHOULD GET THIS PARTY STARTED, WATCH A NIGGA DO IT,” and repeat. He does a lot more than just repeat. I mean there is song out there “Ice Cream Paint Job.” Really? Because we totally want to know about your paint job & vehicle.

    Eminem is way more original than most of the rap artist out there. You say you aren’t racist, but if he was indeed black, you’d probably like him better. You’d respect him more. Why? Because you think he is a white boy trying to be black. Until he comes out with a song that says “I’M BLACK” or “I WANT TO BE BLACK.” He is who he is.

  40. Modwild

    Oh yay! A song about domestic violence? What FUN!

    No wonder everyone is so fucked up. You can’t even enjoy music any more. Its supposed to be enjoyable, not make you want to commit crimes.

  41. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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  42. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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    someones goin a lil hard on the collagen…duck lips to the max

  43. midgetporn

    geeez ..
    what is this the punkin head knuckehead lollipop kids ?????
    them big ol’ bumpy heads taken care of !
    what is this a conspiracy ?
    & MF you bowlegged skank ‘quack quack quack …
    you ugly with that big ol’ head & idiotic face & spindly legs & rihanna you a bumpy head skank & YOU know it ,,&
    eminem ? i can’t even go there he’s a creep & a moron with overblown ego ..
    go listen to some REAL music ya’ll are deaf as all hell……

  44. Hecubus

    When did Eminem become one of those people he used to make fun of??

  45. anon

    Anyone else see the irony of Rhianna singing on a track that’s about living with and perhaps liking domestic abuse? LOL

  46. andipoo magoo

    “I guess that’s why they call it windowpane”

    Really had to think hard to come up with that gem of a line, eh M&M?

  47. tybriss

    Has no one picked up that this is NOT mel and oksana? It’s Eminem and Kim. 30 seconds of internet research on the video will prove it.

  48. Wait

    Were these lyrics just a veiled metaphor for Rhianna coming to grips with her herpes?

  49. eddy

    Somehow you’d think Rhianna would object to being in something that glorifies domestic abuse as romantic

  50. Megan Fox in the new Eminem video
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    Seems she’s had a bit of work done, no?

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