Lindsay Lohan gives super-sincere interview

October 9th, 2007 // 58 Comments

Lindsay Lohan, master wordsmith, describes her time in rehab as a “sobering experience.” She sat down with Ok! Magazine after leaving Cirque Lodge and gave them an exclusive interview. I don’t want to say her answers are formulaic, but they’re not exactly all that deep either. Here’s what Lindsay had to say – after being coached by her publicist:

On what her stay at Cirque Lodge taught her:
“It made me look at myself and all the people, places and things in my life in a different way.”

On her plans to return to the rehab facility:
“I’m going back to shoot Dare to Love Me, but I plan on returning to Utah so I can stay focused and avoid other distractions.”

On her arrests for DUI and cocaine possession:
“I hit rock bottom. Everything in my life came to a point where I had to make a decision.”

On returning to Hollywood:
“Tempation is always there, but now I’ll avoid it the right way.
“I’m here to stay,” she tells OK! with conviction. “My talent is a gift and I’m going to use it.”

Lindsay also stated how she just wants to be a good actress for the children. She’s going to say “no” to drugs. Drinking alcohol is bad for the rainforests. And what the world needs now is love, sweet love. Because, according to Lindsay, it’s the only thing that’s there’s just too little of.


  1. Sarah

    Wow. She should be given the nobel peace prize.

  2. justplainconfused

    And people say she can’t act!

  3. Riotboy

    She’ll be back.

    /to rehab

  4. Saint Lindsay's great adventure!

    Next up: Lindsay goes to Rwanda!

    LL: “Hey everybody! I’m going to Rwanda to save the Rwandans! Take my picture!!!”

  5. She’s young and she has made mistakes in her life

    We have not walked in her shoes. Can anyone really judge what it is like and say with any certainty that they would not have made their share of mistakes

    The important thing is that she grows. She has the rest of her life ahead of her.

  6. Mdiz

    blaaa blaaa blaaa I liked her better when she was drunk and showing off her hee haw..

  7. veggi

    Don’t be fooled because she may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag, but in reality, she’s so much more than that.

    I can’t help but love mean girls.

  8. wow

    wow, she looks so old!

  9. supes

    #7: None of us have walked in her shoes!! You are also a drug and alcohol addicted teen idol who has wasted their talent while setting a bad example for teenage girls everywhere?

  10. Scaringly she looks just like her mother!!!

  11. Bismo

    This is great. It’ll be that much more satisfying when evil Lindsay returns, like an alien popping out of the host body’s stomach. I don’t get why people hate her – she’s vastly more entertaining than the rest of them. When she did her psycho driving thing, chasing her assistant’s car after she cried and called her mommy, that was awesome – going 100 mph, zooming around the other car, screaming and rotating her head 360 degrees, the whole time with 3 complete douchefags whining and peeing themselves in her car. Except for Anna Nicole Smith dying from an exploding abscess on her butt, it doesn’t get any better than that in entertainment news. Britney’s had one moment that good – head shaving – and so has Paris – being hauled away to prison, crying – but Lindsay brings the over-the-top crazy every single day. It’ll be great to have her back.

  12. PunkA

    Everybody needs to head to Utah. You will all stop drinking, doing drugs, having unmarried sex and making fools of yourselves. You may leave, but you will go back for the mountains, clean air, outdoor recreation. HA!!!!!!!

  13. Annie Rexia

    Her “talent” may be a “gift” to her, but it’s a “curse” for the rest of us. I just hope she might stop incessently flopping her hands around when she “acts”. What am I saying? I’m not going to see any of that bitch’es movies.

  14. freakwad

    HAHAHAHA bullshit!!!

  15. PunkA

    I saw her here in Utah like 4 weeks ago out at a restaurant. She looked good, but tired and worn out. Sort of like those pictures. She must have lived on uppers before for a long time. She has aged herself prematurely. wait til she is 40. She will look terrible.

  16. Fumus

    Leave LINDSAY ALONE!!!

    ha! Seriously, Lindsay’s “talent is a gift and [she] is going to use it”, if by talent you mean the ability to get drunk, self-loathe, and whore yourself around…than yes Lindsay you might just the most talented person I have ever seen…next to myself of course, I can juggle and balance a chair on my chin.

  17. MrSemprini

    She needs to go to Devry so she can learn a trade and make something of herself.

  18. BunnyButt

    Miss Universe, are you our old friend Judy under a different name? FYI, this site is called “The SUPERFICIAL”, not “We’re Here to Love and Support All of These Fucked Up Celebutards and Give Them Hugs”. If you want to be so sweet and understanding, maybe this isn’t the place for you.

    That said, sadly I can’t come up with a rip on LL at the moment because I’m still a bit traumatized by that Paris and black licorice comment from yesterday.

  19. Markus

    Lindsay rules! People who don’t like her are prisses.

  20. djthecat

    Ha ha. isn’t the whole point of rehab to be a SOBERING experience? what a tard.

