Mariah Carey & Brett Ratner? How In The Fu-

Brett Ratner directed two of Mariah Carey’s videos which is apparently enough to overlook the fact that he’s Brett Ratner and have sex with him on a boat. (He can’t get hard on dry land.) TMZ reports:

Mariah Carey and Brett Ratner have pulled a Swift/Harris … they are full-throttle together.
This pic was taken Saturday on a yacht in St. Barts. Sources — let’s just say close to the boat — say they’re all over each other. She’s totally into him and he is nuts for her.
Ratner recently said he and Mariah were just really good friends, calling rumors of romance “ridiculous.” Well now that’s just ridiculous, because they’re in full romance mode. We’re told she’s over Nick and moved on.

Except TMZ already has photos of Brett kissing another woman – on the same boat as Mariah – because it’s always a great idea to cheat on a crazy woman in a convenient location for dumping your body at sea. Although, in Brett Ratner’s defense, The Superficial obtained our own photo of the woman in question, and his hands were practically tied here. He couldn’t say no to this anymore than he could stop himself from breathing.

Photos: FameFlynet