Lindsay Lohan was dating Heath Ledger when he died

Michael Lohan’s Recorded Phone Call Bonanza may have finally struck gold. According to a 2008 phone call between Michael and ex-wife Dina, Lindsay was “secretly dating” Heath Ledger at the time of his death. RadarOnline reports:

“And she was dating Heath when he died,” Dina reveals to Michael. “I don’t know if you know that, but I know cause I would drop her off and they were friends very, very close, ok?”
Dina told Michael about the relationship because she was afraid for Lindsay’s life too: “Because when she’s drunk or takes an Adderall with it she will do something like Heath Ledger did in a second without thinking.”
She said that the actor’s death was a terrible shock to Lindsay. “That f-f—-d her up,” Dina says.

February 2008

DINA: Remember how we always talked about finding the perfect scapegoat for Lindsay’s actions that would get us off the hook?
MICHAEL: Oh, sure.
DINA: What if we faked a phone call where I say she was secretly dating Heath Ledger when he died and it sent her completely over the edge?
MICHAEL: My God, it’s perfect. Plus who hasn’t she fucked?
DINA: Wait. Are you recording this?
MICHAEL: …. I have to go save a puppy now. From terrorists. *hangs up*

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