Matthew McConaughey cleans up good

February 28th, 2007 // 129 Comments

Jesus Christ, what happened to Matthew McConaughey? I’m used to seeing him looking like the Wolf Man, so when he shows up like this it boggles the mind. How did he go from being part dog to making me feel all confused and tingly inside? Must…find…cure.



  1. biatcho


  2. Nsomniac

    Christ, look at those shorts! I’m pretty sure they’re GOTCHA, but where’s his swatch and friendship bracelet?

  3. mztry

    It must be sad to have this stupid board be the most important thing in your loser lives!

  4. biatcho

    Enjoy the taste of my anus, mztry.

  5. viip

    He looks like a human being, amazing!

  6. DecorativePoncho

    LOL! Nsomniac, bless your heart for reminding me of GOTCHA!! (falls off chair laughing…and in fond remembrance if you wanna know the truth)

  7. Proteon

    What a disgusting man beast. Oh wait – we like him now?

  8. LL

    Mmmmm… thank you. We’re still not even for that Cisco Adler thing, but this is a pretty damn good start.

    Those shorts are all jacked up, though.

  9. mika85


  10. fritobandito

    I like the shorts. I’d like them better on my bedroom floor!

  11. jrzmommy

    He’s a little too masculine. I’d take Justin Timberlake over him any day.

  12. Nimuë LaMer

    I learned long ago not to underestimate a Good Ol’ Boy. Hose ‘em off, give ‘em a beer and they’re your lap dog alllll night long.

    Dumber than a box of rocks, but look at him! Who cares?

  13. gatorgirl

    Yeah, he may be dumb and get his kicks rocking out nude, but dang, I want me some of that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. danielle

    Hott Damn!?? that’s a sexy ass white man.


  15. fergernauster

    Yeah… he looks f*ckable here, yet the stubby stumps for arms would have to be hog-tied.

  16. mrs.t

    Yes, he looks better. But tomorrow we’ll have a pic of him squatting behind a bush with a toothbrush in his mouth. He is and will always be a Manimal.

    And mzrty: way to register with typekaey and sign in just to post on a stupid board which means nothing to you. finish up with biatcho’s anus and move it along.

  17. caljenna

    WOW…just…wow. He could be sporting a banana hammock or a thong for all I care about what he’s wearing! Yum…

  18. mrs.t

    waita minute…mztry’s posts read an awful lot like lambananas ravings of years gone by.

    why are you back here bananahammock?

  19. fergernauster

    … and I ALWAYS prickle with lust when spying the most northern portion of man-bush peeking not-so-coyly from atop the waistband of clown shorts.

  20. The Jenny

    hummuna hummuna – I’m gonna get on his Banana Boat.

  21. beavis

    @#1 Trees are made of wood

  22. fergernauster

    You gals DO know that he’s gay, right?

    And a raging alcoholic.

  23. didey23

    I’d take him with or without the beard…he is yummy!

  24. fritobandito

    #22 Jealous much?

  25. LilRach

    Mmmmmmm not bad but hating those shorts. And the only reason he looks better is because he’s just been surfing and the sea has given him a just showered look.

  26. matthew, matthew, matthew! omg! (cum)
    sorry guys, i was totally banging matthew mcconaughey a second ago. don’t u wish u were hot like me?

  27. alaskanchicsickle

    Hot damn, he’s fuckalicious!
    @16 A manimal, lol, so true. Yummy.

  28. Jenster

    whatever, he always look good when he actually bathes and combs his hair. He’s so fucking wierd though. I dont care if he continued to look like that i still couldnt fuck him, he’d be too busy reciting bad poetry and dancing that wierd hippy trance dance. ugh. I hate Hippies

  29. @16. hello? behind a bush with a toothbrush or in a lake using a leaf, he’s still HOT! shit if matthew always looked like THAT, i’d take him if he was wearing overalls w/out a shirt sitting in front of a wood cabin playing his harmonica. oh matthew, you’re so f&cking gorgeous!!!


  30. Tits_McGhee

    God, the things that I would do to him. Some of my ideas include assless chaps and nipple clamps, but that’s another story…

  31. karifarrell

    Well what happened was that we dated way back when, and he fell so head over heels for me that when I broke up with him he just let his looks go to shit…guess he’s finally over me and back on the market. Poor guy. But good for him for moving on!

  32. N@ughty

    @30. u and i share the same freakiness…only mind requires that and a whole lot more…knives…

  33. Where's Waldo?

    I’d let Justin Timberlake take me anyday !

  34. MrSemprini

    Hey, where’d you find my vacation shots? Man, leave your camera alone for a moment and the ‘fish gets it. Dang.

    Hey, anyone seen my troll? Its time to go to the vet and get ‘tutored’, nodamene?

  35. Jiimbo

    Great pic of Mathew. My wife loves him so I sent the picture to her. Maybe I will get a little when I get home. I don’t care who starts the engine as long as I get to drive it!!!!

  36. woodhorse

    I am posting under the male image thinking maybe you’ll come here first (no pun intended) – how much do I have to pay Wally?? Give me an estimate on your work to undo those photos….

  37. HollyJ

    Too bad he’s a mysogynistic idiot redneck.

  38. TashaVin`


  39. fergernauster

    He looks so much happier and healthier after breaking up with Sheryl Crow.

  40. 23apples

    Yeahh, he was probably tired of getting crustaceans stuck in his hairy beast face all the time. Although I’m sure he enjoyed the free dinner it gave him. And geeze, what a great guy he is! He doesn’t care about money and fashion.. he’ll take his old swim shorts from the 80s over a brand new pair anytime!

  41. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Think he waxes his chest?

  42. fergernauster

    Wait… it’s only been a couple days since discontinuing the anti-depressants, but I think I actually feel a *tingle* down there in my lady privates… a spark of hope… of life.

    Thank you, Mr. McClump-o’-hay!

  43. woodhorse

    Agree with #22 – I am pretty sure he’s Toothy Tile that Ted Casablanca goes on about…

  44. lambman

    Um, he shaved.

    Yeah, I’m going with that’s what happened

  45. greatestntheworld

    Matt caused my relationship to go south. My girlfriend couldn’t handle the possibility that I might be bi because of this picture. Thanks a lot McConaughey.
    Now I have some soul-searching to do.

  46. PrettyBaby

    So what if he’s gay? I don’t care. He can give me an injection of the hotsalty anytime he wants, anywhere he likes, with or without HIV spicing. Yum-Yum!

  47. rrd

    thank you, thank you, thank you! I’d put a lip-lock on that bad boy any time!

  48. Lowlands

    I see this guy has been body-building lately…I’m not sure if i see that right but the brand of his surfboard is such a losers brand.Definitely not a custom-made brand.

  49. anti_babe19

    Who the hell is this guy? And why are we talking about him again?

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