Lisa Rinna Got a Lip Reduction

October 5th, 2010 // 29 Comments
Lisa Rinna Lip Reduction

Because the rest of her plastic surgery face wasn’t getting enough attention, Lisa Rinna revealed she had her upper lip reduced while stopping by The Today Show this morning to promote her new book Starlip. (Or is it Starlit? Whatever.):

“I did it because I no longer wanted my lip to define me.”

“Except,” she might’ve added, “when it’s a convenient hook to boost book sales. Then I want people at goddamn NASA looking at it through the Hubble telescope which, fun fact, they could, and sometimes I’d write secret messages for them on it. How do you do, boys?”


  1. She shouldn’t have been injecting them with collagen for 7 years, then. Sheesh.

  2. BloodCum

    Bitch should’ve gotten a face transplant.

    Does she cut her own hair??

  3. RoboZombie

    Who is this ugly cow? They sew her lips shut and let her starve to death!

  4. The Real TAB

    Her 15 minutes have been long up since the 80′s..

  5. Jon "Bigot" Stewart

    i do have to wonder how it would feel to have those things wrapped around my fat salty cock

    when they get the suction going good, the lips press in, that could be nice

  6. She’s been getting lip injections for 25 years at least, she just realized NOW she looks like a fucking carp?

    I used to date a girl who watched Days of Our Lives when she was on it, her lips would get smaller and more normal every day then BLAM she’d get them re-plumped and she’d look like a fucking fish again, lather/rinse/repeat.

    Is she trying to pretend her lips are natural so she had to have them reduced? I didn’t watch the video, and I’m not going to.

  7. Cock Dr

    That is beyond a duckface. She looks like a platypus.
    Those hooked on the cosmetic collegen injections would do well to take a good long look. A mouth framed with wads of scar tissue isn’t very atractive.

  8. Bobby Bell

    They both must really be in denial, a blind person could see that her lips are still Hugh. He mouth no looks like an asshole now.

  9. Bobby Bell

    Sorry, I left a few letters off of some of my words, but I haven’t had my coffee yet.

  10. Leslie

    I see she read Heidi Montag’s PR and marketing manual.

    Harry was so cute in “The Clash of The Titans” but now he’s looks like Smithers from “The Simpsons” Cartoon.

  11. Ewww fer fuckssake, vomit… No idea who this buttfugnastage is but never post her again. Paula abdul is pretty damned ugly and this freakshow is like an even uglier paula abdul who got hit square in the face with a baseball bat. Startin to think one you who regularly says id hit that.. with a bat.. really did. Repent whoever u are

  12. She still looks like she was beat with a frying pan.

  13. urmomma

    she hasn’t been in anything important and nothing important has been in her since ’91

  14. cc

    Her freakin’ lips always looked like a bowl of dew worms. Yech. She’s in good shape, but she fucked up her face.

  15. GravyLeg

    Perfect freeze frame…

    She looks like a Muppet there…

  16. sorry, i disagree…i’ve always thought she was hot….yeah, the lips are a bit unsettling, but she’s an attractive lady…

    PLUS, she was in the NICK FURY movie…with HASSELHOFF…how perfect is THAT???

  17. Ummmm she hasn’t done anything important in her LIFE … She WAS A Soap Opera actress a long time ago, and that isn’t important to anyone. Her lips have always been a mess. Wait, why is she on here? she hasn’te ven been a C list celebrity in 5 years….

  18. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    I wonder if she has beef curtains.

  19. overweight rockabilly/burlesque/rollerderby girl with Bettie Page bangs

    did not know who she was, thought it was paula abdul jabar

  20. Dough a dear

    Who cares? They’re such loser wannabes.

  21. captain america

    psssssst: HER VAGINA IS STILL ONE & THE SAME…………..

  22. kelly watts

    lisa is twisted publicity whore this bitch need HELP! she has beaver teeth with gigantic exploding lips, could use them ror a floatation device1

  23. kelly watts

    lisa has no gray matter must have leaked out , now she sits on her brain!!

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