Matthew McConaughey Has a Great Mom

March 11th, 2011 // 56 Comments

When we last left Matthew McConaughey‘s mom Kay, she was promoting her memoirs by telling a story about Matthew’s father dying during sex and then showing off his giant dead penis to the EMTs. No, really. So of course she attended last night’s premiere of The Lincoln Lawyer and started flashing her old lady ass on the red carpet. Though to her credit, it looks less gray than Madonna‘s and doesn’t have a gargoyle face. That’s just good genes.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Fame, INFdaily, WENN


  1. Ahhh…that soothes the burn left by Kim Kardashian’s “ass of holy retribution”.

  2. Well alright, alright, alright.

  3. WTF was she shanked in the right buttcheek once?

  4. Mike

    she actually has good legs for an old woman, she has better legs than some 25 year olds i know, yes thats pretty bad.

  5. TomFrank

    Anyone who know that is on her arm? Looks familiar, but I can’t quite place him.

    I thought maybe it’s James (“Caretaker”) Hampton, but…he doesn’t look 75 to me.

  6. At least now we know where Matthew gets his inability to keep his shirt on from.

  7. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like she was stabbed. By the way, I’d hit it.

  8. I don’t know about you guys, but I would knock the dust off that pussy! That right there is an experienced woman who probally knows how to satisfy a man. I bet she can take her teeth out to, which will provide a great oral experience.

  9. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
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    what’s with the silver suit, spaceman

  10. Deacon Jones

    Who the hell keeps inviting Courtney Love to these red carpet previews??

  11. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
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    Fish this better not be the upskirt that sticks in my head all weekend~

  12. Eric

    I wonder if he came out of her vag with his tongue out?

  13. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
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    nice granny panties.. oh wait–

  14. Dan

    I dunno… there are sure a lot worse ways to go than making love to a woman who looks like she does. Sign me up!

  15. slappy magoo

    Between the flash of ass and the pursed lip, I think someone is having an “oops I crapped my pants” moment.

  16. She’s old. she’s not supposed to look or be fuckable.. .I mean sexually attractive. That’s why we like the young ones. ( “Hi I’m Chris Hansen with…”) Legal of course.

  17. Tyrone

    Hmm…my guess is that she just blasted a nasty stale quief and is letting it loose rather than having to wallow in it! Her face says “my olfactory be painin”

  18. Spanx a lot, Mrs. McConaughey.

  19. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
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    You know what, I’m gonna’ be honest here. I’ve done worse.

  20. ilikeold

    I’d bang her turd cutter!! With my tongue!!

  21. gluten

    is it wrong for me to think she is actually kinda hot? :S

  22. LEB

    If *I* have legs that good by age 80, I will be a happy, happy woman.

    Yes, she was born in 1930. Not bad for an octogenarian, eh?

  23. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
    she is so classy
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    oh my Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  24. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
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    In SNL news, former Bill Clinton impersonator Darryl Hammond is now dating a sun-ravaged Amy Poehler.

  25. Greenie

    I now know where he gets his midget forearms from.

  26. Girlfriend has definitely kicked a few sharks in the ass.

  27. Brando

    Matthew needs a full body scrub. His skin has so many DEAD cells from constantly livin in the sun and not bathing, he looks dirty. Use a little shampoo too! At least bathe once a week unlike bi-weekly as he has stated.

  28. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
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    Oh nice! I love beef jerky!

  29. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
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    seriously? she looks great !!!

  30. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
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    she made me crazy…………

  31. Lovemypussyhairthick

    I’m just wondering if she shaves her pussy.

  32. M

    oh, god, WHY?

  33. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
    Buddy the Elf
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    100x better than Lohan. For real.

  34. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
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    Someone gave the Senora a bit too much to drink!

  35. Mom looks plastered. This explains a lot.

  36. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
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    Nice scar, she’s from the hood

  37. Matthew McConaughey Mom Flash
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    is it me or is he looking a bit aids-y

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