So Here’s Marilyn Manson Probably Dying

February 7th, 2013 // 16 Comments
Marilyn Manson
WATCH: Marilyn Manson Collapses On Stage

Above is Marilyn Manson performing in Canada last night where he collapsed on stage after what looks like vomiting and then sitting down to perform the rest of Beautiful People. He was carted off by EMTs with no word on what happened to him or if he’s even alive. So just assume the gallon of absinthe he drinks each morning for breakfast wore off causing him to remember making a video with Shia LaBeouf and react accordingly. “THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! THE BEAUTIFUL PEOP- wait, wait, the Even Stevens kid? Aw no…” *swallows tongue*

UPDATE: Okay, so maybe he just has the flu.

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  1. Aw come on. Flu’s got him down. He’ll be better once he gets some more dope in ‘im.

  2. I’ve always respected a lot about Marilyn Manson expect his music. I think it’s crap. BUT he is super smart, gets it’s all just trolling parents through their kids, and dates some pretty great women who aren’t as batshit as you’d think they’d be. Seriously, youtube some interviews with him – it really changed my opinion of him as a person, but as a musician – oof.

  3. Cock Dr

    He seems like a person who lives his life by the credo “Moderation in all things”.
    He’ll be fine.
    Worry more for the eardrums of those dumb enough to attend his musical performances without hearing protection.

  4. He must’ve forgotten his earplugs that night and actually listened to the garbage he puts out there for a change. That would explain the vomiting.

    What a slimy piece of crap…

  5. Four in the pink and two in the stink? Kids these days, I tell ya.

  6. I’d click on the video, but that would mean my 100% record of never having heard a Marilyn Manson song would be broken and I’m nothing if not dedicated to that goal.

  7. and here’s me dying from an epileptic seizure >_

  8. Slappy Rodriguez

    So is he playing high school dances now or something? The 50 people there seemed to be enjoying themselves, sort of…

  9. “THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! THE BEAUTIFUL PEOP- wait, wait, the Even Stevens kid? Aw no…” *swallows tongue*

    Thank you for that

  10. Mumra

    Probably just ain’t good enough.

  11. Mike Walker

    Pocahontas is lookin’ good…

  12. note to self-
    remove ‘see marilyn manson vomit’ from bucket list.

  13. It’s Uncle Chester, Fester’s thinner, douchier pimp of a brother.

  14. Pickles

    I hope he is feeling better for his show in Portland tomorrow. I can’t wait to see him in concert again. :)

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