Marilyn Manson Denies Making A Rape Video With Lana Del Rey

While I was busy writing about rape, another sort of rape was apparently happening on the Internet because this world needs to burn. Only this one was fictional and may be a complete hoax. Via Pitchfork:

Footage from an project featuring Marilyn Manson and Lana Del Rey has surfaced online, Teco Apple points out. Eli Roth (Hostel) was possibly involved in the making of it. It depicts a series of dark scenes. There’s a bloodied woman dunking her head in water, a birthday party stocked with misfits, a debauched dinner party, and a scene in which Del Rey is sexually assaulted.

While the footage was assumed to be from a video Eli Roth shot and told Larry King was “so sick, it’s been locked in a vault for over a year,” Marilyn Manson’s people have already denied having anything to do with it and claim it’s fan-made:

“Manson did not direct this, shoot it, nor was it for a Marilyn Manson video or outtake footage made by him or to be used by him with his music,” said Manson’s representative, Kathryn Frazier of Biz3. “It must be a fan video splicing up old Manson video footage with someone else’s Lana Del Rey footage.”

“You can clearly tell because no one has an eyeball in their vagina or dental equipment coming out of their butt. Mr. Manson has a very strict aesthetic and repeatedly describing it to people hasn’t driven me to ask women if I can watch them miscarry. You’ll never prove it.”

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