Lynne Spears: Jamie Lynn ‘crucified’ while Bristol Palin ‘celebrated’

September 24th, 2008 // 104 Comments

Lynne Spears is speaking out about the media’s hypocrisy embracing the pregnancy of Bristol Palin, the 17-year-old daughter of John McCain running mate Sarah Palin. Lynne got her holy nuts kicked in when it was revealed Jamie Lynn was with child, but Sarah Palin is getting a pass, according to Newsweek:

“It’s a totally different reaction. It’s as if [Sarah Palin] became celebrated. I mean, the mother, Palin, was celebrated for this. Every woman in the world has applauded her strength and her convictions and poor little old Jamie Lynn–you saw how she was crucified. Everybody did, firsthand … I just feel like it’s been a very hypocritical situation.”

Lynne added: “I mean, I’ve got a ‘special needs’ baby, too. Where’s my outpouring of love? So maybe mine, I dunno, flashes her hooternanny and has a record deal and, okay, had sex with men of Middle Eastern descent. I should get to be a national treasure too! Did I mention she tried to eat a toaster oven once? That too. Give me a parade!


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  2. Barack Hussein Obama

    Ummm, Jamie Lynn was ‘crucified’ cuz she was on a teeny-bopper TV show and it was an embarassment to the network, and I don’t recall anyone ‘celebrating’ Bristol Pailin’s pregnancy. Now, if Palin was a Democrat, pregnant and on welfare, we’d be celebrating her…cuz that’s my constituency.

  3. Splooge

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  4. ph7

    She’s got a point.

    Tw hillbilly mothers (Palin and Lynne Spears) with two pregnant hillbilly daughters, are treated differently.

    Bad mothers should be treated equally.

  5. is that baby spit on her shoulder? oh yeah… she’s probably coming out of a wal-mart

  6. Joe Melnick

    Wow – I wasn’t aware that accusing someone of faking her own pregnancy to cover for her daughter constitutes a ‘pass’ from the media. Bristol was not a public figure before all this, unlike Spears.

    Name one outlet that ‘celebrated’ this.

  7. Area Man

    Caribou Barbie and Lynne Bob Spears. . . they’re both losers, and they will remain the role models for the WalMart set.

  8. boofuckinghoo

    Shut the fuck up, Lynn, and go take care of your grandkids, since you can’t manage to take care of your daughters.

  9. Slut

    Where to start…first I will start that #1-weetee- needs to be bitch slapped for his gay spam….#2 -Jamie Lynn was 16 when she was pregnant and #3-Lynne Spears needs to shut the hell up-talk about media ho…..

  10. thinkaboutit

    The two pregnancies were treated differently and unfairly. Palin is thought of as being strong and relatable to the common person because of this. The Spears incident is treated as if it’s the worst thing that ever happened. Let’s treat them both realistically. They both were not an ideal situation and it happens- make the best of it.

  11. zuzuspetals

    You are wise. The focus of debate shouldn’t be Bristol or Jamie Lynn- they have done nothing wrong. But Sarah Palin and Lynne Spears both represent the worst aspects of the human species- Sarah Palin is a compulsive liar who will stop at nothing to forward her own ambition; Lynne Spears is a media whore who capitalizes on the pain of her own children just to make money.
    And both have their own set of stupid, blind followers. It’s too sad.

  12. Bob

    I hate to say it, but she’s kind of right.
    Disney star or not, famous or not, the Palin’s haven’t been raked over the coals nearly as much.

  13. Bigo

    Hello, Jamie was 16! and Bristol 17… there’s a difference, you know! Besides that, Jamie was in a TV show for KIDS!

  14. havoc

    Damn, I thought you meant “crucified” literally. I was expecting to see her nailed to a cross in front of Wal-Mart.



  15. Lauren

    Well, Sarah Palin didn’t sell the breaking news to a magazine and she didn’t write a tell all book about her kids. The spears family turns everything into a publicity stunt.

  16. dude_on

    Why wasn’t there an official announcement that the regular fish was to be replaced by an aspiring co-worker? We can handle the truth. If Clay can come out so should the superfish.

    Also, as far as the hypocrisy that Lynne is referring to… she should remember that her daughter was an established celebrity – and she (Lynne) is a low-class Southern skank with a big mouth. When you combine those two elements you can easily come to the conclusion that she isn’t deserving of anything fair from the media.

