WEEKEND NERDIOR: ‘Man of Steel’ Edition

April 14th, 2013 // 27 Comments
Weekend Nerdior
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It may be a beautiful spring Sunday outside, but fresh air is the enemy and I’ll be goddamned if I’m about to let its invigorating aroma stop me from talking about Superman on the Internet. Also, there might be bees. Anyway, let’s jump right into this week’s edition of Weekend Nerdior where apparently it’s DC Comics’ turn to drop a whole bunch of shit ala Marvel’s Phase Two dump last week. Which helps when your parent company is a giant media empire that owns Entertainment Weekly. And before someone goes, “Wait, aren’t you owned by a giant media empire?” Our top property is Kim Kardashian‘s blog, so we’re not exactly Rupert Murdoch over here. Yet… MUAHAHAHA! *Googles mail-order ninja brides*

Man of Steel

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly had a huge cover story on Man of Steel where it dropped a couple of big items including Kryptonite won’t be in the movie, General Zod wears Megatron for a shirt, Superman’s the Jesus of Krypton now and confirmation that the film will be a stepping stone for Justice League, an approach that has never epically backfired in Warner Bros.’ face before. Plus Christopher Nolan is involved and his last superhero movie wasn’t a questionable misstep, that made a badass character into a giant pussy. This should all go well. [Coming Soon]

Justice League

While Nolan’s Batman trilogy was a self-contained, stand-alone story, Man of Steel will be more open to the possibilities of other superheroes showing up in the world that’s being built. (Read: “We’re doing everything Marvel did now.”) Other superheroes who aren’t anyone from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies which Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov is now making abundantly clear are “standalone” films and Christian Bale (or Joseph Gordon-Levitt) won’t be showing up in Justice League like everyone freaked out about. However, Robinov teased the announcement of other superhero properties very soon which is either a rebooted Batman already, or the next thing I’m about to write about, so just give me a second. Jesus. [EW.com]

The Flash

I know a lot of women who watch Sons of Anarchy for the sole purpose of Charlie Hunnam, so good news, he may be running around in skin-tight red pajamas soon provided Guillermo del Toro doesn’t cast him in Justice League Dark. And, yes, I’m going to be that nerd who demands a John Wesley Shipp cameo because nostalgia will make a man do things he doesn’t even know he’s doing until they find the bodies. [CHUD]

Batman: Arkham Origins

You’re getting a prequel to the remarkably awesome Batman: Arkham games, except Rocksteady farmed it out to WB Montreal while they (presumably) work on the follow-up to Arkham City, so lower your expectations accordingly. [Game Informer]

Now What’s Marvel Doing?


Also This Cap Business

Captain America‘s costume in Winter Soldier will be his suit from the first movie and Avengers smooshed together making the potential for Derp-face slightly lower. Slightly. [Spinoff Online]

Saucer Country

Someone gave me the first trade of Saucer Country for my birthday, so naturally as soon as I went, “Probe my anus, this is awesome,” Vertigo cancelled it. Turns out it may have been picked up by another publisher which I’ll just assume is Image because they’ve been shatting pure gold over there. [Bleeding Cool]

Star Wars

I forgot to mention this last week, but Dark Horse is releasing a mini-series based off of George Lucas‘ original script for Star Wars where Han Solo is a giant lizard-man. More importantly, this will probably be the last Star Wars comic Dark Horse releases before Disney destroys them like they did LucasArts and the Extended Universe. [EW.com]


Last week, friend to the site and avid Weekend Nerdior reader SMB commented on my pull list of monthly comics and lamented the love given to Invincible which I forgot to to include. I actually buy the trades as soon as they come out and have no reservations dying on this hill: It beats the (non-)living shit out of The Walking Dead, and yes, I hate myself for making that pun but not as much as my penis does. Seriously, put down the suitcase. Let’s talk about this.

HaHaHaHaHaHa! What The Hell Is This?

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  1. AC

    It’s official. I actually look forward to Weekend Nerdior (as a straight lady, it’s nice to have something for me; not that The Week in Playmate Instagrams isn’t, ahem, instructional). And because I failed to comment last week, I will now “Squeee!” with delight over your love of “Saga”. I will run right out and get “Thor” now, based on your rec.

    • The ending to Saga #12 was one of those moments when you go, “Goddamn, I love this book.” It’s also one of the few comics where I lose my shit over the art. Fiona Staples is a fucking talent.

      And I cannot recommend Thor: God of Thunder enough. It is the best Marvel NOW book out so far with Hickman’s New Avengers a close second.

  2. I think that ABCFamily promo of Batman Begins was made for those viewers who generally only watch that channel for Pat Robertson’s “The 700 Club” and are otherwise cloistered from mainstream popular culture. “The star’s name is ‘Christian’! Maybe it’s okay for us to watch it, honey.”

  3. That ABC Family Batman promo sucks some serious balls. I wholeheartedly second a John Wesley Shipp cameo in a Flash movie. He can play Jay Garrick if the main character is Barry Allen. If the main is Wally West, the Shipp can play an older Barry Allen.

  4. I’ve already got my lowered expectations in place for the new Batman game, but it comes out at the perfect time of the year for me. I get to take the whole of December off to spend it working out, reading comics, and playing video games (also lots of smoking). If I get half of the enjoyment I have out of the last two Arkham games, I’ll be set for months.

    Oh and next trip to the comic store Fish, and I’m gonna give a few of you recommendations a try. I’ve been thinking about buying the new Wolverine book just because of Alan Davis. That run he had on Excalibur back in the early 90′s is still one of my favorite things to read.

