1. Jill

    I’m married to who now?

  2. jim whatsa whosits

    no better way to treat your botox than acting like you just saw a naked male stripper

  3. too young

    It’s true. When botox wears off and it’s time to go again, you can make these faces.

  4. kate

    Why would a 25 year old that is pale as a ghost need botox?

    • Drew

      The same reason 18-21 year old girls need fake tits. Are you new to the world of vanity? Enjoy your stay, and prepare to be disgusted day in, day out.

      • kate

        That doesnt even translate… girls are born with small chests and breakdown of collagen and elastin doesnt start to early 30′s. She doesnt need botox but megan fox couldve used her implants

  5. Nik

    Looks like a blow up doll!

  6. Andyca

    This is why an alien and predator don’t have sex……she’s the result LOL

  7. Liz

    This is her “doing math/giving fellatio to Michael Bay” face.

  8. baron of all media

    I see a place for my johnson and a place for him to puke. What’s the problem?

  9. she just proved she is still very beautiful but…she has massive collagen lips lol. No botox but umm you did pay the cosmetic doctor a visit honey lol

  10. Ariya

    Botox doesn’t change your face features!! She had a nose job, boob job & used lots of fillers like Juvederm for cheeks and lips, but still claims her lips are real!!!
    who cares if she used botox??
    I’ve used botox & after sometime I can pull off these faces!!! Fail!!!!

  11. sharyl

    you can see that she is realy trying hard !
    she probaly let out a load in her panties!

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