Shut Up And Watch The New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer

I’m really trying not to get my hopes up for Man of Steel after getting my face pissed in by The Dark Knight Rises, but goddamn, if this doesn’t look like Zack Snyder wasn’t kidding when he said this Superman was going to be a brawler. That said, hopefully he doesn’t lose focus on the true essence of the character which is knocking up Lois then fleeing the planet while she’s left raising an asthmatic super-kid. If I had to describe Superman to someone who’d never heard of him before, it’d start with that. “You see, Jimmy, Superman’s a strange visitor from a distant planet whose sperm is too strong for our Earth condoms, yet not strong enough to fire through a woman’s uterus killing her instantly. Which is where the ‘super’ comes from because he ain’t got time for no kids.”