Madonna might lose her kid

August 6th, 2007 // 59 Comments

According to MSNBC, Madonna’s adoption of her new son from Malawi is facing new problems and may completely fall through. The Malawi minister for Women and Child Development, Kate Kainja, is refusing to let the country’s Child Welfare Services director, Penstone Kilembe, go to London to check in on David and his new family on claims that he received the air ticket and money from Madonna without government approval. Kilembe says:

“You know it requires some resources for me to travel. What this means is that the whole adoption process may crumble and David sent back to his village.”

Basically the guy who’s supposed to check in on David can’t check in on David because he received a bribe from Madonna. And if he can’t check in on David, the adoption essentially falls through and effectively sends David back to Africa. Although this is Madonna, so there’s basically no way she’s losing her kid. If she has to, she’ll probably just end up buying Malawi. African countries you’ve never heard of are usually pretty cheap. Just like your mom. Oh, snap!


  1. Victor


  2. Laura

    Whatever…Angelina Jolie will adopt him if worst comes to worst.

  3. jrzmommy

    Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie is like, Pfft…..fucking novice.

  4. silentpyjamas

    is it SO hard to just act like a regular person, Madonna? if the kid is that important to you you’d go to Malawi and live there like anyone else would have to for a year. for crying out loud, woman, children are not fashion accessories and if parenting really means that much to you, then you will do whatever it takes to do it right.

  5. cindy

    So she already gave her kid to Carrie Bradshaw???

  6. wedgeone

    “African countries you’ve never heard of are usually pretty cheap. Just like your mom.”

    OUCH!! Such stinging diatribe! Fish had a bad weekend I guess.

  7. ?the kid iz better off back in the village..Madonnaz a horrible mom?

  8. Madonna fucked up her eyez..whatever the fuck zhe did to them
    doezn’t even look like her..thatz fuckin funny…that old zhit iz old..

  9. B. Obama

    Madonna has to do everything differently from everybody else. Black babies are for abandoning, not adopting. She can try all she wants, but in the end natural law always prevails.

  10. Y don’t the old bitch go hide in one of her fuckin caztlez and leave theze poor
    kidz alone…zhe would of juzt fucked him when hiz peter got big enough and ruined hiz whole life.

  11. The only reason you haven’t heard of Malawi is because you’re too busy worrying about really important things, like how many bumps there are on Tara Reid’s stomach.

  12. David

    If they can’t afford to go to London to check on the kid, how are they going to come and get the kid? Are they going to send Madonna a pre-paid UPS label to send the kid back overnight? As long as she doesn’t take the kid back to Malawi, she’s keeping the kid.

  13. bush

    #7 – it’s called getting older dipshit.

  14. bush

    #8- it’s called getting older dipshit.

  15. hendero

    Yeah, right, Malawi really has it’s sh!t together enough to organize the retrieval of a kid now living 5,000 miles away.

  16. Lovely

    Shit.. that’s not her real kid?? I’m confused, they look so much alike.

  17. Sauron

    About 60% of all interracial adoptions worldwide are illegal.The background stories of the kids are made up ,the paperwork isn’t right or the babies are kidnapped.Foreign babies seem to have no rights at all.

  18. Christ on a Crotch

    That’ll teach the pretentions cunts of this world to look in thier own back yards when looking ot adopt. How much did she have to shell out in bribes and all that crap to get a kid she may lose. She could have spent $25,000 here or in Merry Ole England and adopted a kid.

    Buuut, NOOOOOOOO, it has to be from Malawi so the world can say “Oh, that Madonna really lives up to her name, huh? Such a pilantropist.” (bad spelling on purpose)

    God damned poser muther-madonna-fucker. She ain’t MY momma!

  19. Christ on a Crotch

    sorry, pretentious

  20. Lexoka

    There’s no way she’ll lose the kid. Even if Malawi asks her to give him back — which I seriously doubt — she’ll just say no and keep him. What are they gonna do about it?

  21. Guy

    Kelli, why on earth do you reply with about 3 different comments? It’s amazingly retarded.

    You have no unique views to, its like you represent your whole stereotype of a dumb bitch who believes what the media tells them.

  22. my comment

    Good. Who needs a mother made of boiled chicken anyway!

  23. woodhorse

    Sauron, is that for real? Being a “universal donor”, I can have just any race of kid I want naturally (they just come out a tad paler) so how can it be illegal to adopt a child of a different race? The children don’t care – they just want to be loved.

