Marilyn Manson Sends Danny McBride Crazy Emails

October 12th, 2010 // 34 Comments
Marilyn Manson as Kenny Powers

Possibly one of the weirdest things to hit the Internet, the above photo of Marilyn Manson demonstrated to the world he’s an obsessed Eastbound & Down fan. Turns out that obsession is growing and now he’s taken to e-mailing Danny McBride absinthe-fueled emails about late night television. StarPulse reports:

“I get weird emails from Marilyn Manson now. He sends me weird emails in the middle of the night of what he’s watching on TV… One time he literally sent me a Peanuts special I guess he was watching, sometimes it’s Eastbound, infomercials, anything.”
However, the online connection doesn’t mean Manson will land a cameo role in the series – McBride is adamant a guest slot will “ruin” the star’s fixation.
He adds, “You know, I equate it to this: Marilyn likes the show, and maybe it would ruin it for him, if he appeared on it. When I was a kid, I worked at Kings Dominion, an amusement park. I loved that place so I thought it would be cool to get a job there, and it’s like the quickest way to ruin the all the magic. I hate that amusement park now.”

Wow. Check out the balls on Danny McBride. He basically just talked about Marilyn Manson like he’s an eight-year-old kid who wants to meet Santa Claus despite the fact the guy sends him insane emails about Peanuts. Emails I would’ve forwarded to the FBI while simultaneously pissing myself in fear. Because, seriously, had it been Garfield; not so crazy. But Peanuts? Oh, shit, Charlie Brown, you’re getting stabbed. Stabbed right in your sleep. Good grief.

Photo: Interview


  1. gogo

    Cabron, cabron

  2. gogo

    I would post a link here as well seen that I’m all alone, but I bet it wouldn’t pass moderation..

  3. Uncle Jemima

    Marilyn Manson has a shitty bathroom. Remodel that shit rich-man!

    • It's Still TAB either looks like a down and out motel one..or the kids bathroom..then again if he had kids, he probably would eat them.

  4. direchef

    What’s even worse is that Manson’s a Braves fan. That is truly scary shit.

  5. Momboelitist

    So, as long as you’re a famous psycho, it’s OK to be a stalker. If this would have been anyone else he’d have been dragged out of his house and tazed by now. Frankly I’d rather have Joe the stalker sending me emails than this Manson Douche Bag.

  6. Btw mcbride hop on the rebel yell at kings dominion. Its ricketier than coney island, still scares the bejesus outa me..

    But props to manson for not sending cock shots. Clearly draws the line somewhere.

  7. jill

    Marilyn Who Now?

  8. It's Still TAB

    Marilyn Mason looks scary without make-up…denying him a cameo on a new show seems a bit much..he is Marilyn Manson, as disturbed as he is..

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  10. Mojo Nixon

    That looks like Tim Lincecum.

  11. Vivian

    The whole post is weird.

    And THAT’S Marilyn Manson without make up? I don’t even know what to think, he looks average and at the same time creepy…

  12. mupps

    Who knew MM had a sense of humour or in fact watched TV at all…..Not me that’s for fucking sure.

    Shouldn’t he spend his day dressed up in a weird androgynous suit singing dope show?

    I frankly think this is weirder then anything he has ever done, including onstage blowjobs to the rest of the band.

  13. Johnny Cage

    I didn’t know Manson is still around. He kind of disappeared in the 90s when everyone, even the Christians, stopped giving a shit about how “shocking” he was. I guess not even showing how much a Braves fan you are will be able to take you back to 1998.

  14. Art Vandelay

    he’s a mad LOST fan too… must have a bit of spare time.

  15. bribios

    They had him at the Season 2 premiere of Eastbound. He said he thought Kenny Powers was the best character ever. Didn’t know he really was that crazy about the show.

    At least he didn’t have naked pictures of himself flipping off the camera like Stevie.

  16. It's Still TAB

    After a couple of more looks, does Marilyn Manson resemble Dee Snyder, only with dark hair? Or is it only me that sees this?

  17. bolo

    I don’t know what’s his problem, that show sucks so bad,

    I Wish Marilyn was a fan of Two and a Half men and was sending crazy emails to Jon Cryer NOW THAT would have been crazy,
    I have always hated Danny McBride, he is just such an awful actor, to over the top,
    I also wish Marilyn was obsessed with Modern Family and was sending crazy sh1t emails to Sofia Vergara, That Would be APESH!T CRAZY

    I love Marilyn Manson,
    I love his Holywood in the shadow of the valley of the dead cd so much, Mechanical animals was amazing, I hope he is working in some new music, I kinda miss him being around,
    golden age of grotesque was also very amazing

    Whatever the Hell happened to his Alice in Wonderland movie, WTF?

    • Billy Rae Valentine

      normal sitcoms suck.

      you suck as a person for saying Eastbound sucks and dMcBride sucks. when obviously the show is sweeping the nation. AND it’s on HBO which means most people can’t even see it because they don’t have HBO. It’s STILL A HUGE HIT.

      2 and a Half Men?! dude, another basic TV predictable sitcom? is better than Eastbound? you are a 39 year oid woman in nebraska. seriously. Modern Family?! come on, man. i tried to watch both of those and i couldn’t get through 10 minutes of that crap. it’s crap. crap. the same old sitcom crap.

      whereas Eastbound is some of the newest funniest stuff out. and so is Always Sunny in Philadelphia. your taste in comedy is mad corny.

  18. Pat McGroinagin

    Hey Marilyn: YOU’RE FUCKIN’ OUT!!

  19. Lil

    OMG! I have the same shower caddy!!! :) :)-

  20. Mince

    Nice drop ceiling in the bathroom shower. Is that for the added WT effect or does Manson still secretly live in his mothers basement?

  21. That Cynical Ass

    wait, Danny McBride is from Virginia? how did I not know this?

  22. Robbie

    I bet Marilyn Manson plays in the bathtub/shower. Like brings in goggles and has epic battles with figurines above and under the water. I bet he creates stories full of adventure, trials, and tribulations.

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