  21. Auntie Kryst

    First night out back in Hollywood she’ll be leaping off that wagon. “No I’m only drinking Red Bull…Ok another Red Bull, just a drop of Jager for color…Grey Goose is clear like water cool…Bring your little purse and meet me in the bathroom in five minutes! *sniff sniff*”

  22. havoc

    Holy shit! While in rehab she morphed into her mother!

    Seriously, I thought that photo was mom for a minute.


  23. That's Hot

    All betting is open on LiLo falling off the wagon and breaking her skanky ass within the week! Of couse, oddds stand at only 1:1 but look at it this way…… won’t win big money but you’re guaranteed a win! Hollywood is getting smarter and smarter by the minute!

  24. Ryan

    I’m glad rehab was a sobering experience for her. Because, well, that’s the idea, right?

  25. katie

    i love the writer for this site! he’s too funny

  26. Sheva

    Okay so she’s cleaned up a bit. But we don’t want her to get too crazy. There’s a lot of pent up semen just waiting for her to get her groove on. She doesn’t need blow and alcohol to get crazy.

    Don’t break the chain Lindzer. There’s a dozen or more guys just waiting for a go when you settle back in LaLa land.

    Lindzer Lowhore is the finest tramp of our time. And by fine I mean a stupid Long Island chick with loads of attitude but a whoring desire to be fulfilled.

  27. what the hell

    She wouldn’t know sincerity if it hit her right in her freckled flap. The only talent she has is being a lieing skank. And she’s not even good at that. There should be a special place to lock up wasteful human remains like hers. I wouldn’t want my daughter idolizing that skank’s phoney ass.

  28. kelly

    what publicist?
    I’m guessing that by now they just get a sheet of paper with the answers on it and a few blank spaces when they leave rehab.

  29. Brit

    Well now that she’s out of rehab I’m sure she will have that top lip collagened up. She does look just like her mother, however she is fortunate in that, unlike her mother, she doesn’t have two extra inches of bottom jaw.

  30. jrzmommy

    On the quality of the drugs in rehab:

    The X sucked; I couldn’t get off at all.

  31. toolboy

    #7- you are right, there are not many people who have walked in her shoes. But blaming your childhood or f*cked up home life only lasts so long. Eventually, everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions or be removed from society. I just hope it doesn’t take some innocent person’s life to remind LL of this.

  32. George

    Hell, I thought she was dead. Really she has been in rehab this whole time. Who cares — she is a no talent idiot.

  33. Xon

    Did she get like 20 years older and blonder in rehab. She looks just like her whore mother. I bet Lindsay in really happy to be out of rehab, so she ,too, can go find some ex-con to fuck.

  34. PunkA

    Lilo, Brit and Paris need to go on a humanitarian tour to Iraq. Get blown up together, then the world could truly unite in celebration that the whore’s of all the earth are gone.

  35. Grace

    Did she really say her “talent is a gift”. I’m sorry… what talent?

  36. Princess

    what is this talent she speaks of? And we all already know she hit rock(bottom) so was that just an admission for the effect of begging for forgiveness? Fuck you LL, you cunt-buckety-selfish-whore. You are going to DOA, wasted on nothing but diet pills and laxatives in the hair-colour aisle. You haven’t had a hit movie since you were 8, your last 4 movies bombed, you have been in and out of rehab more times than Britney before you were even fucking legal to drink, you have fucked every cock in Hollywood (a lot of pussy too apparently) you have no dignity, scruples, morals, or ethics, and you are ugly as sin.
    Hollywood should unite and just say “I refuse to work with her” at this point.

  37. happypants


  38. She sounds just about as sincere as those actors in the new iPhone commercials….. Hey, that gives me a GREAT idea for a new iPhone ad!!!
    iPhone as starring Lindsay!!!!!

  39. Matthew

    I give it a few weeks she goes off the wagon again Hohan is is bsing

  40. she going back to rehab… for sure

  41. BathroomSex

    The sex Lindsay had in the bathroom at the Cirque was the best of her life. Girls always return to the places where the sex was best. I know this, I’m an expert just ask any of the 57 girls that hang out at my apartment.

  42. robert doosh

    Who are we kidding? She won’t last past the weekend.

  43. dustin hoffman


    I’m just stopping in here, to wish her well. In Hollywood, we all saw what happened to people under career pressure.

    We need to come together and support this, because addiction is so hard.

    Thanks for all the letters and good wishes.


  44. 23apples

    A “sobering experience”, really??? Weird!

    Gross. She looks like her mom in this picture. REALLY GROSS.

  45. zsa

    Here’s what I think (not that anyone gives a lick):

    #1-Her hair looks like shit.

    #2-She looks like her mom now, which isn’t a compliment.

    #3-If she’s upset about Britney stealing her attention, at least on this site, the # of comments on her blurb pretty much say it all.

    and, oh yeah,

    #4-I don’t believe her


  46. The big question is if you had to do Britney or Lindsay , or lose your life, which would you choose? It’s only 3 or 4 years ago and all of us would have loved a threesome, now look what happened to them!

  47. BunnyButt

    48, death has never been so appealing …

  48. Johnny

    Why does she wear Wayfarers!? Now i have to throw mine away thanks alot Lohan.

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