Madonna might lose her kid


According to MSNBC, Madonna’s adoption of her new son from Malawi is facing new problems and may completely fall through. The Malawi minister for Women and Child Development, Kate Kainja, is refusing to let the country’s Child Welfare Services director, Penstone Kilembe, go to London to check in on David and his new family on claims that he received the air ticket and money from Madonna without government approval. Kilembe says:

“You know it requires some resources for me to travel. What this means is that the whole adoption process may crumble and David sent back to his village.”

Basically the guy who’s supposed to check in on David can’t check in on David because he received a bribe from Madonna. And if he can’t check in on David, the adoption essentially falls through and effectively sends David back to Africa. Although this is Madonna, so there’s basically no way she’s losing her kid. If she has to, she’ll probably just end up buying Malawi. African countries you’ve never heard of are usually pretty cheap. Just like your mom. Oh, snap!

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