Lindsay Lohan still buying transparent clothes

January 15th, 2007 // 108 Comments

Lindsay Lohan went braless in a see-through dress to an intimate dinner hosted by Chanel and Sienna Miller. I’m pretty sure her original plan was to go in Glad Cling Wrap, but she switched outfits after finding out it was supposed to be classy. And if Miss Manners has taught me anything, it’s that the only thing more classy than see through nipples is an English butler in a tuxedo driving a limousine. And even then he better be wearing a monocle and a top hat.


  1. Mo

    Why does she bother to get dressed at all? She’s already flashed everything she’s got. Trashy ho.

  2. Lindsay Lohan is still buying transparent clothes… and STILL… no one with a penis complains. FOR A RESON.

  3. frenchtoaststix

    Not only transparent, but fugly. Way to make yourself look like an old bag, Hohan.

  4. katzie

    at least she was considerate of others by remembering the pasties.

  5. katzie

    upon further inspection i retract my original statement.. classless hoebag.

  6. griffmills

    Call me crazy, but I would like for those 2 to make me a Griff sandwich

  7. BarbadoSlim

    Long Island class all the way, baby.

  8. cuesta_rey

    I think she is HAWT!

  9. Lowlands

    The blond girl in the thirth and fourth picture.Looklike a fishy dress she’s wearing.

  10. cherie

    Sienna looks classy in those pictures.

  11. I’m a Lohan detractor and I think she looks pretty decent in these pictures. Her hair actually looks good for once.

  12. Lowlands

    I hardly can see nipples.Censored?

  13. MrSemprini

    #9, thirth? Thirth? You doin’ Hohan’s spellchekkin?

  14. mrs.t

    What’s with the underwear? God, what a prude. The shorn beaver is the hottest accessoy this season.

  15. mrs.t

    What’s with the underwear? God, what a prude. The shorn beaver is the hottest accessoy this season.

  16. shiv

    Looks like she has breasfed a bunch of new born babies with those floppy boobies. such a trashy girl where is her mum to guide her did she learn from her mum, and to a channel do as well ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,TRAGIC THE END

  17. mrs.t

    *accessory. use it in a sentence: Lindsay Lohan is an accessory to a crime of fashion.

  18. Lowlands

    Hohan is wearing underwear because it was a dinner.

  19. jrzmommy

    But a Peace Sign necklace adds a touch of class to any ensemble………..

  20. Lowlands

    Quite obviously why she went to this dinner hosted by Chanel.Do you remember that sewage-smell?

  21. All of New York does.

  22. BarbadoSlim

    That void created by the presence of Frau Miller and Frau Lohan is known in scientific circles as a: “Cone of Worthlessness”

    yes, Cone of Worthlessness

  23. Naid

    Ya know, for being ” really sick ” …sick enough to miss work last week, she’s really recovered. Running down the street in a bikini, showing off her milkbags at a dinner…i can safely assume no one had an appetite that night eh ?

  24. Naid

    Sorry, one more thing

    Be Adequite people, showing your nips at a classy dinner to-do is the deffining characteristic of an adequite person

  25. Lowlands

    I can see some little nipples now.I was looking in the wrong direction.

  26. Lowlands

    I almost forget Hohan has apple-shaped breasts.So much breasts to remember…

  27. You know your friends are, like, super supportive and stuff when they let you leave the house looking like this.

  28. IVAN

    I’d hit that. She might be a stupid skank, but it’s not like she needs to solve complicated mathematical equation while being plowed by my incredibly large penis.

  29. DivaG81

    Does anyone else see that her nipples are uneven?? that doctor made a mess of her implants – I’ve seen secretaries with better boobs after jobs on Dr.90210 – she should get them redone.

  30. BritishBitch

    Thank god she’s wearing panties – even though they appear to be ones your grandma would wear. In fact, she probably did have to borrow them from her grandma since she definatley doesn’t have any panties in her own wardrobe…

    BTW – If there was ever any doubt about her having a boob job, those trussed up wonky naked globes proove once and for all that its a yes

  31. Lowlands

    Grandma knows all the tricks to get the stains out…

  32. hellcat1983

    Look at the fifth picture, I think her earrings are trying to run away from her face, and well who can blame them!

  33. =^..^=

    She could be the next Elvira

  34. jrzmommy

    Sienna Miller forgot her boobies.

  35. BarbadoSlim

    I suppose “House of Chanel” imposed a condition that Lohan should wear lead-lined underwear in order that she be allowed to attend.

    rotten vag can ruin a classy affair.

  36. Lowlands

    Maybe “House of Chanel”has nOO,n.. boob-policy at the moment.

  37. Lowlands

    That’s why she’s showing off her nipples ofcourse…

  38. NicotineEyePatch

    The ironic thing is that Chanel probably gave her the dress specifically for the event as a joke.
    Sienna’s expression suggests maybe she had something to do with it, but you’ve gotta be on your toes to embarass Lindsay Lohan. I want to see pics of Sienna’s jaw dropping later when Linds presents the anal chocolate fountain finale for dessert.
    “Nobody tries to humiliate me on purpose!”

  39. BarbadoSlim

    I’ll tell you one thing Superfishers, the fact that this retardo keeps getting invited to events AND keeps getting work is proof that Hollywood has completely lost it.
    A Lohan movie is a guaranteed flop, just
    because of her presence. She’s not even appealing to the demo she MIGHT have had once. Who keeps hiring her? Who keeps inviting to these events? Why aren’t these people being taken by Black Ops from Homeland Security for processing and disposal?

  40. @ 24 LOL

    Yes, I would have considered some red pasties for some added adequacy.

  41. Many times, actresses wear a black top, and it looks fine in front of the mirror, but when the flash bulbs go off, you can right through it. In this case though, it seems to sheer to not be opaque under any lighting.
    P.S.-I don’t care how dumb Sienna is. She is f’ing gorgeous. I watched Keen Eddie every week just to see that woman.

  42. youdontwannaknow

    #29 & #30 – Going to assume you are both completely flat chested little girls because when you actually DO have breasts they are not perfect. One more thing, when you stand off center your whole alignment goes off and it can make your breasts appear lopsided. (I think you’re both just jealous!)

  43. Is it just me, or… does she look really, genuinely pretty?

  44. jrzmommy

    43–it’s just you.

  45. Cat Henry

    Does she remind anyone else of Elizabeth Taylor in the first picture? I’m ashamed to be comparing them…. but that was the first thing that I though when i saw her.

  46. Nice to see her dressed like that :)

  47. nell

    Where is the scar from her recent appendectomy? Can they do surgery without cutting you?

  48. tweetyeyes

    Would you like some sausage with those pancakes?

  49. jrzmommy

    Appendectomies can be done laproscopically these days.

  50. CCClub

    Yeah, I see the uneven nipples too. Not that it really matters that much (I love all you ladies) but if your gonna make a living by them you should get the work done right. It’s like having a conversation with someone with a lazy eye.

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