Lindsay Lohan in court for skipping alcohol ed classes

October 16th, 2009 // 32 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was ordered to court today for failing to satisfy the requirements of her probation from her 2007 DUI arrest. TMZ reports:

As we first reported, the Right On Programs — which Lindsay was ordered to attend as part of her DUI probation — notified the judge that Lindsay was not satisfying the requirements of the program. Now we have details.
Sources tell TMZ Lindsay had gotten a leave of absence from the course a while back so she could leave the state and work. Time passed and Lindsay never got back in touch with the program so officials there contacted the judge.

Is anyone really surprised that Lindsay is fucking up her probation? Of course she bailed on her alcohol education courses. She probably showed up the first day all excited then dove out the window when she realized there’s not actually booze in the room to educate her mouth. What’s even more retarded is these people seriously believed Lindsay was working when she stopped showing up. I could understand if she said she was busy wrestling the Loch Ness Monster or traveling through time in a DeLorean. But working? C’mon. Not even Britney Spears would fall for that one, and yesterday I watched her gnaw on a fire hydrant convinced it was candy.

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  1. Max Planck

    Smokers suck.

  2. victory

    dem some FAT fingers.

  3. arealcad

    She can smoke my pole instead of that cancer stick.

  4. Richard McBeef


  5. Katie G

    Throw her ass in jail for violating her probation. That would happen to anyone. Might actually do her some good since she obviously can’t take care of herself on her own terms.

  6. AmberDextrose

    If only her acting was as mesmerising as her fucked-up life, she’d be stupendously rich.

  7. sanchez

    I’d still like to plug her tailpipe… her ass still looks good.

  8. Delgo

    earliest she’s been up in yrs

  9. pirate hooker

    What? Lindsay ‘failed to satisfy’? It looks like she’s easily satisfying hobos, crack addicts and general back-alley trash just fine.

  10. Courtyardpigeon

    She is aging nicely.

  11. Katie G

    Now apparently her probation has been extended for another year. Must be nice to be rich (well, is she anymore?) and not have to pay the consequences. Ever.

  12. Whorehan sucks donkey schlongs

    Just found out that whorehan arrived to court 1 & 1/2 hours late. She gets 2 DUI’s, blows off her probation, shows up late for court, and is given another year of probation, ordered to complete her alcohol education program, and the judge says he is “rooting for her”? WHAT THE FUCK?

    This confirms something I’ve suspected for a long time; there’s a 2nd set of laws for celebrities. If any of us normal folk flunked our probation requirements & then arrogantly showed up for court 1 & 1/2 hours late, we’d have had a bench warrent issued & we would have been tossed in the chockey for contempt. All this “I’m rooting for you” dumbass judge has done is enable her drunken behavior even further. God help him if the stupid drunken whore kills someone driving drunk…

  13. Ram Punchington

    Smoking makes you like cool.


    Punchington Out.

  14. Ian

    @12 FYI, “rooting” is British street-slang for anal sex.

  15. Ian

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot: RANDEL IS SUPER-GAY

  16. That’s a sweet little bum. The blond hair has to go, though.

  17. Urbanspaceman

    She stinks of tobacco smoke. I can smell it all the way over here!

  18. gueibor

    Skanky, bleached, nose quickly losing original shape, looking completely wasted… but still rocking a mean aerobic-looking ass!?!?
    This chick has some tough genes in her!

  19. AvA

    It’s like hershey squirts on white leather meets bomber jacket!

  20. That outfits sorta doin’ it for me. Probably padded the back of her panties though.
    Nice looking 70 yr. old.

    @ 16 – she had the coolest hair in Hollywood and dyed it cheap/generic. I think it looks okay black though.

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  22. Darth

    Somebody should throw this trainwreck for years in jail.It would be the best decision not only for society but for herself as well.

  23. Galtacticus

    She’ll learn there manners and respect.So she’d rather stay out of jail.

  24. Rhialto

    The jail is full with Samantha Ronson’s likes.Where’s she waiting for?!

  25. Turd the third

    The guy in pict #7 looks one hell of a lot like her lezbo girlfriend….minus the hat..

  26. herbiefrog

    we arrived to say goodnight

    much fun


    …a n d goodnight

  27. Dollface28

    She has got to be on Shar, idk what that is, but my sis said when she took that she had the same look with scrunchy forehead as seen in every pic ive ever seen on linds and sam. dont know shes known to be on drugs, smoke some pot and stay away from cigs and hardcore drugs/alchi girl

  28. Wow. work? done? jeez.

  29. Hey she is looking hot with that cigarette. I think she should feel ashamed of it for what she has been taken in to the court. But yet i like her.

  30. Seriously Lohan? Again?

  31. I wonder why this is not some kind of training, is proof of alcohol each week since he was two Duis few months. Seems out of it, even from these conditions and probably going to end up and not go to jail anyway

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