Lindsay Lohan turns down $700,000 offer from Playboy

September 5th, 2008 // 65 Comments

Lindsay Lohan has turned down a $700,000 offer to do an eight-page spread for Playboy. She doesn’t want to do the whole nude thing again because, clearly, she’s a terrorist. Someone had to say it. Page Six reports:

“If there’s nudity, then the answer’s no . . . She’s not going down the [New York] magazine road again,” Lohan’s rep told Playboy’s creative consultant, Hal Lifson, referring to Lindsay’s naked Marilyn Monroe tribute last winter. Lifson said he hoped to have Lohan do a tribute to ’60s sex kitten Ann-Margret and her film “Kitten With a Whip.”

I guess Lindsay is content with her freckle-laded Marilyn Monroe shoot and doesn’t want to look, I dunno, awesome and airbrushed. Why do you hate erections so much, Lindsay Lohan?! Oh, right, you’re a “lesbian” now. Ha ha ha! But, seriously, why do you hate them?

Photos: Splash News

  1. someguy

    First. Maybe.

    Her boobies look decent, though.

  2. rough daddy

    who cares,,,we’ve all seen your meat curtains lindsay, thats more youll see in playboy!!


    its sad news to hear…. :( but i think a wise choice for lindsay’s well being.

  4. Itchy

    Srew Magazine should offer her 1 mill to show some pink.

  5. Hankster

    Why can all women have cans like hers?

  6. havoc

    I would probably buy it if and only if we could see the beef curtains and her chocolate starfish. Possibly a taint measurement too.
    I’m even thinking extreme insertions or something along those lines….


  7. sixpack

    She should star in a Rocco Siffredi film. THAT would be awesome.


    Those cans are like the energizer bunny. They keep growing…and growing…and growing…..

  9. Jim

    She needs to do Hustler. That’s about her level, and she’d have to show the only part we haven’t seen yet (the freckled browneye). I’m sure all the closeted gays who hang out at this site to call girls “fat” would be excited about that.

  10. p911gt10c

    Who woulda thought that she’d do US a favor for once.

    Oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  11. Yessir!

    I nominate her breasts for Vice President.

  12. Sarah Palin

    She appears to be a DP kind of girl.

  13. damn.. $700,000 isnt enough?! hold on.. *opens wallet.. i got another $5.04. anyone else want to chip in? we could raise $100.00 in weeks i bet!

  14. billy

    i nominate her president of my bed

  15. noneyobeezwax

    #7 hey, is that the director of the snuff film in 8mm? if not, it should be and you’re right, she should do it.

  16. Sam

    $700,000 to get naked, fuck that at most she is worth $25 and a cheese burger.

  17. James

    “Kitten with a Whip” was a hilarious movie, when watched through the lens of MST3K.

  18. tanya

    She’s fading fast. She should do it before she becomes a dried up old fire crotch.

  19. Aw, that is actually really great to hear. Looks like she still has some morals left after all.

  20. Uh-huh,

    I nominate her for Secretary of Nakedness

  21. I doubt this is a moral decision. She is probably just hiding love handles or cellulite or something..

  22. jack

    Number 10 is SOOOOO Sportsdvl…

  23. We’ve been waiting for this “SIGNAL” for some time now:
    …………..SHE DEFINITELY LOST FOLKS, halleluja!!

  24. ethan

    two lines and I’d bang her all night. no breakfast though. nothin more to say.

  25. Philio

    Hef must be as dumb as he appears, $700K to her? Why would anyone want to see those freckled up sagging jugs anyway? She needs to get a spray tan, cover up those million freckles and then move to another planet.

  26. grobpilot

    What is it with the tits on this bitch? One day they’re big, the next day, they’re small. I think she has an air bottle and Schrader valve stuck up her ass to adjust to the desired dimensions for a particular day or photo op

  27. boboboob

    She’s a dumbass. She thinks she’s gonna be beautiful forever. By the time she does do nudes, her boobs will be sagging to her knees and people will rather watch than see her naked (Brigitte Bardot anyone?)

  28. Rant

    That’s strange she won’t take 700 large to pose for Playboy. At party the other night she posed nude for me for the change in my pocket, $4.37, and half a pack of Juicy Fruit.

  29. NY Ted

    Where is Larry Flynt when you need him…C’om on Larry…pull out the wallet double the offer and give her a cool 1.5M to do a full page spread! And I mean SPREAD…I wanna see if she had freckles on the inside of her cunt!


    She doesn’t need the money cuz her movies are doing so well…

  31. jaime


    please, lindsay!


    do it!

    pretty please?

  32. dave

    Ah, shit.

    Not very good pics.

  33. jaime

    this is absolutely terrible news! i just can’t get over it

  34. haroof

    jesus h.

    i would go to town on those boobies.

  35. Randal

    Good for you Lindsay!

    You’re worth more than $700,000 anyhow.


  36. Nipples and Dicks

    What a terribly botched boob job.

  37. Randal gas a bulging neck and sticky lips with wet spot on butt

    Why do you say that Randal? She is a rotten cunt you know. Do you worship Hollyskank people as though they are gifts from God? How do you feel about scientists and engineers and doctors?

  38. lloyd johnson

    Lilo used to make my pants tight. Now I really don’t want to see her naked. If I did, I know I could get any crackhead naked for $5 and get a BJ with it too!

  39. obama cultists

    I’d put some snowcaps on her peaks

  40. JPRichardson

    Lindsay has an ugly body, no waist, no ass, saggy fake boobs… Don’t you remember the MM-esque pictorial???? She is ugly as hell. *shivers*

    I like her legs though.

  41. herbiefrog

    cold atsmosphere [?] at the moment

    in it ti win it ?
    [no it was in it together... ]

    [ok… not quite over? does that help?

    remembers: rest : ))

    continue to rest?

    for now?


    She should do it… She is already a PIG!!!!!!

  43. ToTellTheTruth

    And just who in the fuck would want to see this nasty spotted up bitch naked…AGAIN…anyways??? Those Marilyn Monroe pics she took were fucking awful!! She didn’t even look anything like Marilyn!! Her movies STINK, and word on the street is that her twat stinks even WORSE.(just ask Samantha Ronsin).

  44. James

    I would love to see Lindsay in Playboy. Please do it Lindsay.

  45. MBA Nixon

    That’s about $650,000 too much.

  46. someguy

    #10-Lighten the fuck up an go on out to Wal-Mart and buy a sense of humor. Or perhaps a sarcasm detector. Jackass.

  47. dude

    Damn, she could have put this whole “firecrotch” controversy to rest once and for all.

    Well, that’s assuming she’s not one of those bald pussy bitches. God I hate those bitches. Show off your red bush! Be proud of it!

  48. meborg

    The real sad thing is she doesn’t realize it’s almost over

  49. K-Dawg

    Dat rack is rockin’! Dem tittays are fooooooooine biatches! Word to yo mutha.

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