Holy Shit, The New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer

April 16th, 2013 // 41 Comments
Man of Steel Trailer 3
WATCH: 'Man of Steel' - Official Trailer #3

After The Dark Knight Rises made Batman into a wiener, I’m really trying not to get my hopes up for superhero movies based on how kickass their trailers are, but Jesus-fuck, this new one for Man of Steel made me feel like your mom in the middle of a Renegade marathon, and I’m talking the ones when Lorenzo Lamas still had a mullet. *fans shirt* And, yup, that was a hot flash. I’m having hot flashes.


  1. Holy fucking shit. Between the latest Star Trek trailer and this…I need a cigarette.

  2. The Pope

    Even from a thousand miles away, he can smell the Avengers shitting their pants.

  3. Jenn

    This may be the good shit, right here. Wow. And Max Power, I’m ready for May to come on for Star Trek.

  4. The Kenosha Kid

    The trailers for Watchmen and Sucker Punch looked awesome too. Just sayin.

    • Did you just lump Watchmen in with Sucker Punch??? Take it back. TAKE IT BACK.

    • Swearin

      The difference is Watchman’s source material is so thematically and narratively dense that any movie adaptation was never going to be up to par; I thought Zak Snyder did a faithful adaptation but it wasn’t perfect. Superman, however, is the opposite of complex, which is why I love how they’re making this version more gritty and realistic.

      And it looks amazing because DC is going to be screwed for at least five years if this movie bombs. They’re putting their money behind it.

  5. Sooooo…I am showing my lack of comic book nerdery knowledge here, but is this movie supposed to be a modern take on the original old school Christopher Reeve movie? Or is this something totally new?
    And also, come to mama, Henry. Yumm-o!

    • Assuming you’re girl who dates guys who make an effort to see you naked as opposed to explain comic books to you, yes. It’s a reboot. Every time any story is restarted in Hollywood, the team that makes it will offer their own take so a) people will see a story they already kinda know b) get their spot in history as the ‘definitive’ version of that story. Christopher Reeve (I’m too lazy to see who directed it) has enjoyed that honor for over 30 years – a record by Hollywood’s standards.

  6. Did we watch the same trailer because I saw nothing mind blowing about this. The movie looks good, but this was pretty standard action movie trailer, maybe even a little muted than usual if you ask me. Maybe you just have a crush on Cavill. Superman flying around and shit blowing up and people trying to kill him, I think we have seen that shit before.

  7. Merle

    I’d like to think I’ve read a lot of internet wit but that “Renegade” reference just absolutely takes the fucking cake…. Way too damn funny! Your talents are wasted on us good sir/madam, keep up the good shit.

  8. I like how they’re continuing the tradition of casting a fat, pompous, over-the-hill actor as Jor-El, and an actor who was a big star 20 years earlier as Jonathan Kent.

  9. It was pretty good. I like how Cavill looks as Superman, but Amy Adams is just all around delicious. Already my favourite Lois Lane.

  10. Gruff

    Didn’t do much for me. I enjoyed the original teaser trailer in the cinema a while back, and this newest one merely looked like a lumbering extension into familiar action movie territory. If this causes you to fan your shirt, then you might need to see a doctor.

  11. Mandy

    Why is he hitch-hiking? Can’t he just, you know.. run really fast to wherever he needs to go?

  12. Deacon Jones

    I was getting ready to write a smart ass comment having never followed DC comics or Superman whatsoever, but that trailer lloks good.
    Zack Snyder is at Steven Spielberg level IMO. Cavill was great in the Tudors, hope he doesnt let the fame get to his head tackling this role.

  13. Damn it to Hell! I did not want to spend any money on seeing this, but this trailer is making it very hard to keep from going. However, I actually enjoyed the last Superman movie. So, what do I know?

  14. Bane

    Wait a minute. Didn’t Superman/Clark Kent work at a newspaper? Or is he now on Wicked Tuna?

  15. llol

    Are you kidding me? They let Nolan diarrhea over this movie.

  16. Christopher Reeve has been dead for almost a decade now, can we finally stop pretending his Superman movies were anything but campy trash?

  17. I love the remake of the music as well.

  18. …no, No, NO!!!
    …i’m sorry fish, you know i love you, but, i can’t go there with you.
    …this is all wrong …”llol” is right …’superman’ is not batman …he’s not dark & gritty …he’s different …he’s his own character …he’s ‘the boyscout’ …the yin to batman’s yang …as dated (and mildly distasteful) as the notion may be these days; he crashed in the heartland, and was raised in middle america, with good old fashioned values …he was’nt the dark knight who had to go soul-searching on a goddamn tuna boat in the middle of the ocean to find himself …he knew who he was and what his purpose was from day one: “peace, justice, and the american way” …THAT is superman.

    …now, if you want to do a thing where he comes into the world and gets a little disillusioned, that’s fine (ala hyperion in “supreme power”) …but he has to come back, he has to rise above it and become the boy scout, the beacon …the ‘good guy’. (ala dini’s superman in all the animated features)

    …not EVERY SINGLE THING has to be dark & gritty!!! are’nt there any talented writers out there who can come up with an interesting & entertaining superman script that does’nt involved all the dark & gritty cliches??? …oh …wait …that’s right …what am i saying …movies are products manufactured for mass consumption …nolan’s batman(s) made tons of cash, so, make everything like that so everyone will buy one …i forgot …how stupid of me.

  19. That trailer has Christopher Nolan’s blood, sweat and seaman all over it! I just hope they don’t mumble every line.

    • Yeah that really bugged me. The movie LOOKS good, and Cavill LOOKS like superman, but his acting seems really wooden, which is odd because I know he’s a good actor.

  20. The fucking film hasn’t even been released and everybody seems to have made their decisions as to it’s merits, or lack of same. Fer fucksake, people. Take a deep breath and unclench.

  21. Dan

    Let’s not forget that the trailer for Superman Returns was amazing as well. Turned out it was better than the movie it was selling, and in a lot of ways this trailer reminds of the other. Heavy voice-over from Jor-El prophesying his son’s ascendancy to godlike status, the potential of the human race to follow him to greatness, Lots of rapid fades, shots of the craft he came to earth in, the fortress of solitude, and Supes in space.

    I really hope this one is good, because the character deserves a good movie and I’m getting a bit sick of Batman (though I love the character).

  22. I think they’ll make it as gritty as they can – but not Dark Knight gritty. It could use it as Superman is such a flipping boy scout – almost worse than Captain America.

    Anyway, I think it was Frank Miller who said that Metropolis was New York by day and Gotham by night.

  23. mark

    Bad director and a Superman trying to be edgy, a lot can go wrong.

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