  17. Lynne Spears should be crucified…she’s an old ass version of Heidi Montag, both are ugly media whores

  18. HughJorgan

    She’s pretty much correct, despite of what anyone may think of her.

  19. Lynne Spear seems like someone who would eat its young,,,if they were’nt cash cows….

  20. ph7

    Can’t wait for the Hillbilly VIce President.

    Can they Palin family park a mobile home on the white house lawn, and save the taxpayers money?

  21. The people that crucified JL were the same ones that praised Palin. Namely oreilly, hannity, smith and malkin. Oreilly and hannity even did commentaries about how wrong it was and how it was the parents fault. People who criticized palin did so because she supports abstinence only sex ed.

  22. …who is Lynne Spears and who is Jamie Lynn Spears?

  23. You expected the media to not be hypocrits? The media is full of them. They grill McCain/Palin on every detail but fail to even mention Barry Obama and his ties to Rev Wright, Bill Ayers (US Terrorsit) and how he recieved more money from Freddie Mac/Fanne May than anyone else.

    Show us O’ wise ones where Palin was “celibrated”….I’ll wait.

  24. ToeSniffer

    Her toes look delicious! First I’d smell them ,then I’d lick them clean.

  25. Why do we pay ANY attention to what this woman has to say about parenting?

  26. AirMail

    Outpouring of love? I think what the little spoiled princess means is “Where is my check!” Listen up sweetheart, this is something your mother should have told you, ‘Don’t hook up with trash that you would not marry and can’t support you.”

  27. missywissy

    The first smart thing to ever come out of Lynn Spears mouth. Why are we electing her prototype to be our president??????? And yes, I know she is running for VP, but she is a heartbeat away from President. Biden is ready. She is not. My dog is more ready than Sarah Palin. I trust my dog. I do not trust a woman that was running for pageant queen while her opponet was in the Senate. What is this world coming to????

  28. p0nk

    One question for you, Lynne…
    When did Sarah Palin sell photo-ops of Bristol’s kid-to-be to the highest bidder?

  29. gnipgnop

    Palin’s just as much a dumb cunt as Spears – retarded hillbilly halfwits – there is no distinction

  30. John

    Palin getting a pass? The media has been on her like houndogs on a fox! If she had aborted her baby she’d have been a media darling! Uh, who is Jamie Lynn Spears again?

  31. Turd Ferguson

    Who cares!! This crap isn’t important.

    Whats important is that its almost lunch time.
    Should I go to subway or the greasy spoon and get a cheeseburger and tots?

  32. Don

    “Hooternanny” haha that’s priceless

  33. Don

    “Hooternanny” haha that’s priceless

  34. bete noir

    Oh please!

    Jamie Lynn was the STAR of a hit show on Nickelodean and had many very young impressionable fans who looked up to her and wanted to be like her.
    Bristol Palin is a nobody whose mother happens to be in politics.

    Big freakin difference.

    And Lynne Spears is a stage mother exploiting her kids and then sitting back and enjoying the reward$. At least Sarah Palin is a working mom.

    Big freakin difference!!!

    And who’s celebrating Bristol’s pregancy? Both these young sluts should’ve kept their legs closed.

  35. hi

    AAAAAAAMEN to #10.

  36. FuckTard Watch

    A very hypocritical situation ?
    I do not remember anybody heralding Palins 17 year old daughter for getting pregnant dip-shit

    “Jamie Lynn has done beautifully with what she’s done,” Lynne said.
    (my what refreshing grammar) … Lynne also rebutted criticism that Jamie Lynn glamorized teen pregnancy….Hypocrisy ?

    “”I would never tell anybody else what to do with their child. I would never attempt to make them think I knew more about their child. Even if they were to ask, I would tell them dig deep, what do you think?”

    You don’t really want to know what I think fucktard

  37. Ted Mosby

    Free Levi. You can tell the guy is being held against his will. Last time he’ll stick his dick in a hole.

  38. Right Fury

    I laugh when you liberal dimwits accuse the media of being biased against liberals. That is about THE funniest shit I’ve ever read. Isn’t this retard the one who sold the rights to OK magazine? Look at the cover of that mag with jamie on it people. It looks like a celebration!

