Lindsay Lohan: Her Side of the Story

February 22nd, 2010 // 48 Comments

While in London this past week, Lindsay Lohan sat down for an exclusive (Read: paid) interview with The Sun where she tried to pretend her hotel room didn’t have an Eiffel Tower made of blow waiting for her:

On pretending she doesn’t use drugs anymore:
“When my father was going public, that’s when I hit rock bottom. I abused substances too much and it wasn’t the answer to my problems. People need to know that. I tried to mask my problems with alcohol, cocaine and mind-altering substances. Now I’m in a place where I don’t need to use anything and I can feel emotions because I choose to.”

On pretending she only used coke once when she was arrested in 2007:
“It was in a purse and I was with friends. I wasn’t trying to lie to police. I was only aware of cocaine because of my dad. I was terrified of it. But I tried it because I was stubborn, stupid, and wanted to see what it was like. It’s not something I ever want to do again. It made me feel like shit. It became uninteresting to me. I’m hyper anyway and I have that kind of personality so I don’t need something like that.”

On pretending her current drinking’s nothing to worry about. No, really:
“There are certain situations where I have obligations. There’s no reason to (drink) because I don’t want to feel like shit in the morning. The thing is, at the times I was going out a lot and being seen everywhere, I would have been in college. My brother, who is 18, and his friends go out to bars and stuff till whatever time. That’s what you do in college. Mine was all in the public eye so it was magnified that much more.”

Of course I should probably point out Lindsay Lohan’s definition of “obligations” includes running out of blow. Although in her defense, if she doesn’t drink, she turns into a Gremlin and multiplies when exposed to water. Where do you think Ali came from? Dina’s womb? AHAHAHA!

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  1. Tom Tom

    Does she even matter.

  2. JC

    “My brother, who is 18, and his friends go out to bars and stuff till whatever time. ”

    LEGAL drinking age and admittance to bars is 21 Lindsay!
    she is so retarded!


    She really IS a fucking idiot if she thinks people are going to believe this bullshit. The Sun ought to ask for their money back.

  4. Delmar

    Her brother is 22 now, I think she meant 18 at the time she was doing cocaine. She said more, but she needs to own up to more. Also, her mother is at fault for drugs and alcohol usage as well. She took drugs to mask emotion, that’s what people need to know. Today, is she really what she claims? How often does she party? Didn’t she just dump a friend she called a user in January? How about her current friends? She doesn’t address prescription drugs. Does she take adderall? Vicadin? other types of similar drugs? And since when can an addict drink and regulate it? She’s on partly on her way to dealing with her addictions, her emotional and family issues, and tons of other stuff. Maybe, she’s doing that in private which would be smart but she should be more effective if addressing these things in public.

  5. Dirk Diggler

    JC, while I agree she is retarded, legality has nothing to do with it. Kids under 21 can still get into bars with little problem, especially in college towns. I think her point was that he isn’t plastered on the front pages of every magazine when he does it.

  6. Holy Crap!

    I can’t believe it, but she looks sober in these photos. That’s the first time in a very long time.

  7. Giorgio!

    Say what you want but she has been looking healthy lately and mighty fine.

  8. Fluffy

    Good, she’s back to the dark hair again. Looks crap in the blond, her ginger complexion can’t pull it off at all..exaggerates the freckles and drug use.

  9. papaROUGHzzi

    Why is Google promoting sodomy?

  10. papaROUGHzzi

    Oh its just the Olympics! Sorry.

  11. LIZ

    Ha ha, you people have no life! This is funny to me but some of you (uhm, delmar) seem way too invested in this.

  12. Kräbe

    Those are the words of a crafty publicist.

    ALL coke heads believe they hide their habits well.

  13. Dread not

    Hey Lindsay, just because the voices in yer head tell you to steal stuff, doesn’t mean that it’s an “obligation”. Now get yer as back states-side and resume your “acting” career and start doing softcore porn flicks that exploit your sapphic desires and such. And not that lame ass Cinemax crap, neither. The good stuff with full frontal and back side nudity.

  14. joe shitload

    “thats what you do in college…like, when you’re not studying…or something…*atchoo!*….*sniff*….and shit…”

  15. It's Pronounced "Zee"

    haha @ 15…yeah those are the party years for everyone, but most people don’t wake up at age 23 (I think Lindsey’s 23?) looking like a washed-up 40-year old tranny.

    Nice try Lindsey.

  16. joho777

    What surprises me about this press release is not that it’s all BS (which of course it is), but that her teen fans will actually take it as gospel truth just because Lindsay supposedly said it.

    Lindsay has over and over proved herself an accomplished liar. She makes up anything she thinks her audience/interviewer will believe. And she doesn’t plan ahead, she says things that will definitely cause her trouble downstream, things that everyone KNOWS are false because they’ve seen the photos.

    Like saying she was “just holding the cocaine, actually she was terrified of it” when she was arrested, even though both times she was arrested, the tox reports from both the BHPD and the SMPD found cocaine (and alcohol) in her system.

    It will only take a few days until Lindsay is again publicly photographed drinking out of a bottle of vodka like she was the night she tried to start the fight with Sam.

