Lindsay Lohan in court for skipping alcohol ed classes

Lindsay Lohan was ordered to court today for failing to satisfy the requirements of her probation from her 2007 DUI arrest. TMZ reports:

As we first reported, the Right On Programs — which Lindsay was ordered to attend as part of her DUI probation — notified the judge that Lindsay was not satisfying the requirements of the program. Now we have details.
Sources tell TMZ Lindsay had gotten a leave of absence from the course a while back so she could leave the state and work. Time passed and Lindsay never got back in touch with the program so officials there contacted the judge.

Is anyone really surprised that Lindsay is fucking up her probation? Of course she bailed on her alcohol education courses. She probably showed up the first day all excited then dove out the window when she realized there’s not actually booze in the room to educate her mouth. What’s even more retarded is these people seriously believed Lindsay was working when she stopped showing up. I could understand if she said she was busy wrestling the Loch Ness Monster or traveling through time in a DeLorean. But working? C’mon. Not even Britney Spears would fall for that one, and yesterday I watched her gnaw on a fire hydrant convinced it was candy.

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