Madonna is a hypocrite

February 28th, 2007 // 81 Comments

In the latest issue of British Elle, Madonna says she’s worried because her daughter keeps wearing jeans that are too tight. She says:

“My daughter is going through a phase of wearing jeans that are so tight she can’t bend her knees in them. I have a go at her and say, ‘Can’t you wear something else? You have a closet full of clothes and you wear the same pants every day. And please wear a belt because I don’t want to see your butt crack when you bend over.’”

Madonna getting upset with her daughter for dressing too slutty is like Mr. T getting upset with his son for pitying too many fools. I think there was a period in Madonna’s life where all she wore was spaghetti pasta and condoms.

NOTE: It looks like Madonna attended a semester at Pink’s School for Looking Like a Dude. And I think she already completed the course on arms.


  1. pana1718


  2. pana1718

    oh well she did dirty things and dosnt want her daughter to do them thats all… shes selfish

  3. boggur

    Hello!!? Is she forgetting the whole triangle bra debacle!

  4. TrimSpaBaby

    Madonna’s daughter is Victoria Beckham?

  5. TrimSpaBaby

    #3 I had. Thanks for reminding me. You can pay for my next round of Ambien.

  6. wink

    giv me ah break ! …..the kids learn from what thet see n hear in entertainment…..Madonna works(or gets money from anyway)for the entertainment types ..has worn tight, tight outfits, worn the bullet bras….. am I missing something here

  7. ImaCracka

    She is a whore… and so is madonna….lol

    Worse than that bra is tha fact she used to fuck Warren beatty……


  8. wink

    ps from #6……and madonna….attractive?…NO, NEGATIVE, not a chance, your blind if you think so, etc, etc.

  9. fame is funny

    Frist! Or ninth.

  10. Regnig

    Hello Kettle… let me introduce you to Pot..

  11. woodhorse

    i never thought she was attractive and didn’t like her music but i did like what she had to say to Women’s Libs groups who tried to tell her that she was degrading women by what she was doing. Her reply was that she didn’t let men tell her how to dress and she wasn’t going to let women tell her how to dress, either. Yep, a photo of her should be posted next to the definition of “hypocrit” in the dictionary. Now I don’t like anything about her.

  12. NicotineEyePatch

    Did Madonna honestly say to an interviewer that she’d “have a go” at her daughter?
    Because “have a go”, “taking the mick” and “freshen yer drink, guv’nah?” are all Michigan sayings.
    I thought she’d been living in England long enough by now that she’d learn proper Queen’s English….

  13. dafeedil

    My grandmother used to say that you would get yeast infections from wearing jeans that were too tight. She also said it was wrong to kiss your cousin. What did she know anyway?

  14. paulab

    I feel she’s a mother. She knows and understands all the stuff she did before, and then changed. Now with kids it’s like hey don’t grow up to be like how I was young, don’t give yourself the title of slut. I don’t think she’s selfish or a hypocrite, I think she’s just being a mother trying to keep her kids to grow up without drama like Paris hilton or the rest of them.

  15. kamihi

    her daughter is about 10, when madonna looked and dressed slutty at least she was a grown up, there is a difference right there!

  16. Pretty soon her daughter is going to start listening to this angsty music with titles such as “Like a Virgin” “Papa Don’t Preach” and “Erotica”. She’s going to get such a talking to for going through her Mom’s things.

  17. thunderkat69

    What a wanker! She and Gwenyth should keep thier mouths shut and stick to giving each other tea parties and kissing pictures of the queen, fake biotches

  18. kamihi

    #12 you might think “have a go” and “taking the mick” are Michigan sayings they are actually British and Irish sayings copied or continued by immigrants to America so not originally Michiganese.

  19. thunderkat69

    #18- I think it was meant as a joke…

  20. ch474

    I think Madonna is seeing the lights dimming on her career. She’s no longer in the spotlight for everything she does, so the best way to generate press is to exploit her children. Up next, Mummy/Daughter porn.

  21. Lowlands

    I think it was Confucius who said this but i’m not sure because he said this in the Chinese language.It was something like this;if you dunno anything about reallife don’t even start to think on taking childeren.With a bit luck i’m going to raise my kids as the most correct people in the world…

  22. hotguy

    if i wasn’t an homosexual, i would contrive some horrid sentiments against our queen. Madge is like what, 114 years of age? Still looking fab there babe, still working it. HELLO, THE CONFESSIONS TOUR, SHE AINT OUTDATED? looks better than shitney…

  23. leezastudio

    she’s a man, and what the hell is she wearing, it’s like 7 of 9 went noughty in some voyager episode. she sucks

  24. she’s great woman, she looks great!! and she deserves it!!

  25. MrSemprini

    I just remembered, there’s a Mr. Ed marathon on Nick. Gotta go, Sirens.

  26. TashaVin`

    I think she’s fantastic – not to mention Beautiful, what is she 172 now? Bet you cant lick your own ass at 172! Yoga my friends – Yoga.

