WEEKEND NERDIOR: ‘Man of Steel’ Edition

It may be a beautiful spring Sunday outside, but fresh air is the enemy and I’ll be goddamned if I’m about to let its invigorating aroma stop me from talking about Superman on the Internet. Also, there might be bees. Anyway, let’s jump right into this week’s edition of Weekend Nerdior where apparently it’s DC Comics’ turn to drop a whole bunch of shit ala Marvel’s Phase Two dump last week. Which helps when your parent company is a giant media empire that owns Entertainment Weekly. And before someone goes, “Wait, aren’t you owned by a giant media empire?” Our top property is Kim Kardashian’s blog, so we’re not exactly Rupert Murdoch over here. Yet… MUAHAHAHA! *Googles mail-order ninja brides*

Man of Steel

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly had a huge cover story on Man of Steel where it dropped a couple of big items including Kryptonite won’t be in the movie, General Zod wears Megatron for a shirt, Superman’s the Jesus of Krypton now and confirmation that the film will be a stepping stone for Justice League, an approach that has never epically backfired in Warner Bros.’ face before. Plus Christopher Nolan is involved and his last superhero movie wasn’t a questionable misstep, that made a badass character into a giant pussy. This should all go well. [Coming Soon]

Justice League

While Nolan’s Batman trilogy was a self-contained, stand-alone story, Man of Steel will be more open to the possibilities of other superheroes showing up in the world that’s being built. (Read: “We’re doing everything Marvel did now.”) Other superheroes who aren’t anyone from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies which Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov is now making abundantly clear are “standalone” films and Christian Bale (or Joseph Gordon-Levitt) won’t be showing up in Justice League like everyone freaked out about. However, Robinov teased the announcement of other superhero properties very soon which is either a rebooted Batman already, or the next thing I’m about to write about, so just give me a second. Jesus. [EW.com]

The Flash

I know a lot of women who watch Sons of Anarchy for the sole purpose of Charlie Hunnam, so good news, he may be running around in skin-tight red pajamas soon provided Guillermo del Toro doesn’t cast him in Justice League Dark. And, yes, I’m going to be that nerd who demands a John Wesley Shipp cameo because nostalgia will make a man do things he doesn’t even know he’s doing until they find the bodies. [CHUD]

Batman: Arkham Origins

You’re getting a prequel to the remarkably awesome Batman: Arkham games, except Rocksteady farmed it out to WB Montreal while they (presumably) work on the follow-up to Arkham City, so lower your expectations accordingly. [Game Informer]

Now What’s Marvel Doing?


Also This Cap Business

Captain America’s costume in Winter Soldier will be his suit from the first movie and Avengers smooshed together making the potential for Derp-face slightly lower. Slightly. [Spinoff Online]

Saucer Country

Someone gave me the first trade of Saucer Country for my birthday, so naturally as soon as I went, “Probe my anus, this is awesome,” Vertigo cancelled it. Turns out it may have been picked up by another publisher which I’ll just assume is Image because they’ve been shatting pure gold over there. [Bleeding Cool]

Star Wars

I forgot to mention this last week, but Dark Horse is releasing a mini-series based off of George Lucas’ original script for Star Wars where Han Solo is a giant lizard-man. More importantly, this will probably be the last Star Wars comic Dark Horse releases before Disney destroys them like they did LucasArts and the Extended Universe. [EW.com]


Last week, friend to the site and avid Weekend Nerdior reader SMB commented on my pull list of monthly comics and lamented the love given to Invincible which I forgot to to include. I actually buy the trades as soon as they come out and have no reservations dying on this hill: It beats the (non-)living shit out of The Walking Dead, and yes, I hate myself for making that pun but not as much as my penis does. Seriously, put down the suitcase. Let’s talk about this.

HaHaHaHaHaHa! What The Hell Is This?

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