Mariah Carey Looks Like This Now

Yep, everything looks natural here.

Mariah Carey has lost 70 lbs. since giving birth to her twins which would probably be amazing if that wasn’t over half a year ago and most women drop 30 lbs. almost immediately. Anyway, she’s now become the new spokesmodel for Jenny Craig (above) and blames her excessive weight on water retention during her pregnancy because apparently she’s been pregnant since 2008. Of course, my favorite line is this gem she gave to Rosie O’Donnell 24 hours before she paraded around at a press conference going, “Hey, look at me!” People:

“The whole point of this is not just like: ‘Oh, hey, look at me and my weight loss, I’m fantastic.’ It’s really health.”

And by health she means getting paid to go, “Hey, look how marginally thinner I got!” before bravely being Photoshopped to look another 10-20 lbs. lighter. How does she find the time and make Nick Cannon raise two kids? Get me Redbook on the line, I demand an inquiry. And make it sassy!

Photo: Fame, Getty, Splash News