    @whatever fucktard posted the “heartbeat away” statement. You all sound like a bunch of “free thinking” parrots. Hey why don’t you come up with an original thought! Biden has criticized your messiah. openly. And got his hand slapped for it. Those two don’t even know each other. Biden is just some “cracka” that Osama needs to bring in the white democrat vote

    My how the tables have turned. I cannot believe you Liberals, you self anointed saviors of humanity, you smug latte drinking elitists, are threatened by a woman that you have struggled so long to empower.

    @anyone who posted %hillbilly% You are a fucking elitist piece of shit. What’s the difference between you and a racist? nothing.

  39. Crystal

    First of all Mrs. Spears did not raise her children well throwing them into fame at such a young age and making them whores to the media and pretty much ruining Britney’s life. Luckily she seems to be getting better now.

    Sarah Palin is a much more respectable woman. She does not throw her daughter out to the media like that. There is a huge difference in these 2 stories. Get over it Lynn! You are a bad mother just trying to make excuses for your bad choices. I feel for your daughters, they were young girls thrown into the horrible media. I would never let my young daughters do what they have done……at least give them more limitations. Britney was dressing and acting like a 30 year old when she was a teen!!!! That’s is not healthy for a young woman.

  40. Chauncey Gardner

    The mothers and daughters in question are all irresponsible whores, but the main difference is this: Palin belongs to a political party that wields morality like a bludgeon – when it suits their purposes.

    What I find hilarious is that Chelsea Clinton, daughter of sexually scandalous liberal parents, never got in any trouble and was probably a virgin until college. Meanwhile, Bush’s daughters are drunken whores, McCain would let his daughter have an abortion, Cheney’s disowned his daughter because she’s a lesbian, and Palin’s kid is an unwed teen mom. And people still buy into all that moral majority Republican horseshit about ‘family values’.

    PS – McCain’s daughter is so hot, she’s probably already had fifty abortions.

  41. HankTheDwarf

    She’s got a VERY white trash face. Very flat and almost down-syndrome like.

  42. WOW!!! I didn’t realize the Confederacy was still so ashamed of their Hillbilly lifestyle.

  43. eewwwwwwwww…gross…he said Middle Eastern Descent.

    That makes me wonder how bad the smell will be when all the muslims are in internment camps soon.

  44. Jrz

    Um, Lynne? I think it was YOU who got nailed, not your kid.

  45. The Swami

    THere’s a big difference. Palin’s kid isn’t whoring her kid out by selling baby photos to gossip mags for millions of $.

  46. The Swami

    THere’s a big difference. Palin’s kid isn’t whoring her kid out by selling baby photos to gossip mags for millions of $.

  47. Oliver Cromwell

    One must say I do like the way this young girls full breasts are straining the bra that she is wearing. I love the way her T-Shirt is pulled tight around the brasts and the full curvature of the boobs by her arms is quite lovely. When she un-clips that bra, BOING goes my penis. That’s all I have, try the tatter tots.

  48. Suck It

    Both are dumb bitches. There, it’s settled.

  49. Melissa

    WTF this woman is a fucking TRAILER PARK LOSER! When hell is this douche bag going to shut the FUCK UP! Her daughters are white trash, they can not help it, she is white trash. Jamie Lynn whored herself out to any magazine that would buy it. NO ONE IS PRAISING Palin’s daughter. This country is so confused on the fucking issues that matter!!! Who gives a shit about this kid being pregnant, what parent can control their child??? Give me a fucking break and start focusing on the issues. When Clinton was president we worried about who he screwed!WHEN HE FUCKING DODGED THE DRAFT, with Bush it was that he DODGED THE DRAFT, when he did not. OBAMA said he would STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS! AND WE ARE WORRIED ABOUT MCCAIN’S AGE?WHO IS THE BEST CANDIDATE…do YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Are you following these non educated CELEBRITIES? If they tell you to jump off a bridge will you? LET THEM MAKE THE HUMAN CHAIN THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE IN IRAQ WHEN THE WAR STARTED. Why didnt they take their asses out of the country WHEN BUSH GOT ELECTED, AND WHEN HE GOT RE-ELECTED. OOOPS THEY ARE STILL HERE. Bush made too many mistakes, THEY ALL DO! OBAMA/MCCAIN, THEY DO NOT DO IT ALONE…THERE IS A WHOLE CONGRESS PEOPLE.

  50. ishouldbeworking

    Uh, #38? I’m pretty sure the Spears family are all Republicans…

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