Marion Cotillard proves nudity = Oscar Gold

February 25th, 2008 // 121 Comments

These are screen shots of Marion Cotillard in the movie La Vie en Rose that earned her an Oscar for Best Actress. And, hey, what do you know? She’s completely nude. Like downtown nude. I think these shots not only celebrate the human spirit and fine art of cinema, they also prove that foreign films are wicked awesome. And not just because of the nudity. But because of their compelling story and characters – who eventually get nude and do it with all kinds of crazy angles. Viva la cinema!

NOTE: Pics are totally NSFW. Granted they’re from an Oscar-winning movie, they’ll probably get you Oscar-winning fired.

EDIT: Turns out these shots are from Marion’s earlier film Les jolies choses. I’m not very good with foreign flicks. The last one I saw was Ernest Goes to Canada. Hey, Vern, it sucked.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Heyjeer

    What wrong with her breasts? Are they deformed? They don’t seem to have that natural look of perfectly round orbs that so many American women have. And like? Her breasts are totally repositioning themselves. I am surprised that she would allow her breast to be photographed without following that American regime that turns breasts into firm taut orbs that never ever slink into arm pits.

    And what is that on her womanly mound? It looks like hair. That is totally butch, isn’t it? Real women don’t grow hair there, do they?

    Gads! Europeans are so disgustingly natural.

    (Wish I lived there)

  2. Still In Awe

    I don’t know when I can stop envying her georgous body with the shiny smooth skin. It’s almost unreal after seeing Brooke, Heidi, Lindsay, etc.

  3. Ted from LA

    Ted from LA gives her two thumbs and a penis up.

  4. Ted from Erratum

    Full disclosure: two thumbs and a thumb-sized penis up.

  5. Ted from LA

    And I don’t care if she has a jungle down there. What a raving beauty. Give me a robe and a weed wacker and you wouldn’t see me until spring.

  6. I'd Much Rather Have Her Body and Bush than Most Women's Bodies with Shaved Pussies


    Yup, it takes less than an hour to shave her bush. It takes years to impossible for most women to have her body.

  7. nunya

    Typical American dumbass…can’t tell that just MIGHT not be Edith Piaf?? Ignorant American fuckers…probably don’t know who Edith Piaf was anyway…learn how to READ fucktards….

  8. Who the fuck is Edith Piaf?

    Wait, who the fuck are YOU???

  9. Nikky Raney

    shavee the bush

  10. week wacker 4000

    Me no likey the peperoni nipples. How has no one commented on them, they are too big and fugly. Otherwise it’s all good.

  11. Ted from LA

    I was born under the same lamp-post as Edith. I also watched most All in the Family episodes.

    #61, for the same reason you don’t look at a beautiful sunset over the ocean and talk about the fact that you don’t like the orange mixed with the red colors.

    #62, I have no interest in looking at Demi’s bush, which is probably a sign that we are both too old.

  12. Larry Tate

    I’d eat that hair pie any day.

  13. susanna

    Her bush IS trimmed, if it wasn’t it would probably be twize the size.

    Lighten up people. Sex is messy. If it was all clean all the time it wouldn’t be any fun. In my experience, anyone that complains about pubic hair is usually unimaginative and bad in bed. Oh, and any man who turns down a woman that looks like that because of a few pubes is gay, gay, gay!

  14. dontyoucryforme

    definitely susanna.

  15. Oh mon dieu, une paire de seins a l’écran ! C’est vrai que l’on ne voie pas cela dans l’Amérique puritaine !. lol

    Pour l’oscar qu’elle a obtenue il laisse simplement a réfléchir sur la qualité de votre cinéma.

    Le seul cinéma américain qui s’exporte c’est celui des effets spéciaux, le reste ;((

    A quand un film sur la vie de britney ;)))

    See you, you can translate for yours readers

  16. webterractive

    I have to say she is a very beautiful women. She is so natural its so arousing. If she has a partner, they must be one lucky person.

  17. douchie mc bagman

    What the fuck?

    First off, you foreigners come to an American website, and try to impose your morality on us? Step the fuck off. I want big fake tits, a bald twat, and a bleached anus.

    Second off, as Americans we reserve the right to not know, or give a fuck who some foreigner is. Even if she turns out to be born here, by virtue of her appearance, she is a foreigner.

    Lastly, why would you expect any seriousness on a website for tits and ass?

    If we went to some foreign country, and tried to tell the stupid fucks there how to behave, we’d be called ugly americans. You are ugly non americans.

