Martha Hunt Flashing Underwear Gets Her Own Post


Blac Chyna must be shopping around a tell-all book about how strong she is to pull herself out of such a whorrrible mess. [TooFab]

Hopefully the knowledge that O.J. Simpson wasn’t busted masturbating in jail is going to a have a huge impact on your life or something. [TMZ]

While you ate Subway for lunch, Lorde got trapped on an NYC subway. [Perez]

Turns out someone took Usher to smashtown, despite acknowledging his oozy, green peehole, and was surprised she got a disease. [Dlisted]

US Weekly says Ben Affleck is dropping out of Triple Frontier for his family… He’s really dropping because the project is a dumpster fire full of outdated currency. Who do you believe? [US Weekly] vs. [Slash]

You mean there is more to Donnie Trump Jr. than just being a hyper-realistic sex doll that is on the brink of malfunction after Steve Bannon shoved too many cigars inside its butthole? [People]

Joy Corrigan doing bikini things. [DrunkenStepfather]