  24. lambman

    And after the kids gets sent back to the poverty and disease stricken land, he grows up learning the ways of the ninja to enact some most excellent revenge on The Malawi minister for Women and Child Development, Kate Kainja for screwing him out of a life of untold luxury.

  25. yolatengo

    ok wait, i am confused…so that’s not Gary Coleman she’s holding??!!

  26. Laura

    haha, 25, way to lighten the mood. agreed.

  27. RAT

    That’s what she gets for buying a kid like he was a freakin’ dog she saw in the window at the pet store. She probably said something like: Excuse me. I’ll take the little black one, please.

  28. nagger please

    Remember when Gucci bags were a fashion statement? i miss those days..

  29. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    now they’re going to say it’s cruel to take him away since she’s had him for , what, a fucking year now? jesus this was the worst idea ever. way to go Mawalieaiojwe Child Welfare Services.

  30. cvela

    your last comment was really tasteless.

  31. lolita


  32. Italian Stallion

    I bet that kid’s going to be handy with a spear……………

  33. woodhorse

    #24 LOL – maybe she wants him back before he can remember to tell the other kids what they are missing…..

  34. W

    That wasn’t even funny, you really don’t seem to be too well-informed if you have never heard of Malawi.

  35. Poor little David is stuck in the middle.

  36. Lowlands

    Most at the time in interracial adoption the adoptive parents are hairy crotched christians.Looking for status and shoulderslaps of their local reverend/priest.I don’t consider Madonna as one of them.

  37. lola

    who cares she probably uses him to do the housework anyway……and he does share a funny resemblance to Gary Coleman…

  38. Lowlands

    How about this,in the 50′s,60′s and early 70′s adopted kids where just sent up to the new country as a postpackage by plane.When they arrived in the country of the adoptive parents they just got picked up at the airport.If you can’t afford a planetrip to the mothercountry of the kid then don’t adopt because that means you’re financially incompetent.For the kid it’s like from the one crap in another crap.Most at the time adoption really is a big joke.

  39. Sauron

    Sigh,it’s ofcourse the kid’s interest what comes first.The interest of the adoptive parents and goverments are secundairy.Human-rights lawyers should be more active in interracial adoption because there’s a huge grey and black area.

  40. kelly

    I actually remember reading a while ago that Madonna wanted rid of the child and this might just be the way she can get rid of him without it looking like she just sent him back for a refund.
    I mean think about it.
    She can hardly change her mind, this way it actually looks like the baby was took off her.
    Maybe some people will even have sympathy for Madonna and say that she doesn’t get special treatment just because she’s a celebrity.
    But that was really the plan all along.
    It’s such a shame on the kid. Get it together people.

  41. kelly

    Also, did you hear what they were saying about the nude photos and love letters that one of her ex-boyfriends is trying to sell?
    Acting like nobody has saw her nude before. I guess the adoption services must have missed some of her work the first time around. (although I don’t see what posing nude, about 20 years ago, necessarily has to do with your ability to be a parent)

  42. wedgeone

    Gary Coleman … before he learned how to argue with women in public and get charged with disorderly conduct.
    Funny shit there.

  43. bush baby

    in this picture, this is what she is thinking and why that baby has that look on his face.

    Madonna “why do my hands feel all warm suddenly?”
    Little Malawi baby ” eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea, pooop!”

  44. Big Mama

    If Madonna really wanted to adopt a child, she could find many children needing homes here in the US. We have children of all colors that are being offered for adoption. Of course, she wouldn’t get the type of PR from a normal US adoption as she would from an adoption from a third world country.

    What a Media Whore.

    She has sunk to a new low — Baby Buying for PR.

    She is the worst of the worst.

    This cute little baby boy would be lucky to get away from her. She is just using him to get more sick PR media fixes.

    She is a PR junky. SICKO !!!!

  45. woodhorse

    Think of the PR she can get if she “has to” send him back…..

  46. herbiefrog

    hey babe… : )

    since when


    …save the world…

    translate into adopting someone from malawi?

    maybe you could gather
    your friends
    and take over the role that
    the UN

    is so obviously failing

    i.e. we give you guys our money
    and you redistribute it…

    ps that doesnt mean you can keep loads for yourself

    …[are we nearly there yet?]

  47. nagger please


  48. jrzmommy

    guess that Sex book and the music video of the cross burning/saint fucking wasn’t such a good idea afterall, huh douchebag? And wait, whoa…..yep…’re that skank from Detroit, ain’t ya?

  49. nagger please #2

    That is one ungly fuckin’ baby.

  50. yes #45

    how very convenient.

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