  18. Elle

    What a beautiful woman.

    #65–you are dead on…
    #58–not all American’s are idiots

    Most of the idiots on this board are so love starved that they wouldn’t know what they were hitting until the balls few back at them and their dick was brown.

  19. frenchy

    Yes ! American girls are the best ! Yes, you american people are the best !! The rest of the world is completely ugly…. Wake up and realize… You are not the navel of the world. You are not alone !!!! Our french actress Marion is wonderful and… natural. It’s life. Fuck the critics… and let’s simply appreciate, for once (for information, those photos have been taken in the year 2000).

  20. Ah ben oui maisbon

    67, il y a toujours de bons films américains qui s’exportent, maintenant il faut que tu t’en prennes aux distributeurs qui choisissent de ne pas les exploiter dans suffisamment de salles en France. J’ai vu de bons films indépendants américains mais distribués dans des cinémas de quartiers ou arts et essais, il ne faut pas mettre tout le cinéma américain dans le même panier, en France on produit notre lot de daube aussi (regarde Astérix, ça attire le consommateur de pop corn), seulement comme aux USA ils produisent plus de films qu’ici, ils produisent aussi plus de nullités.
    L’économie est compliquée, mais, sortir de grands films permet d’engranger des recettes qui vont servir à produire des films plus intimistes. Après les procès qu’intentent UGC aux petites salles en ce moment sont totalement dégoutants.

  21. loveit

    its not brittany

  22. lawrence

    She is pretty. I got a brother who said he saw you on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called Seekamillionaire.c om. Is that you?

  23. joyce

    She is hot. Just saw her sexy photos on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called Seekamillionaire. c om. Don’t know if it is her.

  24. Quentin

    it’s french!
    not italian
    even in italian it’s not viva la cinema!

  25. havoc

    70′s bush!

    Oh wait, I just read she’s European….

    Slap some deoderant on her and I’d hit it.


  26. France

    Vee surrendare!
    Vee surrendare!

  27. Cuguel l'astucieux

    #72 Je suis de ton avis y a du bon et du moche partout, perso j’adore les p’tits films anglais plein d’humour noir .

    Je tenais juste a faire une remarque, parce que pour une fois une actrice étrangère choppe un oscar c’est parce qu’elle montre sa nudité. C’est un peu pitoyable comme constat.

    Pour ce film elle s’est totalement immergée dans le personnage c’est ahurissant !! c’est vraiment le rôle de l’année .

    Pour revenir au commentaires suivants.

    #69 Are you an indian ???

    No …. so, you re a foreigner ;)

    irish ? italian ? spanish ?, ….. mexicain ??

    USA is a melting pot off foreigners that s a fact.

  28. Charlie

    J’espere que le commentaire 69 etait une blague, parce que sinon ca confirme les pires prejuges anti-amerloques qu’ont les francais !!

    J’hallucine d’entendre que pour certains americains, les poils pubiens de Marion sont une jungle amazonienne, et tous de rigoler “haha of course, she’s European !”. Qu’ils continuent donc a aller brouter de la chatte siliconee et imberbe, et gardons-nous les plaisirs de la chair, la vraie…

    Un coucou a tous les francais qui passent par la :)

  29. Robbie T

    Those Euros hate to trim the bush. Tough to get through the hedge, toots.

  30. Skeps

    I’m amazed people are calling that a European bush, I’m betting she shaved for the role. Real European beavers are freaking jungles, shes just got some hedges.

  31. Charlie

    Hahahahaha, it’s friggin funny to read Americans talking about sex. I’ll take our “dirty”, “smelly”, “hairy” sex over your pathetic, hairless and passionless sexlives any day :)

  32. Auntie Kryst

    I’d like to pay homage to my favorite TV commercial for Miller High Life. It pretty much says it all.

    “Ahh the French. It’s hard to respect a country that lost two BIG ones in the same century…Then again, they did invent mayonaise. Way to go Pierre.”

  33. Ricky

    Love the unshaven bush. That’s the look ladies. Too bad she shaved her pits.

  34. Kim

    She has a fur bikini.

  35. Pfftt

    I don’t get it with all the hairy bush comments. What are all women supposed to be bald like little girls now with great big fake silicone tits? Is that what all you young men think is normal now? Pathetic. The europeans are so much more mature about it all then all you stupid young american momma’s boys. Grow up.

