‘Logan’ Has A Trailer

Here’s the first trailer for Logan, which much like The Wolverine, looks head and shoulders above the boring shit Bryan Singer has been pumping out over the last few years. (I still can’t pull the trigger on X-Men: Apocalypse.) On top of that, it’s Rated R and loosely based on the fucking badass Old Man Logan storyline even though that would be impossible to film because it involves Wolverine literally slaughtering the entire Marvel universe, which Fox only owns maybe 5% of. Then again, there’s still a chance he stabs goddamn Deadpool in the brainhole and everyone finally realizes Ryan Reynolds making hashtag fart jokes isn’t what’s missing from their lives.

Sorry, I’m just trying to imagine a brighter future after last night’s debate. Did you see that orange guy? There’s still a chance he could run shit. Why, God?!

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Photo: YouTube/20th Century Fox