Madonna & Guy Ritchie want to adopt/kidnap another kid

Madonna and Guy Ritchie were reportedly set to “adopt” an African girl named Mercy before their marriage hit the rocks. Now that the healing has begun, the couple is moving forward with the adoption plans that don’t sound anything at all like an international incident waiting to explode. Except for, oh I dunno, the part where the child’s grandmother doesn’t want to relinquish custody but is being forced to by Madonna’s adoption agency who I’m willing to bet is Blackwater. The Sun reports:

The friend said Madge “fell in love” with Mercy when they met at her orphanage last year. However, the girl’s gran Lucy Chekechiwa, 60, said she has been asked repeatedly by officials if Mercy could be adopted by an “unidentified foreign family” — but was firmly against it.
Speaking from her village in Zomba District, Lucy said: “We know that it is Mercy who Madonna really wants. We heard it is because my granddaughter is such a beautiful, happy child. Twice I have told the adoption people that I do not want Mercy to go outside the country. But they keep on at us. Now they say that Mercy will be leaving us, but can return at age 18. Yet I might not be alive then.”

I feel sorry for Madonna’s publicist Liz Rosenberg. She’s working her ass off to make it look like her client’s not an undead creature of the night, but then you get stories from the heart of Africa about Madonna sweeping into villages and stealing children. She’s going to have to bang someone way more famous than A-Rod to make this one go away. I’m talking, at the very least, Jesus and/or Batman.

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