  36. Al

    I am an American male, and I’m an educated, reasonably intelligent man. That said, I HATE the “fake tits and bald bush” look that so many women are rocking now. It’s so unnatural and not the least bit sexy in my opinion, and yet the trend continues. I don’t like a ton of pubic hair on myself or my partner, and I keep things pretty tidy and expect her to do the same. But bald? No friggin way, man. I also love normal boobs in all shapes and sizes—anything other than those fake, liquid-fillled, widely spaced, unnaturally round boobs so many women seem to have now. They look like a bunch of giant-boobed, bald crotched Barbie dolls. No thanks!

  37. SOS

    Al- Marry me!!!

  38. rukdngme

    americans always talk so much shit about europe and then i have to spend the summer reminding the locals that i live here and that I’m not a tourist so i don’t have to pay 6 bucks for a fn cappuccino, a real one not starbucks bullshit.

    say what you want but stop coming over here to “find yourselves”

    which means get stupid drunk in the wrong place, take random pictures just to show people at home and walk around in your Gap sweatshirt because you’re so cool.

  39. EuroNeckPain

    Hé ben…Il y en a, des Français, sur ce site !! Curieusement, Marion Cotillard est plutôt banale chez nous (second rôle dans Taxi, qui l’avait remarquée ?) Pourtant elle fait l’unanimité, il n’y a quasiment aucune critique négative, contrairement aux actrices US qui en prennent plein la gueule.
    Some readers argue they cannot be expected to know a foreign celebrity, while they shove their “artists” down our throats all the time. I wish I did not know who Britney Spears is, but it seems we don’t have a choice. Notice in our record shops that everything American and British is called “international” while everything else (and not local) is called “world music”. This is a shame.

  40. Malffy Hernandes

    This isn’t from La Vie en Rose

  41. EuroNeckPain

    To the French who posted here: did you actually think the movie was good ?
    I found it very long, it was too obvious the actress was making faces, she was overacting. Besides, I always disliked the voice and style of Edith Piaf, she was an ugly woman and very vulgar, and I cannot understand why foreigners like her so much. As for the Oscar, it is obviously not because of nudity (Marion never undressed), but rather because of nostalgia. It was an era of grandeur for America. And the French in the movie look French, you have to realize that most Americans believe they still wear a beret and have no deodorant etc. *** Barf ***

  42. jen

    That `s not “la vie en rose” you idiots!!!Check out before post anything!!!!
    She didn’t appear nude at all in the movie.She deserved that oscar simply because she was fantastic!!!!!!!!

  43. dude

    YES! BUSH! I love it, love it, love it.

    I hate these bald bitches. Give me pubes or give me death.

  44. Charlie

    To comment 93: I thought it was quite a good performance even though I don’t particularly like Edith Piaf in the first place… I find her interpretation good, but IMO Cate Blanchett probably deserved it more.

    However, it’s a good sign to see an Oscar being awarded to a young French actress, because as someone previously said, those ceremonies can become quite self-centered…

  45. douchie mc bagman

    Too bad we let these smelly foreigners on the internet.

    They try to ruin our fun by telling us our tastes are no good, then criticise us in their mumbo jumbo talk.

    If friggin Europe was such a great country, they would have invented the internet, and learned how to bathe.

    Go the fuck to superficial-de-vous the tits and ass site with ugly European foreigners.

  46. femme americane (malheureusement)

    absolumment j’adore marion cotillard! j’espere que j’avais plus de temps pour dire quelque chose intelligent (ou trouver les accents :D) mais la majorite des hommes americans qui laissent messages aux sites-webs comme ca sont cochons, bien sur. excuse-moi pour mes paroles, j’apprends la langue et ce n’est pas parfait!

  47. non-French foreigner in the US

    Dear Mr. Douchebag,

    You are such an ignorant twat.

    The internet (World Wide Web) was invented by Tim Berners-Lee (a BRIT) at CERN, a EUROPEAN institution.

    and for those speakers of “mumbo jumbo” talk: merci pour les commentaires! J’adore le fait qu’il y a des francophones ici :)

    Oh, and Marion Cotillard FULLY deserved that Oscar! And apparently, I give the Superficial Writer too much credit – I totally thought he was being intentionally ironic when he said these pix were from La Vie en Rose.

  48. douchie mc bagman

    Everyone knows the internet was invented by Al Gore.

    So shut your stupid crepe hole.

  49. Cuguel l'astucieux


    Tu sais les hommes français sont aussi des cochon ;)) et ce site n’informe que sur les potins, tout est dans le titre “superficial”

    See You

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