Megan Fox Sensed The Ghost Of Chelsea Handler’s Aborted Fetus Now

Because ghosts are apparently the theme this morning, Megan Fox stopped by Chelsea where she demonstrated that not only can she communicate with the fetus inside of her – It told her to buy a new house. – but also with ones that Chelsea Handler aborted. Bring the (dead) kids! Via

“What I got was that there’s a soul that’s around you, around your dog, that was a child that was conceived at some point — that’s yours, that’s over there with your mother,” said the actress. “And they do sort of watch over you through the dog.”
Fox went on to insist she’s not a psychic despite these senses and that Handler has nothing to be worried about. “I didn’t feel like that ever until you came on here and told me that my baby is running around watching me with my dog,” the comedian joked.

Oddly enough, Chelsea Handler has had an abortion, which means either Megan Fox Googled that beforehand and is a comedy genius, or this happened while she was washing Michael Bay’s Ferrari.

“Dude, Mike, you should probably take a look this.”
“Jesus Christ, what happened?”
“Slipped in a puddle of soap wearing those heels. Smacked her head right off the pavement.”
“Goddammit. Alright, but the car’s okay?”
“Not a scratch, sir.”
“Oh thank God. I guess just let her twitch there for a while, then someone tell her this isn’t a hotel. Now, who wants ‘splosions?”

h/t Foxy Roxy

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