  27. Not only does she look like a dude, she looks like a scary-senior-citizen dude. Nasty.

  28. TJH

    Speaking about her “have a go” comment–have you seen her in any recent interviews? She puts on a fake Brit accent…makes me wanna hurl. Talk about selling out! She’s trash, just like her daughter will be.

  29. leezastudio

    Check out those biceps, . . . sexy

  30. Hypocrit? Hardly. When she was dressing “like a slut” (as in, overtly sexual) she was a grown woman making her own choices and asserting that she could be every bit as sexually confident as a guy. All she’s saying now is that she doesn’t want her 10 year old daughter dressing like a hoochie. I think A LOT of moms who currently let their rugrats run around in belly shirts and low-rise jeans could learn a lesson from that…

    As for her arms… they’re less jacked now than they were a few years ago. I always assumed that – now that she’s getting older – she was making the conscious choice to “overdo” them a little bit now so that they stay firmed and toned later… rather than get all droopy and matronly. Either way, she’s pushing 50 and still hotter (and from the looks of it, naturally so) than half the chicks out there now, post-tit-job and airbrushing! Britney got about four years of hotness in her career… Madonna’s been in the industry for like, 25 years and has gone from young hottie to milf. Good for her.

  31. alaskanchicsickle

    @26 I can’t stand Madonna, but yoga is the shit!!

  32. whitegold

    Is she still relevant in any way these days? What does she do?

  33. Niecy

    Yeah she is definitely a hypocrite. She should be buying her daughter a cone bra to wear with those tight jeans.

    But if I was a huge whore, I wouldn’t want my daughter to follow in my footsteps either.

  34. jrzmommy

    I wonder how upset she’ll be when Lourdes publishes a pictoral book of her sexual fantasies………

  35. wtf

    She just wanted her daughter to give her her pants back

  36. Her husband has this look on his face that says, “Dear God, What has my life become?”

  37. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Sounds like Madonna is beginning her walk down the road that all slutty celebs will have to take if they produce kids. The “Do as I say, not what I’ve done” road. I give Lourdes 2 years before she slams her mother’s nudity book down on the coffee table, demnds to be taken to the doctor for birth control pills, and tells her mother to kiss her tight-jean-clad ass.

    I can’t WAIT until Britney Spears tries telling her sons that the girls they date are too racy and dress like whores.

  38. ginger t

    What is with the extra skin flap by her right ear in the first thumbnail? Did they not nip it off during her facelift procedure?

    Can I get the name of her surgeon? I don’t care how much time she has spent out of the sun, no white chick looks that smooth pushing 50 after birthin’ two babies …

  39. BriBri

    Ummmm, yea her daughter is like 11 so if she doesn’t want her wearing too tight pants how about not buying them?

    I mean she is earning the freakin money and Lourdes is a KID.

  40. LoneWolf

    “have a go”? Bitch is not only a hypocrite, she’s pretentious as well. Hey, Your Highness, why don’t you do a remake of “Swept Away” and STFU?

    Yo, Fish Dude – aren’t there some naked and worse pics of one of the American Idol contestants floating around the Web? Get to it, and quit wasting bandwidth on this has-been.

  41. 86

    Her bag was beaded with real diamonds.

  42. ashtanga

    Grow up people! Her daughter is 12. Madonna is an adult wearing skimpy clothes.

  43. PrettyBaby

    #4) LoneWolf- Quit stealing my thoughts!! ;) No, yu are totally right…”have a go” at her daughter, wtf?! She is pretentious and ridiculous and her Kabbalah crap and her obsession with being English make her a laughingstock…

  44. mika85

    her daughter is still a child, and who the fuck is buying this kid’s clothes? if you don’t want her to dress like a bratz doll, don’t buy her those kinds of clothes!!

    madonna is such a gap-toothed idiot bitch that she can’t figure that out?

  45. Devi

    Madonna can kick my ass.

  46. LL

    RE hypocrisy: yeah, if she doesn’t want her kid wearing pants that are too low, all she has to do is take them away. Kid won’t like it, but that’s one of the downsides of being a parent. Sometimes you have to tell them shit they don’t like. Grow a pair, Madonna.

    RE her arms: yeah, they do look a little manly, but I gotta say, I wish I had those shoulders. She may want to ratchet back on the workouts just a bit so that she doesn’t look like she could bench press her husband. But I love the dress and think she looks better here than usual. The hair, the dress, the accessories, the bod, it’s all working here. She looks better than Lohan, who is half her age.

  47. arden

    She looks beautiful. And not wanting your daughter to dress at 10 like you did at 22 is reasonable.

  48. lambman

    So she’s a hypocrit because she doesn’t want her 10 year old daughter to wear revealing clothing? That’s the stupidest complaint I’ve ever heard.

    Madonna didn’t record an album until she was 24. When Madonna wore her “cone bra” she was over 30, Laurdes is only 10

  49. 86

    Your kids don’t need more friends, they need parents. She sucks but at least she doesn’t completely suck at motherhood. Question though, Madge…who bought her the asscrack-showing jeans??

  50. DingleberryJam

    Jeez, its like drag queens don’t even try anymore.

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