Mary-Kate Olsen: The Black Widow?

March 6th, 2008 // 69 Comments

Mary-Kate Olsen has moved on in a matter of weeks from her, what Star is calling, “secret boyfriend” the late Heath Ledger to Italian billionaire/drug connoisseur Lapo Elkann:

While in Paris for Fashion Week, MK flirted with Lapo, the heir to the $7.3 billion Fiat auto dynasty, who overdosed on cocaine and heroin at the home of a transsexual in 2005. Lapo, who now claims he has found sobriety through AA meetings in NYC, clung to life for three days in a coma before recovering.
“Mary-Kate and Lapo seemed very cozy” while sitting next to each other at the Giambattista Valli fashion show on Feb. 28, says a source.

Oh yeah, this guy’s dead. But at least he’ll get to meet Heath Ledger and exchange war stories about having sex with a coke-fueled monkey-woman. Should be fun. What? You can’t tell me Mary-Kate doesn’t swing from the ceiling by her tail. That’s just science.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Victoria

    Did you all read the Vanity Fair article on Lapo? He’ is or was a well known freak around transsexuals in Europe. He has gotten a great PR firm and now is placed on Best Dressed Lists and fawning articles about his family and what a style icon he is. So a PR hook up with an Oslen is right. Does she need the money? What empire? I think its all PR about their little girl money.

    That heroin OD with a tranny-prostitute will not be forgotten, or will it?

  2. herbiefrog

    it’s irrelevant

  3. They were ugly babies, ugly toddlers, and now they’re just freaky looking. Very snaky.

  4. jstunnah

    i dont know…the olsen have their moments. mk is def. more interesting then her boring sis tho. shes my fave twin.

  5. Kingsley Amis

    #36, Ashley, you’re a moron and a simp. She looks like a bag lady, and if she didn’t want to deal with people having opinions of her, she and her sister could have walked away from celebrity and the billion dollars thier “empire” is worth and just been run of the mill, everyday, malnourished skanks. She chose the path to celebrity; we’re just rewarding her.

    This story would have been terrific if it was simply about another rich douche overdosing. But the fact that he was with a tranny makes it so much better. I may have done a lot over the years to disappoint my parents, but they never had to hear about me being in a drug-induced coma with a tranny. Top of the world, Ma!

  6. jstunnah

    i highly doubt the olsens read any of this shit or really give a fuck if ppl talk trash about them. seriously, they have better things to do. like chain smoke…or

  7. Snarky McComments

    Triumph says he’d poop on her….

  8. lilian

    worst thing is, he was dating such a beautiful girl back at that time, Martina Stella, that obviously broke with him after she found out.
    It was like that Hugh Grant thing, except this time there was a transexual prostitute AND an OD.

  9. lisa

    How sexy she is! i just heard someone said on Yahoo group that she is a member of an online site you know the site is a rich men seeking fun site.

  10. GirlyGirl

    What the hell does the fact that he was at a transsexual’s house have to do with his overdose?

  11. GirlyGirl

    What the hell does the fact that he was at a transsexual’s house have to do with his overdose?

  12. GirlyGirl

    Oops… sorry for the double post. All this talk of snakes and monkeys and transsexuals and drugs made my hands twitch. It’s some scary shit.

  13. UncleTouchy

    #61 everything my dear, everything

  14. Grunion

    #43 nails it


  15. Ivanos

    What the fuck is wrong with their mouths? And their cheeks? Did they get fat pad removal surgery? They look like trolls, they literally do. If you put their hair down and curl it… they are the olsen twins.

  16. ljufghykuhtgfktuyfki

    They look so OLD!

    That’s the other one in the background, right?

    I can’t even make up stores about them getting raped by Hentai robots. I just don’t feel anything sexual about them.

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  18. sandra

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  19. me

    You know what? She is actually a pretty girl trying to look like a differently pretty girl by sucking in her cheeks and making that face. She does not have to try she is attractive. Her faces make her ugly. So fuck off people you all know you are uglier than she.

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