    The important thing in all this is that Lindsay still hasn’t addressed her problems. She is continuing to try to cover them with heavy use of cocaine, vodka, and other street drugs. Plus frantic acting-out.

    Why doesn’t Lindsay consider her ongoing behavior a problem??

  17. Alex

    I abused substances too much and it wasn’t the answer to my problems.

    Two points about this statement:
    1. This makes it seem that she believes there is an appropriate amount of substance abuse. As if she is saying, “She just went too far.”

    2. These statements are written/spoken as if she was told just what to say by a therapist or doctor. She’s taking ownership of the issue and has a much better perspective…what a bunch of bullshit.

    She went to rehab and now she’s got it under control so she can partake a little? This girl is going to hit rock bottom and it’s not going to be pretty. This poor girl is going to wind up dead from huffing aerosol sprays or something in that vein. Nobody say Brittany Murphy coming but this everyone can see coming from a mile away. It’s sad.

  18. yarg

    She’s looking hot in recent pics.

  19. Matthew

    again hohan is z-level celeberty now Thanks Party Mom Dina And douchebag michal

  20. el ces

    well okay!
    looks like she shaved off a few pounds and got a hair cut.
    she’s rockin

  21. I’d sooner fuck Snooki than this piece of trash and that’s saying a lot because I can’t even rub one out to Snooki’s picture and believe me, I tried.

    I did successfully blow a load on the J Church this morning. That was good – I should write about that one this afternoon. Must have been a couple ounce load.



  22. Chuck

    Really?!? Is she REALLY wearing a Casualties (The Casualties) ‘Criminal Class’ t-shirt?

  23. MichMasterFlex

    I went to the bars when i was 18. but of course im from canada. muhaha. actually i went to the bars when i was 15. fake id. wahhoo

  24. booji boy

    was wondering what that shirt was

    yeh lohan is punk as fuck, yall

  25. dub

    damn, the casualties are gonna be pissed!

  26. Sport

    Die already, I’m fearful of losing my Dead Pool.
    She is skanky.

  27. hohoho

    She’s got that Megan Fox look. I’d hit it.

  28. arg


  29. Randal

    Hey there Lindsay, great to have you stop by The FISH and share your comments with us. I hope you take the time to read our responses. I know you read mine.

    Look, having fun is what any member of the human species enjoys doing and I certainly don’t think any less of you for wanting to share a smile, a dance or even a kiss with those you capture your heart.

    Personally, I feel you’ve done a lot of growing up and are turning the corner to becoming a young beautiful lady that will continue to blossom into a stunning woman.

    Please know, that at The FISH, your fans are always here for you. Luv ya gurl!


  30. netstarman

    I love the two fingers in a v shape in one of the pics looks like she asking for two lines of blow. Or she is showing what her IQ for doing coke.

  31. herbiefrog

    wow… perfection… [[[w h a t ?

    is there a problem… ?

    she’s cute, available

    someone watchin’ over her
    …so dont f*** yourselves over…

  32. lol whos gonna believe this bs.

  33. cc

    Hey Lindsay I was in a drugstore the other day and they were selling some stuff called shampoo. The ad said it was for washing your. Maybe you should get some…the store brand was $5.99.

  34. Love the dark hair of hers but she’ll always be that shanty Irish looking kid who didn’t belong in your neighborhood. You remember them, right? They moved away after one of those recesssions in the 80′s to a place like Oklahoma

  35. Eric

    She’s wearing a Casualties shirt? What a poseur!

  36. Blaine

    “That’s what you do” in college? Damn.

    And here I was, a student who thought learning valuable things to become a productive member of society was the point. I should drop my classes and shell out my tuition money one some cocaine – here’s to youth!

  37. terri

    she is running out of money selling a story to the sun.

  38. captain america

    those hairs must be fucked up too.

  39. Teen Celebrity is revered and celebrated, we need more victims of these corrupting influences to speak up. Maybe if she shares her story parents will think twice before allowing their children to head to LA all alone when under aged. The so-called adults fall into the bear-traps of fame and money, how can a child be expected to do any better?

  40. ddffdf

    She WOULD have been in college… exactly. The twit dropped out of school at like age 12, and has no desire to be educated. This kind of lifestyle only works while you’re young and beautiful, Lindsay. Soon you will grow old and you will be thrown away like all the other child stars. Go to school, logical exercises help develop long-term thinking ability

  41. ODB

    In pic 8 she looks like either she farted or she is on some dope.

  42. Late Night Wigs

    LOL sickitten! I DO remember that kid! Fuckin hilarious and spot on.

    Randal, whatever drugs you are taking, please stop. They seem to be destroying your perception of reality AND your eyesight. That STD-ridden failure looks 45 on a good day. And she’s delusional and a liar who apparently likes to blame everyone BUT herself for her issues. Dumb cunt is gonna end up in a pine box within 2 years max and nobody will care…well, except you Randal. I personally will just laugh and shrug because if she doesn’t care about herself enough to own up to her shit, than why the hell should I?

  43. Cakes

    Like she even knows or listens to the casualities. What a poser coke head. Oh wait she’s just a poser drunk now.

  44. yoshi s

    what a fuckin asshole.

    i bet she doesnt even know who the fuck the casualties are

  45. she is sexy though

  46. looking good

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