Macaulay Culkin goes ring-shopping

January 12th, 2006 // 22 Comments

macaulay2.jpgMacaulay Culkin and his longtime girlfriend, That 70′s Show actress Mila Kunis, are reportedly shopping for an engagement ring after deciding to wed. The couple, dating since 2002, were spotted ring shopping at a number of Beverly Hills jewelers last week, and friends claim they’re planning to wed this year. A source says, “Mila’s looking for a ring that’s unique and may even opt for a ruby instead of a diamond.” Culkin was previously married to actress Rachel Miner, but they divorced in 2000.

Well good for Macaulay, getting back on the marriage horse again. But all the marijuana must be affecting his hearing, because Mila Kunis has one of the most godawful voices in the history of man. Seriously, if it was a choice between talking to her on the phone for 24 hours or butchering my parents with an onion peeler, I’d be asking for my Christmas presents early this year. I’d probably also ask for a new onion peeler.


  1. SuperSpence

    The only problem with this story is that I’m not sure we even have definitive proof that Macaulay Culkin is still alive.

  2. ZoomBoy

    Wasn’t this clown already married to some broadway whore?

    I think he IS dead, isn’t that his autopsy photos from the Fox special “Culkin: Dead”


  3. ZoomBoy

    Wasn’t this clown already married to some broadway whore?

    In fact, I think he might BE dead.. isn’t those his autopsy photos from the Fox special “Culkin: Dead”.


  4. hmmm….mila kunis sure she has a bad voice….but ummmmm is good looking…and as for culkin shit man….you watch him in saved and you’ll get the shock of the history

  5. andrewthezeppo

    Isn’t she more famous tham him at this point? Hasn’t she been working on that crappy but successful show for like 7 years now whereas he’s made like 2 indie movies since puberty?

  6. To sum up: Macaulay Culkin may be dead, and he’s marrying Meg from Family Guy. Hmm.

  7. CheekyChops

    I thought he was a gay.

  8. HollyJ

    I can’t sit through ‘That 70s Show.’ I tried once. The acting sucks, and I think the contributing writers are 13-yr-old sexually-frustrated retards. I therefore have no idea what her voice sounds like…but she certainly has a pretty face–very pretty eyes.

    She’s definitely better looking than Mr Elfin Magic.

    Just thinking about seeing him naked dries me up like Jessica Tandy.

  9. andreanicks

    She will forever be know as “The girl from ‘That 70′s show’ who’s married to the ‘Home Alone’ kid.” Not a good thing to be known as.

  10. BrendaPayne

    He’s god-awful looking, she’s smokin hot. Anyone see her Stuff spread? If I were a guy, I’d hit it…but not knowing that Macaulay Culkin’s penis had been there.

  11. derekd

    I always tried to convince myself that it was just a rumor that her and Culkin were dating. What a mismatch. I find her incredibly hot. I think the whole one eye green the other eye blue adds to the appeal. Plus dark haired women with light eyes is always a recipe for a hottie. 8 outta 10. She belongs in the “We can’t act for shit but we are incredibly hot,” club. Is there such a club? Well there should be! Jessica Alba can be president!

  12. “Don’t start me up like a Rollin’ Stone
    “I leave you sulkin’Like Macaulay Culkin
    “In Home Alone
    “So Get A Grip Like Stephen Tyler

    Those lyrics come to mind everytime he makes the news. I may get the beats for this but give the guy a break.

    Could you imagine your life being remembered as some kid who slapped his face and scremamed? It would suck. At least give him some credit. He had no control over his earnings as a kid and his family smoked that like a crack-head tappin an 8 Ball.

    He has held it together for 3 years now with a hot chick and an annoying voice, but he’s tappin that and your not.

    Macaulay Culkin is ok in my books.

  13. hafaball

    She’s the one that plays meg right? On family guy? at least she has a sense of humor, so when you tell her to shut up, maybe she will. :o I’m not sure there;s a point there, just that she’s hot.

  14. I kinda feel sorry for this lost boy-real messed up childhood, horrible family situation, and I’d bet my left foot he was molested by Michael Jackson, but is still in denial.

  15. WaitWhat?

    What on earth is she thinking?? The kid lost his virginity to Michael Jackson and I think he stopped growing at the age of 10.

  16. aims_25

    Who does she play on “That 70′s show”??

  17. Doesn’t he have, like, no body hair?

  18. andreaturtle

    He bears a slight resemblance to Kid Rock.

  19. celebshaveissues

    i dont know….just something about him scares me……..(shudders)hes weird

  20. sigh, another sufferer of ugmo – that’s when a child star grows up to become monstrously ugly

  21. Jenna Black

    He is a very lucky man to have such a great woman. I never hear anything bad about her. She is cute too boot!

  22. jo baylis

    I think Macaulay Culkin is a fine actor that was exploited as a child way too often. His performance in Monster (although not my cup of tea as far as stories go.) was supurb. It’s not the young man’s fault that he was stuck with a stigma that no one will allow him to get over. He’s not a child anymore, and Hollywood should acknowledge this and place Mr. Culkin in roles that are age appropriate with the type of roles he should be playing as a MAN.

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