  5. Oh and if anyone else didn’t know, Netflix has added “Justice League” and “J.L. Unlimited” to their streaming videos. Those guys should be the ones in charge of the movie. Batman doesn’t quit for 8 years when his feelings get hurt when those folks are writing him.

  6. Man of Steel Henry Cavill Michael Shannon General Zod
    Miranda Veracruz DeLaHoya Cardinal
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy shit this looks terribad

  7. Lou Braccant

    Man of Steel will suck, I have no doubt in my mind, they will shoehorn a useless tag at the end which will make everybody groan.
    Justice League will suck, the best thing they can do is forget the Marvel way of letting each main character have an origin movie, just jump right in! You don’t know who Wonder Woman is? Never seen Martian Manhunter before? LOOK THEM UP!! You have google on your phone, do some homework. You know you’re about to see the film, it’s not like you get kidnapped and forced to watch it through a hole in the bag on your head, don’t be so fucking lazy
    Flash should go back to TV, that show worked well and if they were picked up for a second season, there would have been a lot more powered villains, John Wesley Shipp is, and always will be Barry Allen!!!
    I’m fine with Rocksteady farming out Arkham Origins, that way we can be sure they are using their full concentration on the Read Dead Redemption sequel! We have 3 Batman games and only one John Marston? For shame.
    I’m really looking forward to Captain America (and Thor)
    Star Wars is dead and I will not spend a single cent on it anymore.
    I am very intrigued in Invincible after your comment that it beats Walking Dead, I will check it out on your recommendation Fish.

    • Also scope out the American Vampire trades. I’ll be the first person to tell you I’m fucking sick of vampires, but what Scott Snyder is doing here is something unique.

  8. Chinny

    Are you still planning to write something else for Bioshock Infinite once you’ve finished it? I’m interested to hear your take on the ending.

  9. blah, blah, nerd talk, blah, blah…couldn’t that main photo be cropped just a little farther south? You know, so I could see SuperMan’s junk?

  10. Man of Steel Henry Cavill Michael Shannon General Zod
    Clark Kent
    Commented on this photo:

    The Man of CGI

  11. Man of Steel Henry Cavill Michael Shannon General Zod
    Superman Skeptic
    Commented on this photo:

    Wouldn’t superman, in reality, be scrawny? If you lived in a world where you and everything around you essentially weighed nothing, your body would atrophy.

  12. it is so obvious that superman’s costume was made by peter parker.

  13. Jon Hex

    Man, I hope they don’t use Ultimate Black Panther as a basis for the movie.

  14. Swearin

    I’m not a DC fanboy by any stretch (in fact, outside of Batman I could give a crap for all of their properties) but I really think they should do a good, strong stand-alone Wonder Woman movie before jumping into Justice League. They already screwed up Green Lantern so at this point they should just shoehorn a new actor into JL a’la how Avengers redid the Hulk, and introduce The Flash and Martian Manhunter at the same time. But Wonder Woman is kind of a big deal to many DC fans.

  15. Man of Steel Henry Cavill Michael Shannon General Zod
    Commented on this photo:

    Why is the picture cut off at his junk? I’m not gay but I damn know the director is and his love for Twinks. Sad will see if this movies sucks or not(no pun intended)

  16. j-sin

    Alright, BLACK PANTHER! Finally! However, Morris Chestnut was never who I had in mind for the role. I was thinking more black british actors to bring some gravitas to the role like Chiwetel Ejiofor or Idris Elba. Can’t wait to see Wakanda on screen! Any fantasy casting ideas, Fish?

  17. mfbinc

    am i the only one who sees charlie huunam as the only viable replacement for heath ledger as the joker?

  18. SMB

    …first off: Fish — my own personal Jesus — mentioned me, by name, in a post about something i said… my penis just inflated into the shape of the Mighty Mouse balloon in the Macy’s parade.

    @ lou braccant: “invincible” is, as the tagline states, “probably the best superhero comic in the universe” for several reasons… the concept of the book is a simple one: he took superman and spiderman and did a mash-up, but added a metric shit ton of original, fantastic ideas… robert kirkman loves the superhero genre and it shows, his stories and characters are nothing short of brilliant and amazing… start with the first trade, his origin, i guarantee you’ll be hooked. (and fish: i stand defiantly on that hill along side you, visa vis ‘walking dead’, and vampires in general… also; if marvel does one more ‘zombies’ thing, i’m gonna cut quesada’s balls off, but, in contrast, i loved DC’s ‘black lantern’ arc…hypocritical?)

    …so, kryptonite is’nt in the movie? why is that a bad thing? personally, i would’nt introduce kryptonite until the 2nd or 3rd movie… let him be an unbeatable demi-god for a while, then BAM!!! found your weakness, muthafuka!!!

    …although, on some level, i kinda like the idea of the superman films being ground zero for introducing other DC heroes (‘world’s finest’ style), i think it would be come trite after a while… maybe just use one of superman’s films to introduce the main 3 or 4 (ala the ‘new frontier’ animated movie), then use the first 30 min of the ‘justice league’ movie to introduce the audience to the rest. (ala giant size x-men #1)

    …me and my nigga darryl have been having this discussion every weekend for the last 3 weeks …and we’ve narrowed it down to 2: anthony mackie or michael jai white… that’s who should play ‘black panther’ (taye diggs is too short, otherwise, yeah)… and it’s about damn time.

    …it cracks me how captain america, the only guy who’s costume SHOULD look like it’s made of some fancy, hi-tech stuff, because it’s made by shield or whoever, and yet he’s in an outfit you can put together from an army-navy store …while peter parker, a lower-middle-class high school kid from queens looks like he got his goddamn costume from fuckin’ galactus. WTF. (what is the deal with this fish-scale look that’s standard for all non-armor/non-leather superhero costumes?)

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